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General Discussion / Anyone been to hawaii?
« on: 10:51 PM - 02/04/10 »
My wife and I are going sometime this year, she want's to go to Maui. I'm assuming somebody has been to Hawaii on this board. Anyway should I rent a car? Or just take a shuttle? Any cool places or things to do that aren't on the "tourist activity sheet"? Did you use orbitz or another travel method? When is the cheapest time of year to go? We are thinking October would be best. We can't go this spring, so after summer would be better. Any tips?

mouse: [email protected]
polling:  500hz
ingame sensitivity: MAX

update rate:  120
deadzone:  12000 circular
xyratio:  2.0
translation exponent:  0.5
pri sense:  3000
sec sense:  4000
diagonal dampen:  0
smoothness: 0.09

tags: bf bc2, bf:bc2, battlefield bad company 2

General Discussion / Onlive beta
« on: 05:27 PM - 01/14/10 »
Anyone else get the email? I am very skeptical about this thing.. They sent me an email with a performance test link. If my results meet the criteria then I'll be in the beta. I'm still pretty excited to try something like this out, I hope I get picked.

General Discussion / IHop
« on: 10:16 PM - 01/08/10 »
For the last three years I've had the pleasure of driving by a local Ihop and seeing it filled with old people every morning. The Ihop just closed this week? Where will the old people go? Sharis? It's so far away from where Ihop used to be. I keep thinking of the elderly driving episode on south park..  

Support / Legacy Support FAQ (Edge, XIM3, XIM2)
« on: 11:57 AM - 12/27/09 »
Choose your XIM device to view FAQ

EdgeXIM 3 | XIM 2

General Discussion / The horrors of upgrading
« on: 07:53 AM - 12/23/09 »
So I bought a new cpu, mobo, ram, and 2 hard drives right? I've upgraded once before and going from a different mobo/cpu my old hard drive worked without a reformat, I've also had them not boot at all as well. Well I didn't get lucky, the boot loader, mbr was all F'd up. Now you would ask yourself, why didn't he just put in the windows cd, enter recovery mode, and use fixboot, fixmbr commands? My dvdrom drive if F'd. It stopped burning a long time ago, but it read just fine. Now it won't even open the tray. Even with the saftey pin method. After spending 3 hours trying to get windows ultimate boot cd onto my 1 gig usb stick.. from a vista laptop.. didn't work. Then I tried with my XP netbook. Finally got into the recovery console. After doing the fixmbr, and fixboot commands now my partitions are gone. No going back. I planned on running RAID 1 with two new 1TB drives, to back everything up and I just end up losing everything.. @#$%. You can imagine how mad I was. I still don't have windows installed, but windows ultimate boot cd runs a stripped down copy of windows off the usb drive.. So at least I was able to partition my new hard drives, format them, and backup data from my non windows hard drive ( D drive). I would continue to look for an actual installation method of XP with a usb stick.. but the whole point of this was to upgrade to windows 7.. And I don't have a 4gig stick.. don't want one. I'll just have to search for a cheap dvdrom drive... All of this reminds me of the first time I needed a floppy drive for something in DOS, and didn't have one. Soo frustrating.

General Discussion / Team Fortress 2
« on: 01:34 PM - 12/21/09 »
Anyone play it? I bought it half off this weekend on steam. These graphics are crushing my computer. You wouldn't think they would because everything is cartoony. Pretty fun game.

General Discussion / UFC107
« on: 12:39 PM - 12/13/09 »

What a good card last night! With BJ Penn almost ending the fight seconds into the first round.. Diego was knocked out btw, I'm glad they let it  go 5 rounds though. Diego was all pumped for this fight going in there with nothing but confidence and within the first minute of the first round you could tell he was afraid of bj, and that he didn't want to be there anymore. Frank Mir destroyed kongo.. I thought he was going to win, but not like that.. He walked through him.. it was amazing. I thought the florian/guida fight could have gone either way but I'm glad florian won..  that guy is really talented. And last but not least the hightower fight, the first fight on the ppv card. That guy is HUGE.. 6'11 if I remember right.. It was alot of fun to see them fight eachother again for the 2nd time. Although I thought hightower lost.. and it seems like everyone at the bar I was at thought he lost too.. They should definitely do a 3rd grudge match in the future. Other than the VGA's taking over spike tv and not airing the preliminary fights.. I'm pretty happy with last nights fights.

General Discussion / DerekTM
« on: 08:19 PM - 11/30/09 »
Holy wow. He just logged in. I haven't seen derektm online in a very long time.. Where did you go to?

Xbox / MW2 Private Games
« on: 11:02 AM - 11/17/09 »
If you haven't played a private game with 18 people FFA then you should. Guncom and I participated in one last night on Favela and it was alot of fun. I wan't to try Scrapyard next time, its even smaller :)

General Discussion / So I googled my name
« on: 09:41 PM - 11/04/09 »
I've used "mist4fun" for about 10 years now back when I was 13-14. I thought I would google the name and see what I come up with. Almost everything is forum related but on page 3 I found my username and password from an old forum or something I was registered to. Its a text file with tons of email address's, usernames, and passwords. Back then I used one password for pretty much every website, I thought something like this might happen years ago so I started using different passwords for different websites. Good thing too.. take a look.


General Discussion / New xbox "perk"
« on: 10:54 AM - 11/02/09 »
I get to see distorted colors! Sweet huh?

General Discussion / Halloween
« on: 08:31 PM - 10/31/09 »
Any cool pics?

Configurations and Requests / Borderlands
« on: 02:37 PM - 10/20/09 »
This isn't going to be the best config, but just something to use until a config master makes one.


The Deadzone looks square, the diagnal points are oddly outside of a square deadzone shape. One thing to note about this deadzone is there is alot of skipping where the deadzone starts. I added a touch of smoothness to balance this out. I would describe this game somewhere between COD4 and Halo3 as far as how it reacts to xim. There is a small amount of acceleration going on with a sqaure deadzone.

Resolution: 1920x1080
Mouse: Logitech MX518
DPI: 1800
USB Polling: 125hz
In-Game Sensitivity: Max

Deadzone: 6880
DZ Shape: Square
Updates: 30
YXRatio: 2.0
Translation Exponent: 0.75
Primary Sensitivity: 500
Secondary Sensitivity: 500
Diagonal Dampen: 0.15
Smoothness: 0.05

Xbox / Please Welcome The Newest XIM2 User
« on: 10:35 AM - 10/18/09 »
My son :)

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