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I've been running the following Xim 3 config for Uncharted Drake's Fortune on PS3 with pretty good success. I'm currently cruising through Crushing and having no trouble.

It's a little sloppy while in the default hip-fire view due to the game engine's acceleration, but overall it's working quite nicely. If you have any suggestions to improve the config, feel free to post.

Game: Uncharted Drake's Fortune
Mouse DPI: 4000dpi (Razer Orochi in wired mode).

Primary Mouse Settings
Translator: Smart Advanced
Game: RDR
Sensitivity: 30
Acceleration: -0.35
Y-X Ratio: 2.00
Boost: 0
Smoothness: 0

Secondary Mouse Settings
Translator: Standard
Dead Zone: 6350 Square
Sensitivity: 17.50
Acceleration: -0.40
Y-X Ratio: 2.00
Diag Dampen: 0.15
Smoothness: 0

There's a couple of on-rail sections in Uncharted where you man a turret that becomes a bit erratic using the RDR ST. For those sections, I set Primary to Standard, Dead Zone to 6350 Square and it seemed a lot smoother. Swap back to RDR for general running around.

It's a bit of a dog's breakfast mashup of several other configs and I'm a Xim 3 n00b, so I'm certain there's room for improvement. But it's responsive enough for quick turning & platforming, and tidy enough in ADS to easily pull off headshots. If you've ever done the water room on Crushing, you know how important it is to shoot quickly and accurately!

I've also got a working Terminator 3 config I'd be happy to post if anyone's interested enough to Plat that piece of @#$% game. I had a lot of trouble using the DualShock for a few sections of T3 but smashed'em using the Xim.

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