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thankfully if you don't like the upgrade for whatever reason you can always flash the old firmware back

The Xim has always had a tough time breaking through aim assist, and it's the main reason why people got use to playing with larger deadzones.. Now with STv2 it seems to make this even more difficult. I like how smooth it feels but as soon as you start hitting the aim assist is when you start seeing some funky stuff..

I'm just gonna see what the beta, and if it's good or I personally enjoy playing it, I'll buy it. Pretty simple this time around for me.

General Discussion / Re: NEW Xbox One Elite controller
« on: 05:30 PM - 06/15/15 »
Yeah a scuf with all the options is like 270.. And it's a mod so sometimes wires fall off and things like that. Now you have an official controller with more customization for cheaper. Thank god too, I wanted to buy a scuf but they are expensive for what they are. 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sony licensing
« on: 03:06 PM - 05/19/15 »
lol So one random line of text and everyone is convinced the xim is going to be obsolete? I'd wait for something more solid before freaking out.

I think it got delayed for a bit due to a bug they found.

I'm personally glad that they delayed it, given ubi's track record so far. I'm really looking forward to this game but they've been really silent about the project lately which leads me to believe they ran into some problems that needed to be ironed out first. Even their social media stuff hasn't really drop any new information yet and people are starting to wonder.

I say good on them, I think it's the right call..

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: BLOPS3 - New ADS mechanic?
« on: 03:26 PM - 05/05/15 »
The new ADS mechanic only applies to the (new) long range scopes... Like the Acog. I don't think it's a sniper rifle only thing. 

General Discussion / Re: Battlefront 3 11/17/15?
« on: 09:55 PM - 04/18/15 »
I'm gonna get it no matter what. I loved the first two games but the network support at the time was really @#$% for me. As long as it plays similar to the others, with better multiplayer support(Seeing that's its main focus), I don't see me not enjoying the hell out of it. It's weird because this game actually made me a bigger fan of star wars. Running around as a jedi taking out noobies with my light saber.. Even with the crap p2p they had back in the day this game was still awesome.

Actually the more I play it the more I like it, just stay away from TDM unless you thrive on pure chaos. I'm liking blood money and small conquest. The hit detection is actually really good! My only complaints are, fix TDM (smaller teams) and Assault rifles are over powered! Game is so easy with ANY assault rifle.

I actually like TDM with 60 people, though the spawn logic sucks balls right now.

Yeah I've to noticed this as well.. I revive teammates on accident all the time. Weird enough it doesn't bother me as much as surprises me when it happens.

Maybe I'm hitting the reload button though I'm not exactly sure if that's the reason, I'll have to pay attention to it take time.

Also I got to run into some Xim4 clan tags in TDM last night. You guys blow, I hope to run into you pansies again tonight. Not really though, you all were tearing it up. I wish I could remember the gamertags.

I was a bit afraid to start over  :-\

Might as well though.
Hahah I was too, but I figured what did I have to lose.. It took forever for 4% anyhow and it wasn't much progress so I took the plunge and it happened to work in my favor.. Not saying this will be true for you but it worked for me.

So I got a wild hair and decided to go ahead and buy this today. I figured it could download while I run some errands and such. It's now been 8hrs. just checked it and it just reached 13%!

I may never buy a digital download again!

WTH is this crap? Anyone else having this problem or know some kind of fix?

I've tried restarting the system, re queuing, doesn't matter - snails pace, ugh...


That's strange, happened to me as well. I canceled the download and ran it again and it seemed to download at a normal rate. Spent like 2-3 hours to get only 4% at first.

Never owned halo 1 or 2 but played them a fair bit with friends. Halo 3 was easily my most played game for 3 years straight when it came out on 360. I didn't really like reach or halo 4, they got too far away from what halo was for me, especially 4 with the 'kill streak' style drops.

Played 10 or so games in the early halo 5 beta using a controller and I think it has a lot of potential. I thought it was really fun. This is the 'modernized' halo that halo 4 should have been. Everyone is back on an even playing field. No more random abilities, no more random weapon drops, map control for power weapons is back, it's back to being halo again.

The abilities don't really take away from the game feeling like halo. It still plays and feels like halo but they add to the movement and they feel really good. I like the no shield recharging while sprinting and even if you have half your shield back and start sprinting it goes back to 0. It is a good compromise and balances it out better I think.

I think this game has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to what they release next in the beta.

The game is okay.. It's better than Reach and Halo 4 so far but that isn't saying much. Some of the things they added like the new ADS mode is pretty dumb. It's Halo, zooming in/or ADSing now should not tighten up the recoil on guns.. Sprint is back, which I absolutely hate for gameplay reasons. But they did slightly nerf it. I think the AR is way to powerful right now. But at least they got rid of the armor abilities.. lol

General Discussion / Re: Comedians....
« on: 08:36 PM - 12/30/14 »
I could go on and on..

Doug Stanhope
Ari Shaffir
Lewis Black
Kevin Brennan
Greg Fitzsimmons
John Mulaney
TJ Miller
Joe Rogan
Mike Birbiglia
Dave Attell

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