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General Discussion / Re: Titanfall 2 Teaser
« on: 08:18 AM - 04/20/16 »
Shooting people on the other end of the LAN cable in the face is my thing.  Bots have never been that big with me.  Just aren't.

We have a saying in my country. "If you speak the truth, you don't deserve to be punished" and this was straight from the heart... I applaud to you good sir.

I'm actually excited to see some gameplay from Titanfall 2, see what they've done with the game and most of all see if they heard the community and their grievances. I they miss this opportunity to make an impact in the FPS genre, they'll never recover if there's a blowback. 

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 and ps4
« on: 08:10 AM - 04/20/16 »
I'm playing The Division on PS4 with a XIM and couldn't be happier. I think it's a solid buy getting one.


This is the custom audio diagram posted on another thread for both PS4 and "X-BONE(R)".  :P


I don't know much about DT990, but I did extensive research on headphones before buying my AKG's K702. They were mentioned to be the ones with the best soundstage and more "neutral" when it came to sound equalization and I'd say that that's what you want... Too heavy on the bass side will muffle steps and the better the soundstage the better your 3D positioning (or position identification, if you know what I mean) will be.
I use my AKG's for everything now. They're the only ones that sit on my desk and couldn't be happier... Some people say that they're light on bass but trust me... They're not. Especially if you equalize the sound. 


Also yeah... Modmic FTW... I can vouche for the double sided (i think) comment. If I'm AFK and don't turn off the mic people will hear me take a leak on the bathroom... If you get a modmic, get one with the mute button.

General Discussion / Re: What headset do you use?
« on: 11:54 AM - 12/17/15 »
- AKG K702 with a Bravo Audio V3 valve amp
- Modmic 4.0
- DSS2 with a cheap USB souncard for chat audio

It's not a cheap build (at least for me) but it's definitely a versatile one. I hear music on my PC and watch movies and play games and use it on the PS4 for gaming, music and Netflix. The AKG are reference headphones with greeat soundstage so you have really good positional audio. I only truly realized how important audio is in gaming after using these badboys. The modmic picks up everything!!! It's a very high quality item. I love it and I never get any complains. People tell me they can sometimes hear each other via me because it picks up the sound bleed from the AKG's. DSS2 works great and the choice between it and the mixamp was simply price.   

I dropped around 250~300 but bought the AKG's on ebay for around 150 and the valve amp was around 90 and the Modmic was US$40 (plus shipping on all items).

General Discussion / Re: Off topic (about Black Ops 3)
« on: 05:12 AM - 12/17/15 »
Is BLOPS3 only on dedicated servers or sometimes on dedicated servers? Can you play only on dedicated servers or you bounce from server to P2P every other game?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim Manager for IOS is finally out
« on: 10:04 AM - 12/09/15 »
You are welcome. It took months but we finally made it through Apples process.

I almost blew my load when I read this. Thank you! You sir, are awesome!

General Discussion / Re: My BO3 Beta Impressions
« on: 02:40 PM - 08/24/15 »
So its not an enjoyable game because it used other developers creativity? If no developers sampled other developers creativity then there would be very few games. There would be no destiny or titanfall because someone did fps first.

Nope. It's because of corner lag and crap that they should have addressed 10 years ago... This year's smoke and mirrors is ripping off other developers. It's has The Joker said to Batman once upon a time... "That's cold... Even for a guy like me."


I think it's unfair for us day one guardians that these "new" kinderguardians get an instant level boost for TTK. While we had to grinds are hineys off to level 20 these kinderguardians get mothers breast milk and level up fast by a token. FU bungie !!

I feel ya and I sort of agree with you, but a Kinderguardian will be easy to spot. Just look at their Grimorie score... I haven't played any decent amount of Destiny this year and I score's above 3000. if you have something lower than that I'll just assume you're a noob after TTK is out.

I actually like the new changes. Teamplay oriented strikes and raids, reaching level cap without needing the best gear, which I think it will be a game changer because people will now look (even more) closely at you gear far more than your level and the overall RPG oriented turn they're taking. I think Destiny was at first during the beta (sorry...), I mean year one, was a social game for socially awkward people. But endgame content wasn't and I like to see it go back to that, instead of that PoE crap. Because let's face it... Prison of Elders is absolute crap.

General Discussion / Re: My BO3 Beta Impressions
« on: 08:56 AM - 08/24/15 »
It's funny to see that what most people like about BO3 is exactly what I dislike about the game... xD
They ripped off "Fist of Panic" from the Titans, actually the whole "Super" mechanic from Destiny, the movement mechanics from Titanfall, which they tried to poorly implement on AW last year and I don't feel that the corner lag issues or NAT problems have been addressed, because they simply can't be (fully) addressed when dealing with literally a last century game engine. Even DICE was smart enough to create a new game engine and UT4 based games will soon start popping up (I think).

Why praise a franchise that has done nothing more than copy others? Because they say "it's new"? It has been almost ten years since I've felt something ground-breaking from the CoD franchise and I would like to see it happen again... That's why I won't buy any other CoD game has long as they run on Quake Engine. When they make the CoD engine from the ground up, trust me... I'll be there on the first carriage of the hype train. Until then there are far better FPS's to play.

...And yes. I played the beta and no, I didn't like it. I' rather play Crucible... Waaaaay more. 

Will the Beta be open?

Please don't bann this guy not just yet! I mean we're all a little bored right now? Let the old timers have some fun here! :D


I want a crack at him too... I feel like I can make him have an actual physical reaction, like a total butt-hole clenching with my words.

Has for helping him, I believe that the community should just outright turn his back on this guy in particular, because he started insulting people unprovoked. Can't recommend it to the moderators and the boss himself, since it would directly affect the good costumer support that XIM is known to have. Has for the rest of us? Just go full */ignore*. :P

Wrong? You did not read Obsivs instructions on how to install it.

AHA! Yes, I did not RTFM...

I can't seem to find the XIM app on the Appstore. What am I doing wrong?  :(

I use this site to check the input lag

Personally I love ASUS monitors.  Benq has higher quality monitors with some more bells and wistiles, but you pay for it.  ASUS sill has extremely great quality monitors, but at a much more affordable price.  My ASUS monitors have been put through years of abuse, LAN parties, stuffed into bags, and daily 9+ hours of use, and still work like new.  The durability, price, quality ratio of ASUS is fantastic.


I'm currently using a 27'' ASUS VX279H that I bought last December and I couldn't be more happy. Granted that it only does 1920x1080 and it has a 5ms response time, but I find it more that adequate for console gaming and watching movies on my (9&1/2 year old) PC. It's an AH-IPS and the colours are really vivid and Destiny really came alive visually when I started using it.

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