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Game Support / Re: mw2 beta in game settings
« on: 10:17 AM - 09/18/22 »
Mouse sensitivity is only for native keyboard and mouse, ignore it you're using XIM.

Game Support / Re: MW2 2022 ANY HOPE ON XIM
« on: 06:05 AM - 09/18/22 »
Ok, I get the point, OP should probably have done some research before buying. But it raises the question, with the large number of people playing on ps5 via remote play or Beloader, what happens when PS4 support is inevitably dropped from new games? Are we then completely locked out or have to use Xbox configs?
Or no ST at all if it's an exclusive title.  Lucky Horizon Forbidden West is on PS4.

Hope Sony just die, disgusting company. 

General Discussion / Re: BF 2042
« on: 07:27 AM - 10/09/21 »
Doesn't matter anymore.  This game sucked so bad.

Can a ST be trained through remote play for the PS5? Just curious...

Vita? Too bad Vita isn't compatible with XIM otherwise if you have one plug it in and use it as controller until there's a fix.

General Discussion / Re: PS5 BF 2042
« on: 09:54 PM - 09/02/21 »
I know remote play has been said countless times but there is a really good way of doing it. If you happen to have an extra screen to set up and set up your xim on what its being streamed on, you could just use the original screen to play on and i havent been able to notice any input lag tbh. truly a god send ;D

Are you using wireless connections?
using wifi on my console and using ethernet for my pc. Essentially just streaming my inputs from my xim.
Turned down the quality of the stream to 540p and 30fps to get some more pow for the latency. And i couldn't notice any input lag at all. Tested it today on a ps4 pro on bfv. Was getting 40 - 50 kill games on tdm. I think since im streaming in home network theres essentially non existent lag.
Will it work if PC and console are connected to same monitor and both are on wired connections?

General Discussion / Re: PS5 BF 2042
« on: 03:50 AM - 09/01/21 »
BF 2042 checks for Dual Sense controller, - it won't work with XIM.

Confirmed by a friend who works on gaming journalism, he tried a closed alpha for press months ago.

He wasn't looking for XIM compatibility, he doesn't even know about it... just told me that DualSense mechanics with weapons is the differentiator factor on PS, while on XBS is the cross progression XB to PC.

No native Keyboard and Mouse Support either.
The game supports cross-play between consoles and PC so are you sure there's no native keyboard and mouse support? 

General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 07:28 AM - 08/29/21 »
No, it has nothing to do with PS5 or mouse and keyboard -- sorry.
Some kind of audio related device then?

Game Support / Re: Call Of Duty Vanguard PS5 Beta
« on: 10:13 PM - 08/28/21 »
Best move : migrate on xbox series X = 1440p 120fps vrr activated and xim apex full compatible
also for fps it's the best platform with a pc display.
Just ordered a XBSX, but I bought a 28" 4K HDMI 2.1 144hz monitor in June, so what now no1440p for me? :-[

the best things about new consoles are things PC users experienced years ago? sounds about right lmao
I'm getting a new PC as well, all parts picked, except video card, waiting on 3080 ti, and of course the 5950x CPU that I want is not in stock.   And HDMI 2.1 monitors, god knows when they'll be available.   The draw for PS5 will start on Dec 3, but I seriously doubt my chance of getting one this year.  So looks like more waiting.

I envy those of you that already have a next gen console.  I want a PS5 so bad but Sony only have 600 units in so they're making us register for lucky draw for a chance to buy it.  There are millions of us but only 600 PS5, LOL.

Game Support / Re: Where is the cold War official config?
« on: 09:23 AM - 11/26/20 »
So is the ST being trained on the XSX and Last Gen consoles?  I'm not sure if the 120fps makes the look mechanic different but it is smoother.  Not in a rush just curious whats going on with these new consoles in play now.  (I know PS5 will probably be a minute before its supported.)
I don't think it makes the look mechanic different.  I've tried the same PS4 ST on both PC and PS4 version of the game, and it feels smoother on PC.

Game Support / Re: Xim Apex on PC, Xbox Serie X
« on: 09:36 AM - 11/25/20 »
I think it depends on the controller you use?  I play on PC with the Dualshock 4 and I use the PS4 ST which works fine.

Game Support / Re: Cold War: Native vs Xim
« on: 05:06 AM - 11/21/20 »
The aim assist is so @#$% strong on Cold War and the strafe speed is pretty slow, so everyone is beaming with a controller. You're almost disadvantaging yourself by going native against controller players on console.
I thought you would only be matched with other people using k&m unless you change the settings?

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