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I'm using 250hz on both Mouse and Apex on my PS4.  Don't see any advantage of going to 1khz given that the PS4 can only accept 250hz polling on it's usb - anything over this is just creating an unnecessary overhead in my opinion.
PS4 can accept 1000Hz USB polling, a DS4 polls at 800Hz over BT. However, it's expecting 250Hz USB input and there's arguably no benefit going higher than that, other than to mitigate Aim Assist.

I'm using 250hz on both Mouse and Apex on my PS4.  Don't see any advantage of going to 1khz given that the PS4 can only accept 250hz polling on it's usb - anything over this is just creating an unnecessary overhead in my opinion.
XIM outputs 1k
XIM APEX outputs at the designated Response Rate. By default, it outputs at 125Hz until Expert configuration mode is enabled, revealing the other RR options.

Its configs like this which give xim'ers a bad name.
All it does is increase YX ratio, meaning less downwards movement of the mouse to move from point A to point B. That can help with recoil, but affects aim as the mouse translation is no longer linear.

PC games don't have the same amount of recoil as console games, so there's far less mouse wrangling than we experience with a XIM.

Likewise, controller users can simply hold the right stick in position rather than needing to constantly move the right stick downwards, as we're required to do using a XIM.

If you're after a very good cheap mouse, take a look at Logitech G102 or G203 (same thing).

From memory, RAT mice are problematic when not connected to a PC. The DPI drop will be due to either a problem with the mouse, or a DPI down button binding that is also being used as a XIM Action.

RGB colour schemes when disconnected from a PC rely on on-board memory, so look for that.

Note that both Razer and Corsair keyboards can be power-hungry and can cause XIM disconnects from the console. I recommend Logitech or Steelseries to do what you want. Or go with a Razer Tartarus or Orbweaver to pair with a XIM.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Mouse polling vs xim polling
« on: 05:31 PM - 10/13/19 »
Ideally, if you plan to always use 500Hz mouse polling, set it as such on both the mouse and XIM APEX.

However, you can safely use 1000Hz and XIM APEX will filter out the overhead at 500Hz.

Glad to hear it worked. I use scroll buttons myself in every game, so I've encountered this issue plenty of times :)

Curious how the design will be, the PS4 controller wasn't good imo.

The most important feature would be a higher stick resolution (16 bit) ...
16-bit would be good, but it's not significantly different from 8-bit in practice.

DS5 will be an iterative improvement rather than a radical departure (e.g. haptic vs rumble). Pick up a DS3 and compare it with a DS4 - the DS3 looks very similar, but feels like junk.

Steelseries Dex. We could use an XL or XXL model, but it's a smashing pad if you're mid to high sens.

The hole is to plugin the new Augmented Reality headset :tumbleweed:

USB-C is a must-have simply for greater robustness as micro-USB is way too flimsy. Switch is USB-C and I'm sure I read somewhere the next-gen Xbox controller is too.

None of that affects anything at the other end of the cable (USB Type A connector) and controllers are not going to take advantage of USB 3.0 bandwidth, so XIM APEX should do the job.

Use a USB hub and connect the PS Gold headset as well as the XIM APEX to connect to a single USB port on the PS4. A powered USB hub is recommended or you may experience disconnects.

Definitely don't share the HDD with another device, it requires USB 3.0 speeds as well as a stable power supply. You don't want the HDD disconnecting for any reason while the PS4 is turned on.

Scroll up / down may not register as a button press for a long enough period of time to trigger in-game actions in some games, e.g the game won't register button presses of less than 50ms. This is more likely to happen in Destiny 2 than many other games due to the 30FPS framerate / processing loop.

If it's an important function, bind it to another mouse button.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex on PS4, works until
« on: 06:07 PM - 10/08/19 »
Where did you buy it from? There are some dodgy Amazon sellers that are supplying broken XIM APEX units. The faulty unit gets returned to Amazon, they ship it straight back out the door and the buyer usually ends up here.

If you bought it from an authorised reseller or direct from the XIM website, you will be able to get a replacement, but need to go through the troubleshooting first to correctly diagnose the issue.

Higher DPI is more precise on a XIM as it gets closer to raw sensor input. XIM4 sensitivity values over 100 will cause interpolation of mouse input, which isn't desirable.

Glad to hear it worked :)

1500 DPI is low for XIM4. If your mouse can be set to a higher DPI value, try at least 3000 DPI.

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