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General Discussion / Thanks !
« on: 09:13 PM - 06/24/08 »
I just wanted to say that I've worked two jobs in the past, putting in a good 12+ hours of work a day to support a family. Its hard enough to spend time with your family, let alone your friends. I know for @#$% sure I would not be able to take part in the xim 2 development with my schedule. I've read a few posts that really irritated me. These guys have lives yet they still squeeze time in to develop xim 2. Anyway, just about everyone minus a few bad apples really appreciate what you guys are doing for the community. Thanks :)

I'll take your word for it, I'll probably have a more difficult time than I thought. Good luck on your second controller.

TP43 looks like one of the easier solder points. What happened? I think if anything I would have a problem with TP34, TP35, and TP32.

Yeah, and I will be doing what he suggested. Most people I think have older controllers since all xfps versions sniper 3.0 model and below only support older controllers. Everyone with new xfps's & new controllers probably won't need to do a swap.

General Discussion / Re: XIM 2 VS XIM 1
« on: 05:45 PM - 06/19/08 »
I'm sure nick will do something like this. I've heard more than one person insist on testing more games than halo 3 and cod4. Given nicks obsession with xim2 and his love for video games he has more than likely already planned out which games he will test and review.

Technical Support / Re: XIM stopped working !!!
« on: 05:43 PM - 06/19/08 »
Thats a pretty nice thing to do. high five ..  :)

When I unload a clip of the desert eagle as fast as I can with xim I find that only one bullet hits them. I don't know if the other bullets don't register, or if the recoil is just too much. I find myself slowing down my bursts on that gun to actually kill people.

I took an A+ course, Net & OS, and attended some of my cisco class. I really regret not getting certified for anything, my highschool provided transport to the local college on those subjects at no cost and payed some of the certification fee's.

ahh the power passing usb hub. I remember in A+ class daisy chaining usb hubs, powered, non powered, powered, ect ect. fun times

Feedback / Re: Signatures
« on: 10:45 AM - 06/17/08 »
lol. +1 karma for making me laugh

Yeah I noticed, I saw you online I would have sent an invite but I have company over and they like halo3.

I would like to see how well you can hold the cross-hairs on a player in H3 as they run across your field of view in an large, open map.  Maybe have them jump as you try and hold your sights on them.  Comparison of battle rifle zoomed in and out as well as the sniper zoomed in and out.

It is the tracking of the target that is hard to appreciate from some vids.

Looking forward to getting my XIM2.  Great job all.

Thats already been done, check the sandtrap fileshare on mr boxie

Feedback / Re: Xim2 piggy back to controller
« on: 09:17 PM - 06/10/08 »
Great, I have the 25 watt radioshack iron and tip. This iron didn't work out when I tried modding my wii, the solder points are so tiny the tip was to big.

Glenn I love that chair, I have 5.1 surround and I've never though of doing something like that. Thanks for the inspiration I might put something together like that.

Do you have more pictures of the chair, or tips on how you mounted the speakers? I'm not sure if I can do much with mine, its leather.

I'm very pleased that nick was chosen as a tester. Good luck

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