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Automatically rotates screen to the right unless Screen Rotation is off.  Other than that everything works fine.

Beta / PS4 Firmware 2.03 and XIM4 20141114
« on: 07:24 AM - 12/04/14 »
Since updating to firmware 2.03 I have experienced  2 freeze-ups  (keyboard, mouse and DS4) when using the DS4 controller and had to unplug and replug XIM4 to get out of it.  It has never happened before, and I don't think it's my cables. 

to XIM4 at the same time?

XIM 4 Discussions / Halo Master Chief Collection
« on: 08:02 AM - 11/06/14 »
Finally finished pre-loading.   Took me more than 20 hours.

Now, just need to wait till 11/11 00:00 AM.   ;D

Xbox / What is this MAG gun controller?
« on: 06:08 AM - 02/01/11 »
Was browsing play-asia.com today and saw this:

So I googled and found some old videos:

Looks like it's finally available, LOL. 

Check it out here:

I just registered.  Hopefully I can score a new set of keyboard and mouse to go with the XIM3.

XIM 2 Discussions / How often should you recalibrate?
« on: 11:48 PM - 10/01/10 »
I've heard that moving the right analog stick on the controller would slightly throw off the calibration, and eventually you'd need to recalibrate.  Is this true?

Got my Xim2 today, everything works fine except that buttons A and B on the controller does not work at all, i.e, nothing happens when pressing these buttons.  Is this normal?

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