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General Discussion / Thanks !
« on: 09:13 PM - 06/24/08 »
I just wanted to say that I've worked two jobs in the past, putting in a good 12+ hours of work a day to support a family. Its hard enough to spend time with your family, let alone your friends. I know for @#$% sure I would not be able to take part in the xim 2 development with my schedule. I've read a few posts that really irritated me. These guys have lives yet they still squeeze time in to develop xim 2. Anyway, just about everyone minus a few bad apples really appreciate what you guys are doing for the community. Thanks :)

General Discussion / Mile High Club
« on: 01:36 PM - 06/03/08 »
For those who have once attempted beating the epilogue mission in cod4 on vertran difficulty with a controller, I recommended trying with xim. I tried for hours at a time for a good week with a controller. I attempted it today with xim and beat it within 30 minutes. Its still pretty f'ing difficult but its much easier.

Feedback / On the fly switching
« on: 11:30 PM - 05/25/08 »
It would be pretty cool to be able to assign profiles to key combinations, ie shift f1. Then switch between them without doing it in windows. I guess this would be similar to what Smartjoy Frag offers. It's obviously too late to be implemented. I'm just sharing my thoughts.

Configurations and Requests / Current cod4 configs
« on: 12:08 PM - 04/17/08 »
I played with nick and ubernoober the otherday and would like to know what they are using these days.

General Discussion / woah
« on: 03:17 PM - 04/14/08 »
I just put together my xim.. I'm still tweaking the sens. but I gotta say I'm impressed.

Technical Support / Do I still have to adjust..
« on: 02:15 PM - 04/14/08 »
Do I still have to adjust my x and y knobs even after loading say nicks cod4 config? I've noticed the sensitivity is slow.

Technical Support / Sniper 3.0
« on: 12:32 PM - 04/08/08 »
I'm having a problem with my xfps sniper 3.0. I cannot move the mouse in a straight vertical or horizontal line without the cursor going up or down left or right. It zigs and zags left/right when going vertically and up/down when moved horizontally. It's as if it wants to go in a straight line, but starts drawing the edges of a square then continues up.  I've used a different mouse (but it was the same model). I've tried using a SJF and I get the same result. Does this model of xfps not like the standard microsoft mouse?

XFPS sniper 3.0 -green-
smart joy frag
SJF Voltage fix
Standard microsoft optical wheel mouse
Black lazer mouse pad ( no designs )

deadzone 28-33

I should probably add that I'm currently not using XIM, its in the mail I just want to get this worked out first

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