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yeah people miss quoting dr lupo is funny (ign not you)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: More Publicity!
« on: 09:07 AM - 09/01/17 »
Yeah, i listened to him speak of it yesterday and how they mis-represented his comments...

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Tac Pro for Ps4 and Ps3.
« on: 11:21 AM - 12/09/16 »
i like the keypad though...tempted to buy one just for that.

^^ Topic ^^

I remember when that section was for tutorials, not for how hard is it to setup my mouse or how do i make a ballistic curve...

Beta / [support]
« on: 11:15 AM - 05/10/16 »

Does the xim support the:
Horipadfpsplus Red

my controller doesn't always seem to want to connect to my xim4 on PS4

It's not a bug, XIM4 can connect to up to eight devices but only one XIM4 can be paired with each device. If possible its a feature I would like to see as well. :)

i can't seem to even switch quickly without it just crashing (xim manager)

This happens to me when i'm using my usb switch to move my mouse and keyboard from one xim to another xim...but only randomly as if it only happens when the xim is in the middle of communication

ability to connect to multiple XIMs from XIM Manager from a single PC

I now own 2 xims for my 2 consoles...however i am having to use VMs to connect to them since the XIM manager just picks randomly whichever it wants to connect to

I'm unclear how they support this since you can't tell which console you are connected to (unless you use fragile heuristics that watch for USB packet patterns that could change).

completely understand,
you could do it one level simpler and just go off which console is selected for the Config, since that is bound to a console.

The TitanOne and ChronusMax Support this, it would be nice to be able to have both controllers plugged in so that you could switch consoles more easily.

General Discussion / Best setup for PS4 + Xbone
« on: 01:40 PM - 04/15/16 »
So I took the dive and now own both a PS4 and a Xbone...

Now the annoying things:
1 Changing the XIM from the xbox to the PS4
  1.1 Can you plus a hub into the controller port (Xim Port 3) to have a PS4 and Xbox One controller plugged in and thereby not have to change which controller I am using?
  1.2 Need a USB switch to change which console the XIM is plugged into

2 Switching HDMI port
  2.1 Bought a 301BN for xbox 360 + xbone a long time ago still works for this

3 Switching Optical Cables for The A40 mixamp
  3.1 Bought a VHD-TS3X1 for xbox 360 + xbone a long time ago still works for this

4 Streaming through a Avermedia Live Gamer HD or El gato adds a small amount of latency
  3.2 Bought a VHD-1X2MN3D which splits the output of the 301BN - one to the live gamer hd the other to the monitor XL2411

Anyone know of a multi-port USB switch with 0 input lag?

Tutorials / Re: Orbweaver Red Cherry Mod and analog Mod
« on: 03:35 AM - 04/10/16 »
There is a screw under the metal plate.

I called tuff and he showed me, i had to move some microswitches around because 1 was completely bad and another was worn down to the point where it wasn't actuating.  when the new switches come in i'll post a video and new images on disassembling the orbweaver on s3 and youtube so it won't break again.

Tutorials / Re: Orbweaver Red Cherry Mod and analog Mod
« on: 03:07 PM - 04/08/16 »
how do you take the d-pad apart? all images are gone

General Discussion / Re: Destiny Raids
« on: 10:37 PM - 03/27/16 »

General Discussion / Re: The Division
« on: 01:23 PM - 03/21/16 »
yeah i didn't buy it...decided it wasn't worth it.

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