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XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: Six-axis support for ps3?
« on: 11:46 PM - 06/12/12 »
I'm a little late to the party here in regards to the Xim Edge (I fekking love my Xim3 on PS3!)...I just have one quick question re: 6-axis support.

Does the Xim Edge support 6-axis on the DualShock when it's plugged in as the controller?
I don't care about remapping 6-axis to kb keys, just that the 6-axis works on the DualShock.

6-axis support, as minor as it is, would be the main reason for me to buy a Xim Edge.
If that can be confirmed, shut up and take my money...again!

Playstation / Re: Why OB Could implement basic PS3 support
« on: 04:36 AM - 10/18/11 »
Even this doesn't have native support. I emulates a controller as the official product page says -- like XIM3. But, this has no settings which is very odd.
In which case, it's makes it a head-to-head competitor, which only highlights the Hori's weaknesses compared to the Xim3. Sony seems to be competing with FragFX, Eagle Eye, Aimon PS and XFPS which are all leagues behind the Xim.

Why use a crappy plastic m/kb with a DPi switch to adjust sensitivity when you can use you gaming-grade kit and digitally dial-in a range of custom settings per game on the Xim's built-in GUI?

If nothing else, this is going to get a new wave of PS3 gamers onto the Xim3 once they realise how crap the Hori feels compared to PC m/kb. There's a lot of excitement on PS3 forums about CS:GO and they're all talking about Sony's m/kb accessory. Most of them don't know you can use any m/kb for CS:GO, so this an education opportunity to get them understanding and thinking about the Xim and how it works with all console games.

The only barrier to buying is the "it's 360 only" position. Despite PS3 Ximmers telling them it works fine with a USB adaptor, they'll still balk until it's officially supported on PS3. So if there are plans for PS3, get on it!

Playstation / Re: Why OB Could implement basic PS3 support
« on: 10:04 PM - 10/16/11 »
This thing is going to push kb/m into the consumer mainstream on PS3 with titles like CS:GO on the horizon. It's no doubt a pile of crap compared to Xim3, but it presents an opportunity to tap into that market.

CS:GO on the PS3 is suppose to support mouse/keyboard without any additional hardware.
True, but this is Sony's kb/m accessory for those games.

There's a big opportunity to piggy-back off that marketing and promote Xim3 as a kb/m solution for ALL PS3 games, not just those with native support.

Playstation / Re: Why OB Could implement basic PS3 support
« on: 06:21 AM - 10/16/11 »
Here's another reason -

The peripheral, which is licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), will be manufactured by HORI and is slated for a $127 price tag.

This thing is going to push kb/m into the consumer mainstream on PS3 with titles like CS:GO on the horizon. It's no doubt a pile of crap compared to Xim3, but it presents an opportunity to tap into that market.


A sub-forum within Playstation 3 would be easier to find and would encourage greater participation as a result.

Playstation / Re: should i buy this for ps3?
« on: 06:49 AM - 09/09/11 »
Yes. Easily the best accessory purchase I've made in 33 years of gaming.


Playstation / Re: When will we get some LOVE!
« on: 05:18 PM - 09/08/11 »
Every game with an ST seems to work equally well on PS3 and 360, Unreal Tournament 3 in particular feels fantastic now on PS3.
why use a ST? UT3 natively supports M+KB on ps3.
Because native PS3 kb+m sucks to date. In UT3 it's more like turning a turret on a battleship than the pinpoint precision of a mouse.

OBsIV, will there ever be a way for us to create and contribute ST's to the community? I'd be more than happy to spend the time and money to do it for PS3 exclusives, as well as build the backlog of older cross-platform games. My PS3 collection numbers around 300 retail discs with another 100+ PSN games.

Also if the XIM was supported for the PS3 and did not need an adaptor believe me you would have hundreds of PS3 users buying; it is not an inexpensive piece of electronics (well worth the money, even with the adaptor, imho), not everyone will buy a $150.00 k/m controller without any assurance that it will work with their console.
For OBs to do this for PS3, the market potential would need to be in the thousands if not tens of thousands to make the effort worthwhile.

Playstation / Re: When will we get some LOVE!
« on: 06:32 AM - 09/07/11 »
I'm not seeing the problem either, I'm just glad it works on PS3 at all. On the rare occasion we need to use a DualShock as the controller (eg 6-axis stuff in Killzone 2),  a simple PS button press + Assign Controller > 1 resolves the issue.

We have a Deadzone Finder app in development which should work for PS3 games. That'll make it much easier to create custom configs for PS3 exclusives that feel a bit off with the ST's. Every game with an ST seems to work equally well on PS3 and 360, Unreal Tournament 3 in particular feels fantastic now on PS3.

I've had no problems completing both Uncharted Platinums using a custom config, Killzone 2 has a great custom config on these forums I used on an Elite playthrough, KZ3 works well with an ST as do MAG & Modern Combat Domination, and it's not a lot of effort to bang together something for Resistance and SOCOM.

For the cost of a $10 USB adaptor and a wired 360 controller, I'm fapping over how great Xim3 is on PS3.

Yeah it wasn't well advertised outside of blogs and whatnot. They also gave you a steam copy of the game when purchased the ps3 version, which was pretty cool.

And, the only thing I assumed was that you'd know who it was directed at without me needing to write it ;)
I thought cross-platform gameplay and a free Steam copy of Portal 2 was common knowledge among the PS3 community...I guess not.

Gamespot's review of Portal 2 on PS3 includes the following info on co-op -

"Your potential pool of friends to play with is expanded on the PlayStation 3, thanks to the ability to connect to Valve's online game platform, Steam, and play cooperatively with PC players. Through a simple in-game menu, you can log into your Steam account through your PS3 (or easily create a new account). This menu lets you view your Steam friends and read news about Portal 2, as well as track your Steam achievements, which are automatically updated as you earn the corresponding PS3 trophies."

No offence but your reason for buying a XIM3 is so that you can appear to be a good pad player?
Or even that you'd prefer to use XIM3 on xbox CS:GO for that reason?

WOW! (kinda sad.)

As for the kb&m on PS3 I know what you mean about UT3 But I don't think it would be nerfed for CS:GO as they clearly said there not going to tell you what's better there just going to hand you the controls and you decide.
No, it's just an example of how the Xim3 could be abused to appear as a gamepad.

Personally, I don't care for MP so the whole cross-platform scenario doesn't impact me at all. It's just nice to know that if I want to, I can fire up CS:GO and join my mates who are Steam gamers, in which case it doesn't matter if I look like a mouser or a padder.

My reason for owning a Xim is simply to play FPS on console because I suck at controlling them on the DS. If the Xim3 feels more natural and closer to PC controls than PS3 native kb/m, that's an even better reason if you're into competitive MP.

That will inevitably lead to Xim3 PS3'ers abusing game filters to appear as padders, but we're so few and far between it's not going to make the slightest bit of difference.

Even if two gamers are equal in skill with different input devices (M/K and controller) but playing against each other online, I think you'll find a lot of controller users declaring "foul" if they lose even if their loss had nothing to do with their input device. What we will see is people then starting to choose matchmaking that is based on input device -- defeating the purpose of cross platform play. We understand this -- especially in this community.
Xim3 users have an Ace up their sleeves - it's detected as a controller not a kb/m, defeating the purpose of a matchmaking filter. eg UT3 has a yes/no kb/m setting on PS3 and Xim3 works in spite of the filter, making me appear to be 'teh awesome' when I'm complete rubbish on a DualShock while filtering out the better kb/m players.

CS:GO on PS3 supports multiple control schemes (DualShock, Move, kb/m) - it's up to the user to decide which is best for them. This is not to say that kb/m users will automatically own DS'ers - there are plenty of highly-skilled gamepadders out there and if UT3 is any example, kb/m will be nerfed to be on par with the DS for speed and acceleration.

Again...a bloody good reason to get a Xim3 - UT3 with native kb/m on PS3 feels sluggish, like turning a turret. With Xim3 and the ST, it's on-par with PC controls.

This is what we mean by mouse and keyboard support. Not in game text chat or mouse only.
I know what 'mouse + keyboard' means Sherlock ;)

My point is the m/kb library has existed on the PS3 from the start, there are 10 PS3 games using it and it can be implemented in a number of ways, eg m+kb, mouse only or keyboard only.

It's entirely up to the game developers if and how they use the functionality.

The following PS3 games support keyboard and mouse:

    * Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    * DC Universe Online (keyboard for text chat only)
    * IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
    * Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (mouse only)
    * LittleBigPlanet (keyboard for text chat only)
    * LittleBigPlanet 2 (keyboard for text chat only)
    * Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom (mouse only)
    * Metal Gear Online (keyboard for text chat only)
    * PlayStation Home (keyboard for text chat only)
    * Unreal Tournament 3

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Transitioning to M/K
« on: 08:44 PM - 08/26/11 »
You could always purchase a keyboard like the Steelseries Merc - http://steelseries.com/products/keyboards.

I personally use the Fang - http://au.gear.ign.com/articles/711/711736p1.html, which is basically the Merc keyboard without the keyboard.

I've also tried the WolfClaw and own a Logitech G13, but as a lefty gamer I've always used the arrows keys instead of WASD, so the Fang is a better fit. Belkin / Razer Nostromo's another option for righties.

I've done this in Bulletstorm, works fine and helps to target skill shots after a kick.

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