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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Xim3 tshirt :D
« on: 10:33 PM - 01/18/11 »
I was thinking

Boom Headshot! This message made possible by XIM3

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XCM XFPS live - O.M.G
« on: 11:56 AM - 01/14/11 »
I cant belive that they are selling this @#$% to people out there! i bought this crap of @#$% XFPS live http://www.xcm.cc/xfps_live.htm

"Its PC LIKE" in my @#$%.... maybe 5% of a PC like controller or something! is there anyone else that have bought this piece of @#$%? il hope Xim3 will be 1000% better than the XFPS Live... and yes i did find the Xim3 homepage 1 week after this crap device.

I used to own a XFPS Sniper Plus and I thought I was tough @#$%, on CoD 4.  I'd go positive and be about a 1.8 K/D ratio, I'm a very good player and i'd get around 30 kills a match in HTDM. 

I then saw that XFPS was releasing a new product that interfaced with the computer so i bought the XFPS 4.0 Speed It had noticeably more latency, but after getting used to it i'd get about the same performance as the XFPS 3.0 Sniper out of it.  Then one day since i'm a computer engineer I thought I'd write my own program for the XFPS 4.0 Speed.  I went to the forums for XFPS and sent multiple messages to the admins asking for their assistance and got none.  So I decompiled their C code and wrote my own.  The latency remained because it was in the device itself...Annoying....

So then I did my research, I found XIM.  I bought a XIM2 off eBay for $230, I thought to myself this is a lot.  XIM2 has an API an a strong active community with a responsive admin I told myselfm, "It'll be worth it".

My XIM2 arrived, I opened it, I installed the software and API pack.  I logged into CoD BO, immediately went to a 2.6 K/D ratio in HTDM.  I'm now ranked 292 in HTDM (Hardcore Team Deathmatch) Overall.  I love my XIM2, i'd kill someone for it.

Now the word is the XIM3 is coming out a mere 3 months after my XIM2 purchase, you'd think i'd be bitter and angry of my wasted money.  I'd gladly spend $500 on a XIM2 this second.

You will never look back at an XFPS product and think I bet this is better, you will forever smile and panda bears will live forever.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: No swapping
« on: 09:47 AM - 01/12/11 »
Other options for USB switches:

GWC SS2115 cost = 11.99 [Newegg] You would need two of these

K33900US cost = 27.00 [Amazon (other users)]
only 13.50 from here

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Pre-order?
« on: 02:47 PM - 01/02/11 »
A pre-order isn't really about a micro loan from customers as much as it is to give you a realistic number for how many will sell.

XIM 3 Discussions / Pre-order?
« on: 01:13 PM - 01/02/11 »
I know all projects are funded with $$ and people.  Wouldn't pre-order give you a great idea for how many people are going to buy and give you a little extra funding?  Even if it is just a $100 for a seat with possibly more due later you'd have me hook line and sinker.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: My last mistake of 2010
« on: 11:39 PM - 12/31/10 »
Buy Astros return the turtle beach's after you get the astros in the mail.  Thank me later.

I went 44 and 5 with this on jungle, i'll post the video when i figure out how to transfer video from the xbox to my computer.

Astros A40's, i love them.

My bad, didn't even notice.

Technical Support / Re: Xim2 stopped working
« on: 01:32 PM - 12/05/10 »
This happens to me all the time.  Here is the fix:

1. Restart Windows7 make sure to hit F8 and boot into Disable Driver Signing.
2. Unplug the XIM2 from the console and the computer.
3. Turn on the xbox.
4. Plug the XIM2 into the computer.
5. Plug the XIM2 into the xbox.
6. Open XIM program.
7. Enjoy

This is my variation of Dee's awesome configuration, it was completely found by mistake.

My Equipment:
Razer - Death Adder 1000Hz 3500DPI

Deadzone - 700 Circular
YXRation - 2.0
Translation Exponent - 0.45
Sensitivity Primary - 4800
Sensitivity Secondary - 5200
Diagnonal Dampen - 0.0
Smoothness - 0.2

All credits to TheycallmeDee

I have a Razer Death Adder and a Belkin n52te, I love this config.  I just went 44 kills and 5 deaths on Jungle.  I highly recommend this configuration.

Community Downloads / Re: Where are the software packages?
« on: 06:55 PM - 12/03/10 »
Due to me also needing this.  Here is the newest XIM2 installer.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: the online store page
« on: 10:33 PM - 12/02/10 »
I have a degree that makes me sound awesome! pick me pick me

BS in Computer Enginering and Computer Science

Seeeee i told you,

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