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Commander / Re: no recoil not working
« on: 01:22 PM - 03/21/16 »
hey guys, I am going to answer some questions

Is this Specific to ToM: Yes, but just change the movement to make it for anything else
just edit:
Code: [Select]
While (i < 86) {
    If (i < 3) {
    l:=time(),move(-1, 0)
    ; 0.1s + 0.03s = 0.13s

l:=time(),move(0, 1)

yes, this is AHK...
you would need ahk installed and then save the above script as .ahk...you would also need to add the top of the file that all these scripts need...i didn't include it because everyone needs to learn how this works.

Tutorials / Re: TuFFrabit keyboads HUZZAH!!!
« on: 09:37 AM - 03/11/16 »
Stuck in development hell trying to figure out an enclosure.

this gave me a tingle, miss you bro...too bad we are so busy, let me know when it is bourbon tasting time

Tutorials / Re: TuFFrabit keyboads HUZZAH!!!
« on: 09:30 AM - 03/11/16 »
where is this tuff?

Yo tuff, I just picked up a N52te off ebay last week. I want to mod it with a teensy joystick, but all the threads with pictures are pretty much dead and the pictures are missing. Do you happen to have any wiring diagrams/pictures for the teensy and analog stick?

Also if you don't mind could you link me to the analog stick you're using? Thanks.

images here: http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=8122.msg477090#msg477090

they are basically just this: http://www.lightinthebox.com/2pcs-replacement-3d-vibrating-rocker-joystick-for-xbox-one-controller_p1638091.html%3Fcurrency%3DUSD%26litb_from%3Dpaid_adwords_shopping%26utm_source%3Dgoogle_shopping%26utm_medium%3Dcpc%26adword_mt%3D%26adword_ct%3D89386576834%26adword_kw%3D%26adword_pos%3D1o1%26adword_pl%3D%26adword_net%3Dg%26adword_tar%3D%26adw_src_id%3D4897065975_319630114_25775423074_pla-51320962143

General Discussion / The Division
« on: 09:29 AM - 03/11/16 »
I have heard some good and mostly bad about this game...

I'd love to review it myself but since I only will play it one week I was wondering if anyone was doing a give-a-way?

Note: This isn't me asking for a free copy i'm simply asking if anyone is aware of a give-a-way on a stream they frequent

Yes, but, I'm surprised Best Buy is doing this for an unlicensed console product. Especially one with the type of user experience required for full PS4 support. That tells me that the margins involved must be pretty small. In any case, yes, this is something we are thinking about for future products.

love you dude

General Discussion / Re: Destiny Raids
« on: 09:27 AM - 03/11/16 »
I do trials carries all weekend live on my strim, but i do raids all week...so feel free to add me and i am a PvE sherpa

i love my orbweaver with cherry reds

General Discussion / Re: When comes Xim 5?
« on: 09:23 AM - 03/11/16 »
XIM 5 Release Date 06/31/2016

Note: This is an obvious troll there aren't 31 days in June...So understand that not only is this meant to make you laugh, it shows that no one will like respond on this.  When it is within 1 year ObsIV will start posting in his blog

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK: XIM4 Firmware/Manager 20160214
« on: 09:19 AM - 03/11/16 »
what is new in this build?  the changelog is becoming impossible to follow

this thread seems to bring out the worst in our community...

Note: this is a broad statement and may not apply to you individually, any and all responses are likely to be ignored due to me not coming into this thread but 1 time a month...and even then it makes me sick to the stomach with all the anger on both sides.

Commander / Re: no recoil not working
« on: 09:59 AM - 03/10/16 »
So you managed to get it working abc?

yeah, mine works for me. basically you need to use rapid small motion rather than doing massive motion

Could you share the entire macro?

Thanks ABC

this code will move the mouse 3 pixels left and 86 pixels down, the recoil of 1 gunshot from touch of malice.  the Delay(0.01) could be made smaller...and a ui could be built for this.

Code: [Select]

While (i < 86) {
    If (i < 3) {
    l:=time(),move(-1, 0)
    ; 0.1s + 0.03s = 0.13s

l:=time(),move(0, 1)


time() {
varsetcapacity(Count1, 8, 0)
DllCall("QueryPerformanceCounter", Uint, &Count1)
Count1:=Numget(Count1, 0)
return % Floor(count1 / 3.385)

move(x, y) {
DllCall("mouse_event", uint, 1, int, x, int, y, uint, 0, int, 0)

Delay( D=0.001 ) {  ; High Resolution Delay ( High CPU Usage )  by SKAN  | CD: 13/Jun/2009
 Static F           ; www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=52083     | LM: 13/Jun/2009
 F ? F : DllCall( "QueryPerformanceFrequency", Int64P,F )
 DllCall( "QueryPerformanceCounter", Int64P,pTick ), cTick := pTick
 While( ( (Tick:=(pTick-cTick)/F)) <D ) {
   DllCall( "QueryPerformanceCounter", Int64P,pTick )
   Sleep -1
Return Round( Tick,3 )

Commander / Re: SandhawC feedback
« on: 04:32 AM - 02/12/16 »
I haven't used my Xim4 for several months - picked it back up and checked the forums to find this gem. This is excellent work,  a cohesive package that makes it far easier to share m+kb than the previous solution. Thanks for your work.
Thanks for the feedback :) Glad you like it.

i use a KVM and when switching to another computer sometimes crashes the commander xim app which crashes the whole SandhawC
What are you switching with the KVM switch? Some XIM4 related devices or just kb+m between 2 PCs?

considering sandhawc is pushing the kb and mouse to the xim the kvm is removing them

Commander / Re: SandhawC feedback
« on: 10:33 AM - 02/04/16 »
i use a KVM and when switching to another computer sometimes crashes the commander xim app which crashes the whole SandhawC

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