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XIM APEX already does this via Response Rate. You can select from 125, 250, 500 or 1000Hz. This app won't change anything when using a XIM APEX.

Also note that XB1 isn't as capable as PS4 or PC of handling 1000Hz input (causing garbled chat audio or dropped frames), so it's probably better to stick to 500Hz max on XB1.

It doesn't matter which device goes in what port on XIM 4. And no, XIM has no effect on the on-board settings of the G502.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW ADS Delay 224
« on: 04:01 PM - 02/21/20 »
Why do you have Deactivation Delay set to 224? It's supposed to be for Delay, not Deactivation Delay.

What this setting does is delay the transition from the HIP ST to the ADS ST to align with the animation transition, it doesn't affect your ability to go ADS.

Login at home, disable Rest Mode, jump on RemotePlay from the office...bingo, bango, bongo...win. I think  :o

There may be an issue swapping controls while using RemotePlay, but let's not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM apex and ps4 controller
« on: 04:58 AM - 02/21/20 »
The question is why would you want to use just a DS4 via XIM APEX?

All XIM settings are made for either mouse or keyboard input, not controller. And DS4 polls natively at 800Hz to PS4, so there's negligible gain to be had at 1000Hz.

You'd likely get 1000Hz via USB to a DS4, but it's a massive waste of XIM's potential to not use m/kb.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 1000hz off sync causing lag?
« on: 04:53 AM - 02/21/20 »
This is a potential issue on Xbox One and only in a few games (PUBG being one of them), especially while chatting.

Xbox One native controller speed is 125Hz. Xbox One USB polling speed is 250Hz (the controller responds to every second tick). Xbox One hardware is capable of 1000Hz via USB, but the OS isn't expecting it, which is the likely cause of the garbled chat audio (hence why "Audio Compatibility Mode" is in XB1 STs) and dropped frames. In short, Xbox One can't keep up with XIM APEX in some games.

DualShock 4 on the other hand polls natively at 800Hz. Like Xbox One, PS4 via USB polls at 250Hz and is capable of handling 1000Hz. Given the garbled audio and lost frames don't affect PS4, it's safe to assume that both PS4 hardware and OS are built to handle 1000Hz as that allows for consistent 800Hz DS4 polling with 20% headroom for lost packets.

Long story short - set XIM APEX to 500Hz instead and the problem should resolve. There's no noticeable difference between 1 & 2ms polling rates, but 2ms is far less likely to cause problems on XB1, as well as a reduced risk of mouse jitter. It's fine to leave the mouse at 1000Hz and just change XIM APEX Response Rate.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 11:58 PM - 02/20/20 »
Ok but now do you realize the higher ups (devs) were claiming to some people 125hz an off sync were xim4 then they were also saying to some others no its 125hz default sync. My point was to show you the almighty gods were giving out 2 different answers to people.
You also have to realise that XIM Tech is busy in R&D on new stuff and can't necessarily recall exactly how something worked that was coded 2 or 3 years ago in the short amount of time they have to respond to forum posts. It's suckers like us who scour through the site for hours every day that pull them up on it.

mist has now trained Fortnite at least 6 or 7 times, maybe more. Regardless, it's the most revised ST in XIM's long history. The guy knows the look mechanics better than any of us. I'm going to put any difference down to mystery meat that the smart trainer may not be accommodating, but that's tinfoil hat territory as we have zero tangible proof.

an also if you get extra bored in a game on creative have those settings saved an tell me if im crazy or not but to me creative never felt the same as when i went an played a actual game have no clue why but creative almost felt slower that honestly could be in my head but usually to track people even id have to raise my ads speed by like 10%.

It doesn't matter if there's a slight difference between Creative and BR (there isn't, apart from peer or server connections, which vary from player to player. But there is a difference between BR and StW, hence the two STs.) - all STs are created in the same, sterile, AA-free Creative environment (assuming Creative is solo, which is it). So all things being equal, all STs should be equally good or poor in BR if there is a mechanical difference.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 11:26 PM - 02/20/20 »
From a pure data standpoint all those numbers an what not that you like to go by answer me this. Do you think 125hz off sync is 100% identical to 125hz an default sync? Not 95% do you think those 2 DIFFERENT settings are 100% exactly identical? You think the data would show them to in fact be the exact same?
XIM APEX with Sync Off and Response Rate of 125Hz is the same thing as XIM 4. The STs are identical, the underlying ST engine is identical and both devices are polling at 125Hz. XIM APEX at Sync Default is close to identical with XIM 4, the difference being only 5Hz of polling rate.

If there is a significant difference, it'll be down to the XIM 4 firmware in use. If you're using the official FW, the two should be equal. If you're using any of the SA builds on XIM 4, it's the same as using XIM APEX with some Steady Aim.

I'm not suggesting that I accept anything anyone says blindly, the last thing I am is a sheep. You want the one guy who goes against the grain, I'm your man (this thread for example). What I'm saying is that mist knows far more about Smart Translation that I will ever "guess", because "guessing" is the best I can do. If he says "ST A = ST B because 1+1 = 2", then I need to accept it because 1+1 can only ever equal 2.

There may be some mystery meat in the mix of Legacy game mechanics that Exponential hasn't accounted for and that may explain the difference between the two STs. It might be some subtle interplay of AA, it might be a softer deadzone, I really don't know. But, from an aiming standpoint, which is what the ST does, the two are in mist's words "almost identical". I can't argue with that, because 1+1 = 2 no matter what.

But, there's almost unanimous agreement that the two STs do feel different, so on the basis of mystery meat, I'll continue to argue for a Legacy ST until we get a firm "no". At that point, I'll accept the umpire's decision and move on.

I still have the Legacy ST on my XIM APEX. When I find the time and motivation, I'll fire up a game in Creation Mode (which is where the STs are created because it can't be done in-game due to time constraints and interference from random players) and see if I can "feel" a difference.

Feel is the best I can do, I don't have access to the data analytics XIM Tech has at their disposal to analyse the accuracy of Smart Translators. If you recall, it was me who made the case for Steady Aim and Boost to be added to XIM APEX based on "feel" of BO4 on XIM 4 SA3 vs XIM APEX, so I have a decent eye for it and I may be able to exert some limited influence.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 10:51 PM - 02/20/20 »
These forums are the most tolerant place Iíve ever been on the internet. In all my time I think Iíve only seen one or two bans. Weíre given a lot of rope, but donít be surprised if you hang yourself on it.

All Iím saying is you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. There are better ways to get what you want than questioning mistís integrity.

Iíll keep lobbying but Iíll accept mistís word because he knows best.

Also, there is no ďfixĒ, all the YX Ratio change will do is match the current ST with the older Legacy one and itíll make exactly Jack Sh!t difference.

As I said, your best hope is a retrain based on the Chaos engine changes. If nothing happens, it might be time to move on from FN on console because itís a game mechanic issue the ST canít accommodate.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 10:31 PM - 02/20/20 »
I have been chatting with the Mods over PM regarding the new Chaos engine changes in FN (I'm politely enquiring about a Legacy retrain). That PM was from today.

mist is responsible for all of the ST training, he knows what he's talking about more than anyone on the planet when it comes to console look mechanics and how XIM trains for them.

I'd be wary of calling his efforts "half-arsed", which is the implication here. Questioning a man's integrity is as close to being pushed out the door as you'll get.

It's not in anyone's interest to hide anything from the community, particularly given we've been so heavily involved in adding Expert features to XIM over the years, so it's best to tread carefully if you're headed down this path. If you want mist to give up on Fortnite, your current trajectory is the best way to do it.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 10:12 PM - 02/20/20 »
For the record, I'd like to see FN retrained for Legacy rather than Expo for no other reason than to end this debate.

I'll keep plugging away behind the scenes to see if that can happen, but the decision is ultimately out of my hands. As much as I'm defending XIM Tech right now, I'm still just a XIM user and I'll fight for both sides if the cause is just.

You can tell us to eat diarrhea if you're right, but don't be surprised if nothing changes given mist's "almost identical" comment. That should be very discouraging because data doesn't lie.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 09:46 PM - 02/20/20 »
I'm just gonna leave this here...it's from the man who creates the STs -

They can also use legacy with current support. The legacy ST that I trained is nearly identical to current support. The only difference is that the default look mechanic that replaced legacy has a slightly smaller turn speed limit on the Y axis and the acceleration difference when the stick is pegged which the ST doesn't model anyway. If I were in their shoes and I wanted legacy support I would slightly adjust YX ratio and that's it. Or not adjust it at all. It's very much the same look mechanic with those two changes and the second change is something a new ST would have no effect on.
Aside from AA in the Expo and Legacy look mechanics in the FN game settings, the only difference between the two STs is a slightly different Y-axis speed. The other change (acceleration while pegged) isn't modelled in any version of the FN ST. mist doesn't move the mouse around for a minute or two and say "Yep, that feels about right". STs are created using machine learning over 24 hours per viewport, per platform. Data doesn't lie.

If you "feel" a difference, it's likely entirely down to AA, which XIM cannot and will not map as it's a game rather than a core look mechanic and the hitbox deceleration would corrupt the mouse translation. And if AA was taken into account, the ST would have to somehow dynamically adjust to it depending on the weapon being used (some have no AA) and the distance to the target. There is no other way to map the look mechanics than the system currently in use, which has been developed over 12 years. You either trust that mist and OBsIV know what they're talking about, or you don't. In which case, XIM is not for you, go and play on PC.

The game feels different because it is different. The schism happened when Epic added Expo and Linear to the game. I don't know if its rose-coloured lenses or a legitimate complaint because I rarely play FN, but after a decade of using XIMs, I understand enough about look mechanics and how support works around here that XIM Tech would do something about it if Legacy was substantially different to the current ST. Based on the above quote from mist, it's not.

Your best hope at this point is that the Chaos physics engine created enough difference in the look mechanics to justify the umpteenth revision to the FN ST. That was the core message of Od1n's "wait and see" posts. Attacking the mods and devs (I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, it's just the general tone of these threads) because FN changed how AA works is not going to get you want you want.

Game Support / Re: Linear and exponential nerf, (fortnite)
« on: 08:09 PM - 02/20/20 »
AA is NOT a factor in Smart Translators, nor can it be.

If AA was stronger a few seasons ago, that has nothing to do with XIM. XIM cannot increase, decrease, or otherwise change AA beyond the parameters set within the game engine. If the difference between Legacy, Expo and Linear is AA, then that's on Epic, not XIM.

Unless Legacy improves the look mechanics, sans AA, over Expo, it won't be changed. From what mist said, the current Expo ST is "nearly identical" to the older Legacy ST, except for a very small difference in Y-axis speed that improves micro-aim.

mist suggested slightly adjusting YX ratio (or not at all) and you'll get the old Legacy ST when selecting Legacy using the current ST. Everything else about the way FN feels now vs a few season ago is on Epic.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 07:45 PM - 02/20/20 »
To clear up any misunderstandings, Epic stated that the engine change is to the Chaos physics system in the Unreal Engine. It was due to go live with the Season 2 launch today.

I don't know how the patch system runs and if it was deployed any earlier, but if it did or didn't change the look mechanics or aim assist strength, that's on Epic, not Od1n. He simply passed on what he knew when he knew it, so back the fcuk up and give the guy a break. He doesn't make the STs, he's a volunteer community manager trying to keep the peace and make everybody happy.

Apparently mist posted something on the forums awhile back (you search for it, I'm not here to spoonfeed) to make the current ST feel like the old Legacy ST. There's very little difference between the two and slightly adjusting YX ratio to increase Y turn speed, and maybe adding a curve for acceleration will get you there pretty quickly.

What all the p!ssing and moaning seems to be about is Epic's changes to the AA in Legacy vs Expo. That has nothing to do with XIM - you should all realise by now that XIM does not, nor has ever, taken AA into account when creating Smart Translators. Nor can it because the deceleration around the hitbox would corrupt the entire look mechanic.

The reason the new ST exists is because it has better micro-aim, higher turn speed and less acceleration, thereby making for better 1:1 mouse translation. How AA interacts with that is irrelevant and again, has nothing to do with XIM.

Many of the complaints also seem to come from PC users abusing XIM to exploit AA in Fortnite. XIM has never been about cheating, nor does it support PC, so if your aimbot ADS spam cheat no longer works...I dunno...git gud without AA?!?  :o Or buy a Cronus Zen for the cheats and truly atrocious m/kb.

By all means, keep petitioning for the old Legacy ST (politely, being hostile isn't going to work), but what are you going to do if it makes no difference to gameplay in the current FN landscape? The game has changed from several seasons ago when that ST was made. XIM can't turn the clock back on game mechanics.

With any luck, the changes to the physics engine will justify a new ST and mist is likely to review it. If he releases a revised ST, great. If not, it's because nothing has changed when AA is removed from the equation.

Short answer, maybe.

You'd need to swap from Destiny to Wildlands ST when going ADS, then back from Wildlands to Destiny ST when releasing ADS.

If you used Toggle rather than hold for ADS and used the same binding for ADS and the ST hotkey, it might work. It's complicated though and you could easily get stuck on the wrong ST.

Have you tried using the Wildlands ADS ST on HIP?

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