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Configurations and Requests / XIM3 Config Spreadsheet
« on: 02:36 AM - 03/22/11 »
Ok so it seems no one came back to me with there Google accounts except Don for the sticky in this thread.
So can anyone who wants to maintain it please give me there google account email addy and help share the responsibility of maintaining the xim3 configs spreadsheet.

Also i'm probably going to do a new sheet based on the amount of changes that have happend to ST's and the firmware.  So tell me what you want and i'll get it done.

I can make this stuff but due to work commitments and family i can't always maintain it thats your guys job :)

Smart Translators / Homefront ST feedback
« on: 04:39 PM - 03/21/11 »
I have the latest beta firmware and put the Homefront ST on today to have a play.  It feels much better than any other ST and much better than my standard translator.  However it seems to need loads of sensitivity.

Im running Primary 30 secondary 70 with my G500 @ 5700dpi.
Game is maxed.
Can anyone else confirm if they too are using this high a sense.

I still feel as if my ADS is slow and my Primary could go up a bit more but its my first night of testing.

Just curious as COD and BF need a lot less.

Ok so i have captured some homefront footage but i have no audio?

I have my xbox/BM setup like this:

Xbox to 2 way HDMI splitter
Output 1 on HDMI splitter to monitor/KVM with a DVI converter.
Output 2 to BM shuttle.

Optical out to astro mixamp.

Does using optical out kill the audio from the HDMI???

Smart Translators / New Games And Smart Translators?
« on: 09:11 AM - 03/15/11 »
Ok so the forum looks like every man and his dog is requesting a Smart Translator for new and old games.
Now we have a thread which is perfect for requesting already published games.

However we need some clarification on how and when new games will be prioritized.

As for me this month there is only 2 games worthy of a Smart Translator coming out (Homefront, Crysis 2).
This doesnt mean there are not any others that others would want.

But how will these new games be dealt with Obsiv?

Should be expect new titles to have a ST after 48hrs of release?
Do you have anything setup so you are pre-ordering the correct games?
Do you need us to do anything to make you more aware of up and coming titles?


Release Candidates / Change log
« on: 08:20 AM - 03/15/11 »

Can we get a change log?
I have been away a bit recently and im jumping on looking and seeing the same changes implemented in new RC releases.

I dont know if they have been improved further or if your just listing stuff from the previous RC's.

Just a usual change log would be nice.


Configurations and Requests / Quick test of DPI Calculator
« on: 10:43 AM - 02/21/11 »
Hi Guys,

Juncti wanted to see a DPI calculator to work out someone using a DPI of XXXX uses a Sensitivity of Y in a game.  so what if another users has a similar play style but has a different DPI.

Can you guys test this for me,  just input the details into the pink cells for test1 and 2 and let me know which one matches the closest.



Hardware Compatibility / G19 And Aten CS62DU KVM Confirmed
« on: 08:43 AM - 02/21/11 »
Ok so i can confirm they work however the weird thing is i tried the G19 direct into the Xim and it works but with no backlight.  Then into the KVM and into the xim and the back light now works.
gets additional power from the PC also.
The G19 uses USB for data and key back lighting and the additional power cable is for the LCD.

This shows that there is not enough power via xim to provide the back lighting so im going to get an AC adapter and try it with that as long term i dont want the KVM to switch my peripherals as i want to be able to do those separately so i can still see my game while working on PC for capturing and other stuff.

Release Candidates / XIM Flash Ideas
« on: 07:24 AM - 02/21/11 »
Could we make it so XIM Flash searches for updated firmware as well as New and updated Smarts?
I mean more like a logitech or similar product so we dont need to download a new version of something,  instead we go into ximflash and it tells us of any updates of either ST's or Firmware.

Just makes the product more user friendly, i dont personally need that but it makes sense from a support/after sales side.

Also is it possible to backup our sensitivity and button layouts for our configs?
It would be really nice if we could have a XIM app that checks for updates,  saves configs (button layout/sens/switches on smart's and all config on standards).

Also a cool feature would be to be able to do our button configs sens and profile switches via our pc's if we wanted to.  And if you wanted to be really cool then you could have the app know all the standard layouts of common games.  So like the xim2 software you have a pretty picture of the controller with a edittable box to put your keyboard/mouse bind in,  but also a 2 drop downs one for game the other for layout that you select the game and layout your using and it shows what the button does in game on the controller,  like X=Reload, RB= Grenades.

This would be very cool :) 

Release Candidates / Lets get a bit more scientific
« on: 07:10 AM - 02/19/11 »
Ok so im testing acceleration like three wheels showed us.  To make it easier if you have a logitech set it to 1 dpi level and set the x axis to 5700 dpi or max and set the minim on the y axis.

This will make our results more accurate as diagonal movements will be concentrated toward X axis movement.  A diagonal line is not the same as a horizontal :)

I have tested this way and it seems pretty tight although there still seems to be a little acceleration but only at high speed.  Maybe the top end of the acceleration needs to be tweaked?

Obsiv is there anyway you could record your mouses input so the turns can be replicated in a more consistent manner?

I'm thinking of maybe hooking up my xim2 and using AHK to get a consistent test at variable speeds.
Do you think this would be a better approach as everyone seems to have there own opinions and feel on the matter.

Hardware Compatibility / Quick Question For Orbital
« on: 07:08 AM - 02/12/11 »
Hi Orbital,

First of thanks for your rapid response to peoples requests,  this will make a huge difference to the sales of xim3 knowing that support is just a forum post away.

Now the technical bit,  Im guessing that the xim has say 512kb of memory for which it store the drivers and OS.  Obviously that is a limited amount to work with so im guessing its a case of having 1 modified generic driver configured for all scenario's rather than multiple "separate" drivers.  But at what point do you think you will hit the limit if ever?  I know this is a bit of a finger in the air question as some devices will require more code/space and others only a slight addition in code to work.

So if you do get to the limit what will happen?  Will be able to download individual drivers or maybe it could be incorporated into ximflash?

Or is this something that as yet is not in sight, so hasn't been thought about at this early stage?

This is one for OBsIV or Orbital. 

I know at the moment users are setting up mice through there software to run at a polling rate of 1000. 

Is this the right thing to do as if the xim is capped at say 125 then does this 1000 polling rate use more xim power or will it limit the mouse's requests?

Its just on a PC setting the polling rate means more cpu usage taken away from doing other tasks,  with the xim not being a computer this could in theory be detrimental to the way its supposed to work.

Configurations and Requests / XIM3 Configs and Requests
« on: 05:44 AM - 02/10/11 »
Hi Guys,

I have made a google docs sheet so you can all see the settings others are using in standard or smart translators.  I am also working on creating a xim2 to xim3 calculator although i dont know if there is any standard forumla that will make this work due to update rates.  I'm waiting for OBsIV to see if this could be possible.

In the mean time please request/post you configs a new topic and if they are deemed worthy another they will be made or added to this spreadsheet.


As the title says and hopefully this will help the time pass and stop a bit of moaning.

I have to say the best game i got into was Soldier of Fortune 2.  OK so the graphics aint much to look at now but the game play was awesome, it had a big community of modders and is actually still going albeit its a very small community now.

I actually still play it and went 79-3 or something the other day :D

Smart Translators / Official Smart Translator Question
« on: 07:33 AM - 02/07/11 »
Obsiv can you confirm if the ST's for the COD series are identical or are infact different.
This would save most of us 1 or 2 ST spaces.

Thank you :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Shipping Status key
« on: 12:24 PM - 02/05/11 »
OMGsus or Obsiv do you think you could get sticky up explaining what the store statuses mean.  This may help stop a thousand posts on asking.

Im currently on New still and tbh i dont know what that means as its been like that since i ordered around 24hrs ago.

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