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General Discussion / Re: Build / Suggest me a PC! :D
« on: 03:26 PM - 01/15/12 »
Yeah Jibob is right,  the next best thing is always there.  But personally Publix I would wait for Ivy Bridge.

For 1400 you can get a beast of a machine mate,  especially if you build it yourself.

I understand your concern of getting someone else to support it for you but most do not support software which is where 9 out of 10 problems occur.  Pretty much all hardware you buy now has 3 years warranty anyways.
Plus if your PC has a component die in it the company you bought the complete PC off will want the entire PC back leaving you with bugger all.

Why not learn as you go,  PC's are easy to build now and no longer do you have jumpers, dipswitches ect.  Bascially if it dont fit it doesnt go there.

As you have said you don't need it NOW so use that time as a luxury to sit back and see whats going to be the best option for YOU. 

Oh and overclocking is piss easy now since Intel took all the fun bits out :),  literally change a multiplier and vcore does the job 99% of the time.

General Discussion / Re: Computer question
« on: 12:21 PM - 01/13/12 »
Yeah I agree with Jergin on this,  most decent system builders now do laptops as the chassis's are clevo and can support everything alienware do and more.  Laptops with SLI/XFire, raid and 3D screens are much easier to build to spec now.

Are you UK or US?

General Discussion / Re: Build / Suggest me a PC! :D
« on: 12:06 PM - 01/13/12 »
Yes the new ATI 7970 is about the same as 2 x 6950's but doing it this way obviously gives you an upgrade path in the future.

But tell me can you build yourself?

The OcUK H2O coolers are exactly the same as the corsair H60's,  they are made by my last company CoolIT.

For 1400 you could build a much better PC.

General Discussion / Re: Build / Suggest me a PC! :D
« on: 04:12 PM - 01/12/12 »
Publix when are you gonna buy this puppy?

As always new tech is out in April we have just shown off some of the new stuff at CES.

If you can wait til then then i would if not let me know and i'll spec you something.

Are you happy to build yourself?  If not I can get one of my customers to custom build you something we come up with here and do it at a deal price for you ;)

Nice is that rainmeter?

General Discussion / Re: Computer question
« on: 03:41 PM - 01/12/12 »
As Od1n says it depends on what your doing for apps ect.
But gaming depends on the games you play,  most games a decent GPU will surfice but other games (usually large scale games) such as ARMA II for example see massive increases in frame rates with a better cpu.

With a laptop if you can afford to go better then go better :)

General Discussion / Re: G500 Problem!!!
« on: 11:18 AM - 12/30/11 »
yeah took me a while to find the button below the mouse wheel,  now use it every day.  I have it on click..click mode when gaming but use it in spin mode for those long pages you need to scroll through :)

Playstation / Re: Thinking of buying the XIM3 for BF3
« on: 03:08 PM - 12/23/11 »
I agree xim2 was my best gaming purchase....then xim3 came out and that took poll position :)
All i play at the moment is BF3 and its great,  I have sniper headshots over 1000m and find it easy.

hmmm not really sure what i should be doing with this software.
Any ideas?

thanks mate i'll post the logs up here for K60 and k90 when i get a few mins.

lachesis has always been ambi I believe.

Have you checked to make sure its compatible on the hardware compatibility thread?

Edit - Just checked and K200 is on there.  Have you tried the keyboard to make sure its not faulty?
have you put the keyboard in the preferred keyboard port?

added myself,  UK - xbox

Od1n do you have the app to get the USB protocol off?

I can do that and post them here for him if it helps speed this up.

General Discussion / Re: need some wireless network help
« on: 02:26 PM - 12/07/11 »
with the speeds your getting it sounds like your getting 54G,  which is 54Mb/s which roughly equates to what your getting.

pings will always be slightly higher on wireless as its obviously slower than wired.

To improve things set your wireless adapters to only use the "N" standard.
Set your wireless router to use the "N" standard.

Also try swapping channels as sometimes other devices can affect the wireless signal if the frequency is close,  such as wireless house phones ect.

Best solution in my opinion is to get home plugs and wire everything you possibly can.  Everything is wired in my house except laptops and things that move.

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