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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 04:49 PM - 06/16/14 »
No gameplay video but I did go HAM on a max ticket Metro server this morning.  I wish I could have got this on video..

Support / Re: Sony Navy Controller (minor issue)
« on: 03:06 PM - 08/08/12 »
Thanks for the assistance on this.  I picked up a Sony USB cable and a new one with gold leads.  Works like a charm now.

Support / Re: Sony Navy Controller (minor issue)
« on: 08:32 AM - 08/06/12 »
Thanks I will get either a better USB or the Sony USB cable and try it.

Support / Re: Sony Navy Controller (minor issue)
« on: 06:53 AM - 08/06/12 »
My bad about posting in the wrong forum.  Don't drink and post.

I've tried a regular USB cable but perhaps I will swap it for a gold USB cable to see if that works. 

I am tempted to pull one Nav controller apart to see if it can be hard wired. 

Thanks for the response.

Support / Re: Sony Navy Controller (minor issue)
« on: 08:28 PM - 08/05/12 »
Yes.  XIM3.  You know the icons that appear at the top of the main screen as you plug your mouse, controller and joystick/keyboard in.

Support / Sony Navy Controller (minor issue)
« on: 05:15 PM - 08/05/12 »
Any other Nav controller users have issues with the controller to just stop working during game play?

I have 2 working controllers which I always keep charged.  I used it for about a minute then it stopped responding.  I can see on the XIM screen that (the joystick icon) it's still registered but I get no movement and I'll have to unplug and plug it in to get it working again.  Every so often the controller icon will totally disappear from the XIM screen.

Funny thing is it always happens when I need it the most.  LOL

One Nav controller is about 1 year old and the other is a month old.

Any suggestions?

Controllers are plugged into the XIM as per instructions on this site.

Have any of you guys used the Fragnstein Nunchuck? I have one and it works just like the nav but it is wireless.. I can confirm it works like a charm on the Xim3... This was a lifesaver for me as it works on p.c. hassle free....I smashed the mouse in rage!

Where to purchase this?  I checked Bannco website but it's quite confusing. 

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Transferring configs to new XIM3.
« on: 11:36 AM - 04/11/12 »
What I would do is delete all Configs from your new XIM3, then, plug into your computer where you run XIMManager (and have your Config library stored). Then transfer all the Configs you to your new XIM3.

Thanks for the quick reply.  One last question, is there a particular folder that the Config Library is automatically or manually creates when you plug in the XIM3 to the computer?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Transferring configs to new XIM3.
« on: 10:23 AM - 04/11/12 »
What Od1n says is correct. One thing to know though is that Configs with the same name on your XIM3 and XIMManager are overwritten with XIM3s version when connecting to XIMManager.

Ok, perhaps I may have misunderstood which is why I am asking again.

Do I......

1.  Put both the old and new XIM3 in computer mode.
2.  Plug both the old and new XIM3 into the computer.
3.  Start XIManager and sync both devices?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Transferring configs to new XIM3.
« on: 10:28 AM - 04/02/12 »
Thank you for your responses.

XIM 3 Discussions / Transferring configs to new XIM3.
« on: 07:31 AM - 04/02/12 »

I plan on purchasing a new XIM3 and giving my present one to my nephew. 

Is there a way to transfer my favorite configs to the new XIM3?

Thank you.

Support / Can the XIM3 screen be replaced?
« on: 04:10 PM - 12/15/11 »
I accidentally dropped a motorcycle boot on my XIM3 and now the screen is cracked.  Although it still works, it's a little difficult to navigate the menus due to the screen damage.

Can the screen be replaced (like a cell phone screen) or is my XIM3 doomed to this state until I get a new one?

Thank you.

Yo Shark Attack - XBL.

Feel free to add me.  I am usually on in the evenings during the week, on and off throughout the day on the weekends.

The hip isnt great but the ADS is loads better then anything ive tried. My very first and I'm tweaking blind really so go easy.


3800 deadzone Square
acceration -0.50
y:x 1.80
smooth: 0
DD: -0.15

ADS (this is seriously good for me)

3800 deadzone Square
acceration -0.45
smooth: 0
DD: 0

In game sens at max...tweak sensitivity to your liking.

If someone that knows what they are doing wants to step in be my guest  8)

What translator did you use as your base?

Configurations and Requests / Re: ps move nav performance
« on: 08:16 AM - 09/28/11 »
And also ADS sensitivity can be toggled with L2 if yiu use that for aiming.

Did you adjust it via the XIM3 or is it automatic?


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