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Sensitivity Stages also don't work without Synapse, they default to something like 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10%.

You also need to be careful about DPI and Polling Rate - the only way to really force an on-board save is to go to Sensitivity Stages, click Save, unplug the mouse, plug it back in and see if they've saved.

Macros don't work, nor do most button binds - best to set them to default and work it out on the Xim.

As the not so proud owner of a half-dozen Razer mice, by virtue of the almost total lack of lefty or ambi options elsewhere, ditch Razer and go with Logitech. The 3366 sensors in the G502, G303 and the shiny new ambi G900 pair beautifully with Xim4.

I'd probably try a Finalmouse or Zowie, but Finalmouse isn't lefty-friendly and the Zowie scroll-wheel doesn't work with Xim. I'd maybe go with a Mionix, but after experiencing the 3366 sensor in the G303, nothing else registers on my radar.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PS4 Remote Play for PC
« on: 03:18 PM - 04/06/16 »
Remote play stats aren't that impressive, but the Xbox's version wasn't that great at first either.  It will get better.  Xbox streaming works really good now.  Watch my kids play PVZ, game looks good and plays really well even online.

I stream a PS4 from one end of the house to another via PSTV so my son can co-op PvZ with me on two screens. It's gorgeous compared to PC / Mac Remote Play.

However, I agree - this is just the first step and Sony should improve it over time.

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK REQUEST: Racing wheels
« on: 03:08 PM - 04/06/16 »
Another question about this -- the requested compatibility of racing wheels is about getting PC or last-gen wheels working on current gen consoles, correct?


Force feedback will likely be the big hurdle. Take a look at the GimX source code if you're interested in getting FFB working - http://gimx.fr.

Thanks. Does it show up as a standard USB gamepad on your PC?

I think Logitech wheels require drivers or Logitech Gaming Software on PC to work properly. However, the G25, G27 and DFGT are all PS3-compatible.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PS4 Remote Play for PC
« on: 03:03 PM - 04/06/16 »
I had a play with Remote Play on Mac and to be honest, it looks closer to awful than awesome.

At the default 540p @ 30FPS, the lag is minimal and the stream is usable, but swapping from a window to full-screen looks blurry and washes out a lot of detail. Changing the preferences to 720p @ 60FPS drops a lot of frames and is unplayable, even on gigabit ethernet.

I've yet to try Remote Play on PC, but I'd set similarly low expectations.

If you're interested in Remote Play, pick up a PSTV - it's far quicker, crisper and is Xim-compatible. Frankly, it poops all over Mac/PC Remote Play.

General Discussion / Re: PS4 Firmware Update
« on: 05:58 AM - 04/06/16 »
So...I installed the 3.5 firmware update and had a play with Remote Play on Mac.

On the plus side, it's usable in either a windowed mode or full-screen, which is nice. It's also easy to setup - plug a DS4 in via USB (no wireless option), whack in your PSN account details, setup Remote Play on PS4 (use the Manual Setup option) and it's up and running.

On the negative side, the video quality is nothing to write home about, possibly due to poor upscaling on the Mac (I had a similar issue with Kanex XD on PS3). At the default 540p @ 30FPS, lag is low and Remote Play is perfectly serviceable, but it looks pretty crapola. When switched to 720p @ 60FPS, the feed drops a lot of frames to compensate for the improved visuals, even on gigabit ethernet. I'll try it on PC later to see if it makes a difference.

If you want decent-looking and fast Remote Play, you're better off with a PSTV, which should be cheap as chips. Xim4 works on a PSTV if you want some kb/m action. Just be sure to use ethernet rather than wireless for a less turd-like experience.

I'll setup the PSTV and Kanex XD to see if it's better, worse, or equally shite.

General Discussion / Re: Call of Duty: Star Wars
« on: 04:50 AM - 04/06/16 »
Alternate universe WW2 steampunk? Anyone?

Dishonored multiplayer.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I need help choosing a mouse
« on: 04:44 AM - 04/06/16 »
G303 works great with a Xim thanks to the 3366 sensor. Go with that.

Turn down the DPI for PC, up for Xim.

General Discussion / Re: PS4 Firmware Update
« on: 03:49 PM - 04/05/16 »
So at last we can now appear offline and possibly better news for me is that remote play is coming to PC.  I may get to play campaigns while the missus is watching sum sh!tty TV if it aint too laggy.

PSTV and Vita Remote Play is pretty snappy. PSTV over ethernet is far less laggy than wireless, so you'd want the same wired connection for PC / Mac to minimise lag. Remote Play is basically a video stream of up to 720p @ up to 60FPS from the PS4, so it's not super quality, but good enough for second-screen gaming.

I frequently use PSTV Remote Play to stream a second PS4 from the living room to a home office where my PS4 resides so my son and I can co-op Garden Warfare 2 on two screens without yelling across the house. It's perfectly usable with very little lag, though the image quality is dropped a notch or two - colours are duller and contrast is reduced, but otherwise fine. I wouldn't be doing any competitive online MP, but it does a solid job for single-player or local co-op content.

I've just moved house and there's no longer room for a 52" TV next to my desktop setup, so the PC / Mac Remote Play update comes at a perfect time. I was going to run a PSTV through a Kanex XD via HDMI into a 27" Mac, which displays the XD at 720p. This PS4 firmware release will cut a couple of devices out of the loop and hopefully result in improved image quality vs the Kanex (a bit blurry due to upscaling) and PSTV (colour & contrast loss). Not sure how to hook up a DualShock to a Mac though (possibly BlueTooth), so the PSTV / XD solution may still be the way forward.

If you're looking for function rather than cosmetics. Look into Aeron Miller chairs and there is another one that has fabric I forget the name of. These have great back support. Unlike the "gaming" chairs. It's just marketing and cool looks.

Yep, Herman Miller Aeron is teh sh!t. I blew a disc out and had surgery to repair the resulting sciatica and paralysis in my left leg. For several years post-surgery, I couldn't sit in a chair for more than 15 mins at a time and spent most of my workday on the couch using a laptop (I work from home). I bought an Aeron a couple of years ago and it's been nothing short of blissful for my back and can easily sit on it for 14 hours a day.

On-topic - I really like the 32" Sony Bravia KDL32-W700B as a desktop console gaming screen (no good for PC...1080p @ 60FPS max). It's a far better monitor than TV, has crisp full-range colour and input lag of 14ms. That's 14ms of real lag, not BS "1ms" spin-doctoring pimped by hardware manufacturers. Using those numbers brings the Bravia down to 4ms for the same test. If you're buying a screen, try to find the Leo Bodnar Lag Tester results for the real numbers.

32" might seem huge for the desktop, but my head is a good 75cm-1m back from the screen, not the apparent 30-45cm average of pro gamers...that'd fry my eyeballs out of their sockets and severely restrict my field-of-view. From 75+cm on a 32" screen, the depth and perspective is a sweet spot for my ageing eyes.

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK REQUEST: Racing wheels
« on: 05:32 PM - 04/04/16 »
My guess is you'd want to offer support for the Logitech G25, G27 and Driving Force GT at a bare minimum.

I'm not too sure about other brands, but adding Thrustmaster support in addition to Logitech would cover most bases.

Getting the G29 working on XB1 would be handy, as would G920 support on PS4, but lower priority as anyone who owns the G29/920 wheels would buy their racing games on the respective platforms.

I have a G25, DFGT and G29 if you need any beta testing.

Yes, it is supported, but, vibration is disabled due to the power draw that can cause XIM4 to shut down (i.e. the USB port on the console needs to drive multiple devices instead of just the one).

Assuming support for the wireless Win 10 dongle is added to Xim firmware, will it be possible to bypass the Xim4 for rumble?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Your mouse pad choices
« on: 05:32 PM - 03/29/16 »
Steerseries 4HD.

General Discussion / Re: 4k PS4
« on: 04:27 PM - 03/25/16 »
Mass adoption of VR is just a pipe dream. No one sane enough will want to wear a bulky headset. It was hard enough getting people to wear 3D glasses. Heck, it's hard enough to get people to wear normal glasses unless you want to look like Kanye West or a K-Pop/J-Pop star.

As I keep saying before. Virtual reality in it's current state has no real uses in the real world. Augmented reality, however, does have better uses and can be used for things like GPS systems, object proximity alerts for cyclists/motorcylists, etc, etc.

We're at the embryonic stage now, so there will be adoption rate issues and resistance from old school consumers. But in 20 years, VR should be THE way to interact with all forms of media, including gaming.

 I'm willing to dip my toe in the pool, but I'm not about to fork out a few grand on a bleeding-edge gaming rig just for Rift and Vive. VR will need to mature and go through another generation or two before most of us will commit.

I agree that augmented reality will be right up there with VR for when you need to see the real world around you. Blade Runner, The Matrix, Minority Report and Star Trek have us pretty well covered for the future of user interaction.

Yep. Play defensively and they're not as hard as made out to be.

Have you seen Salt & Sanctuary on PS4? It's like a 2D Dark Souls.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] I'm going to flip out
« on: 03:24 AM - 03/25/16 »
The only power coming into the Xim is from your console USB port. The Xim can't magically amplify the wattage beyond the native intended voltage supplied by the console to charge your controllers as it doesn't have an external power supply.

Instead of coming of half-cocked and blaming the Xim for something it can't do, try a few simple troubleshooting tips -

1. Change the USB controller cable. Make sure it supports both power and data.
2. Ensure the controller is fully charged before connecting to Xim4.
3. Upgrade your Xim4 firmware and Xim Manager app to the latest release candidate.

If all else fails, plug your keyboard and / or mouse into a powered USB hub, then plug the hub into the Xim4. If you find your controller is not responding, or you get stuck in a strafe or circle endlessly, your mouse or keyboard may be drawing too much power. A powered hub may resolve that issue, but try the other troubleshooting steps first.

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