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Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 05:06 PM - 01/15/14 »
Just loaded pot version 8 and the left stick still does the same, starts off top left corner and when I move it around it's pulling back to that corner, and when I release my thumb from the left stick it flicks back to that same top left corner, but now when I push the left stick down I have the button now show up in joy.cpl :o when it did not before, everything else now works except that left stick, Weird.

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 04:32 PM - 01/15/14 »

I think it's superb feels real smooth and peeps get dropped.

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 02:28 PM - 01/15/14 »
There you go Roads,

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 06:23 AM - 01/15/14 »
Long story short, I have a device which is working perfectly and now my kid has decided to jump on board the ps4 W11cE bandwagon, so I've put him together a device aswell, I'm using 4151 mcp and I've followed the schematics to a T from page 8 of this thread, I'm ising pot version 7 because version 8 I started to have difficulties with , so I've flashed teensy and that was fine I've calibrated the modded controller and that worked out fine, I've then gone to joy.cpl to calibrate the controller and everything is good apart from the y/x axis it stays in the top left corner, I can pull it about to top left middle and bottom left but it does not get to top right, right right and bottom right, but once I release my finger from the stick it pings straight back to top left and stays there, also if I push the left stick down there's no input in joy.cpl every other button trigger and right stick works fine but not the left stick. I have rechecked the soldering and connections and all looks fine, is there a solution to my problem, is this a software issue with the uncomments or something simple I've missed.

Ballistic Curves are a feature of the XIM Edge.  They allow you to apply a 100% custom acceleration curve to a Smart Translator.  You have the ability to edit the acceleration at any given value of stick deflection.  Very very powerful.

True words right there, Ballistic curves are pure sex.

Works for me!

BTW, what did Trenth eat for breakfast and how do I avoid giving it to my children? 


Something from that dungeon he raided i suppose.

Release Candidates / Re: Suggestion for the XIM4
« on: 04:29 PM - 01/07/14 »
I just play the Edge on the PS4 with the W11ce device and I see how unfinished the switchers are. I set up a menu switcher to have Triangle Circle and so on always on the same button on the mouse no matter what game so if it says press square I dont have to look for it. Its temporary hold. Then I have the Tank config that I set on temporary toggle. Now one would think temporary toggle would bring you back to the config you left, your main config. No way, if you use any other temporary config you will be stuck toggling that one.
I hope with the XIM4 we will not see stuff like this 2 years after release.


Can't be having that, @#$% up gameplay, Roads do you think this would also apply to the xim3 switchers ?. But I never had that problem while mapping 3 different settings with the xim3 (ie) soldier mode, vehicle mode and jet, as it worked like this, i pressed f on keyboard while on foot to enter vehicle, f was bind to switch to vehicle config, and when i wanted to leave the vehicle I would press e which in return was bind to my normal config.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 PS4
« on: 02:26 AM - 01/07/14 »
i don't know if it can help but here is a thing I found to be usefull in my opinion.


I strongly recommend that anyone who has been following this discussion avoid clicking on that link. You will just groan loudly when you see what it is.

Sorry Monsieuremile - no use. :)

Aaaaaahhhhh too late, clicked the link and then realised, then came back to xim read your post and chuckled.

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 11:32 AM - 01/05/14 »
Thank you Roads, much appreciated bro.

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 10:41 AM - 01/05/14 »
Yeah sorry Roads my bad, I meant the 8.2 resistors, did you do away with them with the mcp's as well as the connecting wires, as you just ran l2 and r2 wires straight to the teensy ?.

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 09:34 AM - 01/05/14 »

Also KIngAfrica if your floating about in these forums and you could chime in, how comes yours, W11cE and Wurstwaser worked with 8 and Roads did not, still scratching my nugent here as I don't want to @#$% this up again.

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 09:13 AM - 01/05/14 »
So did you not use the 2 4.2 resistors did you remove them with the mcp's aswell ?

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 06:32 AM - 01/05/14 »
Roads so are you running l2 and r2 straight to the teensy without going thru the 2 mcp ?

Tutorials / Re: Tut: USB -> DualShock 4 adapter mod (WIP)
« on: 05:44 AM - 01/05/14 »

Don't fret mate your English is good, so Roads are we only using 6 mcp instead of 8 now? Why is that,

KingAfrica has eight and so does W11cE first original mod, what's the theory here or am I just being Blonde.


Roads love the look of your box of tricks Bang Tidy :).

I will have 3d printer in 2 months (hopefully). I have already decided to do a custom case for xim4 if the regular one does not please my eyes ;)

Lol W11cE, only you would do this, but I bet it would be done right and look great.

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