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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xim3 and ps4?
« on: 11:46 AM - 12/31/16 »
update to this:

I wound up getting a Cronus Max Plus as I have a friend who works at Gamestop and got me a nice discount. It works PERFECT!! I don't see why there's some hate  for this adapter but man it works great with my xim3. Zero input lag and with some tinkering finding what translators work, I love it. I also got my Logitech GT wheel to work.

Now, with the cronus you can use it alone for keyboard and mouse. I tried this and setup is a nightmare. I opted to use my xim3 with it and settings on the fly are just like on ol 360.

So...Setup your xim 3 like you would for a 360 console, the xim3 plugs into a 4 port hub along with your PS4 dual shock controller. This allows the Cronus to authenticate a PS4 controller and then translate what it thinks as a 360 controller (xim3) to PS4.

 No lag, @#$% near pc 1:1 after tweaking and I've tried it on Cod Remastered, Battlefield 1, Battlefront and Siege. Siege still needs some tweaking and finding the best translator. Not 100% happy with it yet but it works very well.

p.s. does anyone know or remember if we could program a 2 button combo onto 1? for example: L1 + R1 = (mapped single button). Can't find anything in search

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Pc game with aim assist
« on: 01:02 PM - 11/17/16 »
The biggest advantage imho using the xim on PC, is having separate ADS speeds. Many, well most PC games do not have any adjustable ADS settings. I have used mine on PC for years (xim3) for this very reason. Not so much the AA but the separate ADS speeds.

General Discussion / Re: ...Is toysrme dead ?
« on: 03:08 PM - 08/23/16 »
It's almost September!! I just wanted to point that out. Hi again :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: (Serious Poll) Keyboard or nah?
« on: 06:38 AM - 08/23/16 »
Switch over to PS4...they sell a @#$% m&k now. Theres no way anyone will be able to say squat in a tourney if Sony themselves support the use and sale of mouse and keyboard lol.

Yep wireless is the best (simplest) solution. I love the sound and ease of use of my Sony Golds. They work perfect with my KVM switch and can swap from PS4 to PC (and the virtual surround on PC works pretty good). Wireless, good sound, surround sound and chat on pc and console. Can't go wrong. Be warned however, the build quality is complete crap! Buy them at best buy with price match and use the money saved to purchase the $14 geek squad warranty. You will be replacing them every 6 months due to cracked plastic lol. Other than that love em!

General Discussion / Re: PS4 release a gamepad+mouse
« on: 06:51 PM - 08/21/16 »
I wonder how this would pan out on the competitive scene.

"Are you using a keyboard and mouse? I hear keys clocking over the mic"
"yep sure am!!"

General Discussion / Re: Trash console generation
« on: 06:35 PM - 08/21/16 »
I haven't even played a shooter since I got my ps4. It's been NHL16 and cant wait for NHL17 lol. I am sort of looking forward to Cod4 remastered even though all the vids I've seen it looks worse! Is that possible? Who cares as long as the maps and gameplay are like the days of old, count me in!

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xim3 and ps4?
« on: 02:08 PM - 08/21/16 »
I haven't posted in forever so fill me in here. Basically that plugs into my xim3, the xim 3 thinks it sees a 360 controller, and it outputs ps4 controls correct? I do wish to purchase a xim4 in the very near future but this may hold me over on my ps4 and xim3 yes?

edit: Ahh ok I see...I leave my xim3 hooked up like normal (keyboard, mouse and 360 controller) and then my xim3 plugs into this adapter that plugs into my ps4. Got it!! Not worried about chat and sound as I use sony Golds so all good there. Sweet!

General Discussion / Good deal on a DSS?
« on: 01:57 PM - 03/07/16 »
Not sure what I'm gonna do with it but I couldnt leave it sitting there.

Sony Golds. Best @#$% bang for the buck. I pondered going the whole dss route with some nice cans, chat adapter and all that bs , but for $79 you cannot beat the sound at the price point. Chat mix works great, surround sound is great, low frequency sound is far better than expected and I just love em. No cords to fumble with either and work on my PC. I have a kvm switch between the ps4 and my pc with the usb receiver plugged in. Very simple to switch between pc and ps4 with virtual surround sound to boot. Get em, you'll thank me.

Well poop that sucks. Hey I've been out of the loop for over a year heh. I do still have that rabit pic you drew though lol. I don't know, secretly I'd rather have the x1 but I don;t want my wife to feel bad ya know. She coordinated this with 2 of my co-workers wives so "all the guys" could play together. Both of the others do NOT play shooters, are not really "hardcore" gamers and from what I've seen, are horrible at games period lol. She opened a can of worms though cause I was due for a new monitor, my headphones just quit a few weeks ago, my xim3 hasn't seen action since my 3rd 360 went up in smoke (hell I could have used it through win10 for a bandaide) and here I am...stuck with a ps4 wishing I went with my gut. :( Actually, I think neither would be the way I'd go. Been pinching pennies for a killer pc rig.

Hey buddy. Welcome back.

You're keeping the PS4? ick... in the end you should play whatever most of your friends are playing. But god, that super low stick res.

Eh? Care to enlighten me? Will this be a problem with the xim and its precision movements? It's too late to exchange this thing now heh. Already cracked open Uncharted (80% done with part1), Destiny and bought MAdden16. Stop it! I already have my doubts as getting ALL of my hdmi handshakes to cooperate with my switcher has been nothing short of a PITA! Xbox I could have just fed my switcher right into it and done! And I'm pretty bummed about backwards compatibility too. Re-purchase my old games? Kiss my @#$%!

General Discussion / Re: ps4 destiny community?
« on: 07:50 AM - 12/29/15 »
I'll add you guys. I suck, no xim4 yet and just got a ps4 and Destiny.

psn: Bizzy_Biz

Xim works on both PS4 and XB1, so why not get both?

Simple. I had/have zero plans on going back to console but my wife decided to surprise me for xmas. I want to build a new PC and head back to my roots and also look forward to Oculus if and when it goes full consumer.

Well I decided to keep the ps4. Not like you guys will miss me hah! Couple friends are on psn so hey why not. Time to order up a xim4 I suppose cause the sticks ain't cuttin it! They sure put a lot of detail in the floors these days huh?

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