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XIM 1 Discussions / Re: (PS3) 3.50 firmware = no xim. :/
« on: 12:41 PM - 09/21/10 »


But i still need to know what works with what now ? Im waiting on the edge of a cliff at the mo because 3/4 of my gear is here and the Xim is just around the corner and it aint going to work until or if they re update. Man i work hard and all i want to do is play hard as i did on pc BUT in my last remark of finding a stanley blade and slitting my wrists maybe the lack of tendons from this action will make me a better CONTROLLER / PAD player :o ;D

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: (PS3) 3.50 firmware = no xim. :/
« on: 11:49 AM - 09/21/10 »
@#$% does this also mean the Xim 2 with CBA+ is nothing more than dead space now (ANY CONFIRMATION PLEASE) on the PS3 after the 3.50 update if so man im GUTTED just got back from work and checked my ebay order and the XIM landed on the queens soil yesterday and after forking out 175 plus and 30 for the CBA+ IM NOT going to be a happy bunny need to find a stanly blade and slit my wrists.  :o

PlayStation / Re: Hello All
« on: 11:14 AM - 09/14/10 »
I have a laptop OS XP 2 gig of ram and no other programmes installed on it to lag or slow it down when using the xim. Seems so much easier to use than my gamers rig because i can set up praticly any where in my abode

PlayStation / Re: Hello All
« on: 01:31 PM - 09/13/10 »
Monk wrote
Sorry about the delayed response @ Monk NPS MATE

Any update on how the project is going for you?

Yeah gonna whack the beauty together this weekend because ive got a hard weeks graft at work so a little me time on sat/sun is in order for me to get this thing together, BUT i also took the plunge and bought a Xim2 aswell because im getting greedy LOL.

PlayStation / Re: Hello from the uk
« on: 12:10 PM - 09/13/10 »
Hello lfc5tyms cant recommened anything to you at this present time BUT when i have my xim delivered and get my new gaming set up ie mouse kb ill gladly share tips and tricks with you. But in the meantime ill recommend searching round the forums for what you are after as i am doing because there is a fountain of knowledge floating round here, Also im UK mate and i added you on my ps3 friends list today hopefully see you on the battlefield sometime.

PlayStation / Re: I need friends
« on: 11:34 AM - 09/13/10 »
Forgot to say im UK here but im on most nights after work, And friday nights is a pwn fest for me aswell

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: XIM PS3 working setup and links
« on: 06:00 PM - 09/12/10 »
EERRMM what Fluffy linked peeps too at the start of the post

This is the link to order the ToolStick from mouser.com http://bit.ly/a8lT0e (link is for Canadian orders, but you can change the country at the top  of their page)

Mouser Part #:634-TOOLSTICKSK
Description:MCU, MPU & DSP Development Tools Toolstick StarterKIT ToolstickBA+TlS330DC

Yeah snapped one of those babys today mate, Now just got too play the waiting game  :-\

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Just ordered
« on: 05:30 PM - 09/12/10 »
Sorry Mist forgot to say ill be running xim  on a laptop running xp and nothing else also ill have an xcm cross battle adapter plus to link to my ps3, By the way Mist do you mind if i ask which setup you have and how it runs for your self liking

PlayStation / Re: I need friends
« on: 03:28 PM - 09/12/10 »
Add me as well but im pants at the mo until i get my xim2 up and running for kb/m until then im still using the controller anyways heres my name ill add you guys if thats ok im mainly MW2 BC2 etc etc
ID Phenotype1

XIM 2 Discussions / Just ordered
« on: 02:10 PM - 09/12/10 »
:) Hello folks just ordered my xim360 off ebay from xim tech as im in the uk ive got to wait 10 days or so for delivary which is a going to seem like an eternity anyways the software disc which comes with it IS IT/OR WOULD have all the software for me to get started if not could any of you point me in the right direction or recommend patches/versions for me to have ready until my xim shows up


LOL no mates just a title to break the ice anyways was going to build my own with all the parts i have but now im swaying towards the xim2 just because i have a host of games to combat so im wondering wheres the best place to snap up a xim 2 here me thinks ?

PlayStation / Re: Hello All
« on: 12:24 PM - 09/09/10 »
much appreciated monk id like all the help and info from you experianced bunch of ximmers

Hello mate nice to meet you so from my understanding xim 2 was made specificly for the xbox 360 so was the xim 1 but the xim 1 worked better for the ps3 just by coincidance because of the yobo ?.

PlayStation / Hello All
« on: 03:49 PM - 09/08/10 »
Hello all im new to this ximmer malarky after getting pwned by what sounded like 13 yr olds last week heckling me down their mics on mw2 which was a bitter pill to swallow after changing from pc gaming of over 12yrs of experiance to console, Which prompted me to search the net for keyboard mouse accessories to ps3 which directed me to my light at the end of the tunnel. Ive just recently acquired myself my Starter kit f330, Yobo, and after searching in the loft found my old ps2 controller. So ill be slapping this thing together in the next week or 2 and hope you guys could help me on certain aspects and which software to use because im so late in the game CHEERS

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