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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Will the XIM3 ....
« on: 06:15 PM - 11/25/10 »
That would be pretty cool though. Just to be able to say hey my toy is bulletproof yours isn't.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Ebay xim scalping
« on: 08:49 PM - 11/16/10 »
You're not going to be able to stop it.  There is ALWAYS going to be some nefarious activity.  Better to accept that a little bit's going to happen then pull your hair out trying to stamp it out 100%.

Like I'd love if nobody ever drove drunk anymore, but since we're all human, I know that's simply not going to happen.  I certainly HOPE none will show up on eBay, but I would be surprised if there wasn't one of the pre-prod units on there.

I completely agree.


Well in that case ignore what I said :). I had no idea OBsIV had made such a tool available, which by the sound of it eliminates my concerns. I may be new to XIM but My flashing experience covers low end CPE to Enterprise Grade Routers and Switches where MD5 checks are used to ensure firmware is correct and not corrupt. Reason why I posted what I did is I have seen how easily things can go wrong when certain precautions (XIMFlash in this case) are not taken.


XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Finally received my XIM 2
« on: 08:41 PM - 11/08/10 »
I'm using Toysrme config with a little bit of changes for MW2 and MW. To me it is 99% like pc. You need a 5600 dpi mouse for my config but for toy's orignal you can use  a 2000 dpi.

udr 140
dz  10182
XY Ratio  1.80
TE  .70
Primary Sensitivity  1300
Secondary Sensitivity 1700
DD 0
S  0

Feedback / My somewhate full review
« on: 02:34 PM - 11/07/10 »
Well After many many hours of playing with this "thingy" as I like to call it I have decided that it was a great purchase. The setup, at first was a pain in the @#$%, but after you finally figure everything out its a breeze. I would recommend anyone who is a long time PC player to use Toysrme 10182 deadzone config on the spreadsheet you can find that on XIM2 Configurations. I started with that and tweaked the numbers a little bit to my liking. At first I was happy. "Yea ok this is fine, I'm having fun I can actually aim and shoot people this is cool." Then I realized that I didn't adjust the INGAME sensitivity then BAM! "WOOOHOOO!!!" That setting for me is perfect I feel just like PC. BUT I have a 5600 DPI Razer mouse so I can't speak for other experiences but I experience 0 lag caused by the XIM2 and the processes, no zig zagging, not jitterieness. The only lag I experience is from my freaking internet connection which has sucked for 6 years so I'm used to it and I can compensate in my kills.\

I was on the fence for this product because I just wouldn't let myself trust the reviews but once I bought it and set it up I was completely happy. Now I can game with my friends on XBOX. I actually have an XBOX tourny tomorrow night at Best Buy to get a free copy of Black Ops. So People on the fence this "thingy" is AWESOME!!

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Gaming Keyboards
« on: 09:04 AM - 11/04/10 »
It's not what you buy that makes you good. It's knowing how to use it properly that does.

BAM! OH SNAP! I completely agree. By the by until these forums a couple of weeks ago I never knew about mechanical keyboards. I used the same crappy Dynex $18 keyboard for 6 years when I played pc games from Cod1 to Cod4. I owned like nobodies business so all this crap about gaming keyboards is bs. Its not gaming unless the player is a gamer.

Technical Support / Re: Hooking XIM2 To the XBOX
« on: 07:13 AM - 11/04/10 »
I calibrated no problem. No problems with device manager program started normally. The instructions said (Grey). I have a white one and a black one. Whats white and black mixed together again? Anyways the entire time waiting for my XIM2 I didn't want to be THAT guy who didn't try switcing the cables. HAHA. I'll try that when I get home from work.

Thanks guys ;D

Technical Support / Hooking XIM2 To the XBOX
« on: 07:24 PM - 11/03/10 »
Ok I've searched and tried to find the answer but I'm just not finding it. I just got my XIM2 today and I installed it on the vista 64 via Tweak's instructions. Went flawlessly(I THINK). I have keyboard and mouse response on the pc. I can acess all of the files related to XIM on the pc. BUT when I hook up the Grey usb to the XBOX not the black one the grey one to the xbox nothing seems to happen. The mouse and keyboard are still having fun on the pc screen and not the tv.  

I have an HP laptop that my kb/m and XIM2 is hooked up to and my Xbox Slim is hooked up to my 32" Vizio.

Its probably something stupid but please help.

For more clarification:

My laptop has my kb/m, and xim2 connected to it. The xbox is connected to the tv via hdmi. The only thing connecting the laptop to the xbox is the xim2.

Tutorials / Abbreviations List For New People
« on: 09:46 AM - 10/28/10 »
I just finished reading one person's support question and he brought up a good point. You guys use a lot of technical abbreviations or terms that are important but for new guys like myself and some others it goes right over our head and it takes quite a while for us to find the meaning.

For all of you pros out there could you post any abbreviations or terms you know of and define them and I'll compile a complete list at the top of this post.

A Tech Guide For Noobs.
(definitions I post are either terms I know or from definitions I've researched and post)

UDR - Update Rate
DPI - Dots Per Inch= this is a direct correlation to movement on the screen. For example: if you use a 1024x786 screen rez, and you having a 1000DPI mouse, it would 'technically' take 1 inch to move from one side to the other. higher dpi = more screen shots per 'movement cycle' which translates into a smoother movement of your mouse, and yields a higher speed.
EPP - Enhanced Pointer Precision= a feature of Microsoft that should be turned off.
ms - Millisecond= One thousandth (10-3) of a second.
Polling Rate=While tracking, a typical mouse will send its X and Y movement calculations, as well as information about which buttons are pressed, to the computer 125 times a second (meaning once every 8ms). This is known as a polling rate and is expressed in Hertz. Most mice often have a polling rate of 125Hz.
Polling can be seen as how many times a device "reports" information to a computer. When a device reports information once to the computer in one second, its polling rate is considered to be 1 Hertz. So if a mouse or keyboard says that it has a polling rate of 125 Hertz, this means that the device is reporting information 125 times in one second. The more times a device reports to the computer, the faster the computer will process this information for use in applications or games.
The higher the polling rate, the more often the computer receives information about the status of your mouse and the faster the computer can respond to your command. For instance, if you were to use a mouse with a polling rate of 1 Hz for a FPS, your computer would receive movement date once every second, which would result in your on screen avatar in moving once a second.
A standard polling rate of 125Hz is seen to be adequate for use in normal computer applications as an eight millisecond delay is negligible when navigating a desktop. However, when playing a game and directing actions in a FPS, RTS or virtually any other genre of game, an eight millisecond delay can cause slightly delayed reactions that would make the difference between life or death, defeat or victory.
Macros=Macros enable a user to program one button on a peripheral to perform a string of commands, whenever the button is pressed. A simple example of a macro is binding the forward thumb button on your mouse to mimic pressing "Ctrl" and "X" on your keyboard, to perform the "Cut" function in programs such as Microsoft Office.
Acceleration=Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity of the mouse, or how quickly it accelerates from one point to another. Each mouse has a specific acceleration rating, which is its limitation on speed of movement that its sensor can effectively detect. If the mouse is moved at a rate faster than its acceleration rating, the sensor would not be able to keep up and the cursor movement on the screen would not correspond to the mouse movement by the user.
Acceleration is measured in a unit of "g" (acceleration of gravity), where one g is equivalent to a rate of change of 9.8 m/s-2 (meters per second each second). Exceeding a sensor's g rating may cause the sensor to lose track of mouse movement.
A high Acceleration rating will ensure that your cursor never moves erratically in-game at crucial times when you need to make a quick swipe to turn and focus on a new target.
Acceleration is largely dependent on your playstyle and whether or not you are a low sensitivity gamer. If you are a low sensitivity gamer, you will often make very fast and large swipes across a mousing surface in order to quickly reorient yourself to a new target in-game. If a mouse�s acceleration rating cannot handle how quickly your hand moves the mouse each second, at any part of that second, the sensor will fail and the cursor will move around erratically.
ADS-Aiming Down Sight- most often referring to the fact that in most console games the looking speed is slower when ADS compared to normal looking.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM Ebay store?
« on: 08:51 AM - 10/28/10 »
Well I know I've read in numerous other posts by people who live in the UK have problems waiting for their thingy to get through customs or whatever they call it. I've heard it takes up to 2 weeks for it to get through that inspection process. I don't know for sure so don't quote me. Thats just what I've read.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM Ebay store?
« on: 06:23 PM - 10/27/10 »
carnage's post prompted me to call the customer support phone number that I had on my Paypal account. Anyways to make a long story short my thingy will be here on Friday YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM Ebay store?
« on: 06:56 PM - 10/26/10 »
30 days 7 days it doesn't matter because I'll know in 1 day whether or not I'm going to like it. I'll be playing with it non stop for the first 24 hours... probably more.

Are the prebuilt models redilly available now or is there a little bit of a wait time?

For Example: I purchased mine Saturday and shipping says 2 to 6 days so possibly it could be here today assuming it shipped monday.

Second question if it hasn't shipped yet do I recieve an email with a UPS tracking number or something.

I just want to know what to expect so I'm not sitting here with my thumb up my bumb.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM Ebay store?
« on: 09:38 AM - 10/26/10 »
I agree that is a very good thing but the return policy on the ebay store says 7 days and mist said it was 30 days it made me think it might have been a scam or something.

Configurations and Requests / Re: beta crysis 2
« on: 09:13 AM - 10/26/10 »
how did you get the beta key? just curious.

XIM 2 Discussions / XIM Ebay store?
« on: 09:08 AM - 10/26/10 »

I'm having a panic attack because I'm not sure if I bought from the right person on ebay. This is the store on ebay that I bought my XIM2 from for 190.99

Please tell me I bought this from the right place. :'(

I also want to apologize ahead of time if this has already been discussed I just can't find it anywhere.

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