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For this demo we'll be using the below ballistic curve code:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM Edge Ballistics START Paste >>>
<<< XIM Edge Ballistics END Paste   <<<

The direct conversion of this to XIM4E would be the following:
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 START Paste >>>
<<< XIM4 END   Paste <<<

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 START Paste >>>
<<< XIM4 END   Paste <<<


So let's just focus on the HIP line:
Code: [Select]

and removing the first two hex characters '01' and the last 4 hex characters 'DC05' in this case.
This will get you:
Code: [Select]

you will then switch to the new XIM4E copy + paste format, becoming:
Code: [Select]

You need the whole thing including the comment section but I hope this clarifies moving from XIM Edge to XIM4E with ballistic curves.  Muken's tool has been updated but i'm not sure when it will be published or if i'll build a converter in by default (i might) then this will allow for easy conversion and perhaps an easier use case.


Feel free for a conversion if the above doesn't make sense to you until the convert tool is made or the above tool is updated.

Beta / My Experience
« on: 11:35 PM - 02/20/14 »
XIM Edge
Belkin Recommended USB hub
Xbox One controller w/ Micro USB cord
Recommended Bluetooth adapter

Belkin HUB -> G700 Logitech
Belkin HUB -> Razor Orbweaver (all lights turned off)

OS: Windows 8.1 Fully updated x64
Downloaded Beta Firmware, ran as admin, didn't see XIM Edge to update

Host OS: Windows 8.1 Fully updated x64
Guest OS: Windows 7 x64 Fully updated, on VMWare Workstation
Downloaded Beta Firmware, ran as admin, didn't see XIM Edge to update

Host OS: Mac OS X Mavericks Fully Updated x64
Guest OS: Windows 7 x64 Fully updated, on VMWare Fusion
Downloaded Beta Firmware, ran as admin, worked immediately and upgraded

From hence forth, all configuration and firmware installation is done on macbook pro retina 15 listed last above.
1. Immediately got the kernel panic Red Blue Green Light code that is listed here meaning corrupt firmware.
2. Followed the steps to fix this issue in this forum, posted by OBsIV
3. Booted but devices didn't power up (no blue light on bluetooth adapter no red light on hub)
4. Unplugged hub and plugged mouse directly into Edge worked perfect
5. Plugged hub back in without devices attached, then attached each device one at a time
6. Syncing worked immediately
7. Used the configuration manager in Windows 7, worked well.
8. Let laptop fall asleep and then woke computer up to find that the guest OS was completely crashed when I clicked "Connect" in the windows application.

In the end this is my biggest complaint the code that handles maintaining the connection, or the re-connect seems to have a couple issues that I keep running into...

Gaming on Ghosts in Xbox 1 is working 100% for me, the sensitivity doesn't match my old configs but with the live editing it seems to be easy to tune this in.


The XIM4 might want to add another bluetooth internal chip so you can get seamless passthrough to the PS4.

Any words on this?


I currently own 2 u2412m dell ultrasharp monitors with e-IPS panels.
They have ~8ms input lag and 8ms response time.

I bought a u2410 dell ultrasharp with IPS panel
It has a ~14.4 input lag when in "Game" Mode and a 6ms response time

I'm thinking about moving to a TN panel for the input lag decrease and "faster" response time.  They are tested GTG while dell ultrasharp are tested more rigorously.

Can anyone comment on the BenQ monitors picture quality when compared to a IPS?

XL2720Z would give me 3 more inches of glorious gaming with a lot of "features" that i'm not sure I need.

Then the alternatives are all also nice but are all TN panels.  I've looked at the Eizo FG2421 but it doesn't make sense for me since it will be slightly smaller than my current two 24" e-IPS monitors.  So for me it is a choice between a new 24" monitor and a 27" monitor.

The 27" would be purely for console gaming, so the 3d isn't required and the >60hz isn't required...but good like finding a high quality gaming monitor that doesn't have that stuff....

Anyone have anything to pitch in with if 10ms is really worth buying a new monitor over, or if the 3" difference is going to matter? 

I sit at my desk about 2-3 feet away from the monitor depending on my lean position for the day.

General Discussion / All these Spammers!
« on: 01:19 AM - 12/23/13 »
We've made it! XIM is in the big time, we have so many spammers now-a-days that I seriously only think we made it.

The internet only does this to popular sites, we obviously are there!


Rules for Posting Here:
* Only crazy stupid things
* No CronusMax information or i'm going rampage on someone...unless you are saying something like..."I've been a real douche as of late, i'm no better than these spammers...i've been a fool"  Then i'm okay with it.

Technical Support / Orbweaver with XIM3
« on: 10:38 PM - 12/04/13 »
Detected as mouse...and ?...what now?

General Discussion / Gaming Keypad
« on: 11:24 PM - 11/29/13 »

I've been reading all the posts and I think the ultimate solution for me is going to be making my own keyboard...since only the logitech keypad has a real joystick.

The plan
Take apart my belkin nt52e and remove the controller.
Put a teensy/arduino micro inside.
Wire up all keys to the new micro
Wire up the joystick to the new micro

Plug the teensy into the XIM3/Edge/XIM4 and enjoy your new keyboard/joystick combo.

No more need to wire into the xbox controller.

This should work for any keypad not just the nt52e, but the orbweaver, tortoise.

Let me know what you think:


**PRE-roads: your auto movement appears to be because you were missing a 10k pot, depending on the joystick you were using.**

Let me know what you think, after I start the project i'll be moving the info to tutorial.

Release Candidates / COD: Ghosts ST - Feedback
« on: 09:22 PM - 11/10/13 »
Initial feedback:
ADS feels snappy and very effective, Y movement doesn't cause Z movement anymore.

Hip feels clean and has lost the feeling of continually swaying while running.

Overall Reaction:
So far so good, i'll test with other weapons (other than assault class).

The Xim3's LCD doesn't seem to turn off anymore when I turn off my xbox 360 Slim.

Mouse: G700
Keyboard: n52te
Controller: Microsoft Black Wired

Release Candidates / type: 2 Sub: 1
« on: 02:42 AM - 06/18/11 »
XIM3 stated the title, what's this mean?

Smart Translators / GoW3 Smart Translator?
« on: 07:30 PM - 05/11/11 »
Pretty please? I'll give you beta code.

I only need X-Y Ratio when i'm zoomed in and shooting.  So to solve this i'd like a toggle button assignment.


XIM 3 Discussions / Turn off XIM3 display button
« on: 05:29 PM - 03/13/11 »
The XIM3 is a great device i'm loving it.  However I don't feel that it is always as smooth as the xim2 was.  I find that it particularly seems to show delay when you are causing multiple continual key presses that it has to then process and display.  I'd love to see a way to turn this screen and animations off with a press of a button, because in all honesty once i have it set i don't look at it.

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