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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Higt dpi , less AA question
« on: 07:48 AM - 11/10/18 »
They suggest using the max your mouse allows.  However it's really a personal choice.  The question is how does it feel for you with your play style.  There will be games you like say at 12k and other games you like better at 3200 dpi. 

However if it's a aim assist thing going with a high dpi will be better. Also  you might want a hard pad like the G440 which pairs well with your mouse.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 16k dpi g502 hero , problem
« on: 01:54 PM - 11/08/18 »
you try using some smoothing?  You using a hard or soft pad?  Have you tried it as 12k dpi or 4k or 3200 dpi?   

I have the G440 (Hard) and these cloth pads Qck+ Limited, Puretrak Talent and G240.  For Call of Duty games I like using a hard pad as I need that speed to fight off that nasty aim assist.   For games like PubG and Battlefield I actually like the control of Cloth better.

I mice I have are the G502, G403 and Rival 600.

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 07:07 AM - 11/07/18 »
Educate yourself - https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=51992.0

There's another bigger topic on the origins of SA in the Xim4 forums, if you care to look.
I don't use SA.
I don't use AA.

I alrdy stated I was not aware of Setting options for B04.
Maybe you are FORCED to use AA. Maybe not. Idk

I explained WHY you should not. Even if you DO want to use such.
Doesn't sound like you are "cutting through the AA" as much as Controller can.
Which was the whole point of me adding my comment quoting yourself.

XIM can run circles around a Controller using AA.
The best Controller players will run circles around XIM using AA.
Which is why Controller is #1 in Top 500 because XIM using AA is NOT #1 in
"cutting through the AA"

Controller is fastest but Inaccurate using AA.
XIM is beat by speed using AA. Unless you don't use AA.
Then XIM beats Controller 100%.


General Discussion / Re: xim 4 downloads question
« on: 10:52 AM - 11/06/18 »
i ordered the xim4 should be coming next week tuesday dec 6. so my question is once my xim4 arrives and hooked up to the pc do i immediately dowloand the latest firmware such as the xim4 manager 20160405 for pc and ios or just the pc or ios or both?. fyi i have the xbox one s

Dude you living in the future? Next Tuesday is December 6th?  Yo could you possibly get my the Powerball and Mega Millions numbers for all of November?  I will split the winnings with you.

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 10:48 AM - 11/06/18 »
Kind of happy I didn't  sell my Xim 4.

Lol, same, I still haven't purchased the APEX... don't see the point tbh, I only play Overwatch and now BOPS 4, nobody seems to be able to get the APEX working well enough on Overwatch, and BOPS4 the XIM4 is just as good as APEX or better by the sounds of it.

I finally got my Apex like 2 months ago.  My setup with the Apex for BO4 works great but I actually think I'm getting a bit more performance from the Xim 4 with BO4.  For other games I like the Apex better.

Game Support / Re: PUBG
« on: 10:36 AM - 11/06/18 »
The new translator has already been launched. But the recommended game settings have not been updated on the site.

Hopefully Mist can advise us on this. Quick somebody send up the "Mist" Symbol.

When I used my G502 I didn't use the additional weights.  I like my mouse as light as possible. Same goes for my G403 and Rival 600 all have additional weights but I don't use them.

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 07:51 AM - 11/06/18 »
Kind of happy I didn't  sell my Xim 4. 

Game Support / Re: PUBG
« on: 04:55 PM - 11/05/18 »
The new STs feel great. When this becomes available an announcement will be made here in game support and on our twitter @TeamXIM. Sorry, I don't have an ETA for release.

Obsiv, Is there an ETA for the next XIM APEX update? We are all looking forward to testing the new ST of PUBG that Mist4fun has prepared for us! This time with the trained ADS.

Yes, it will be added -- likely tonight, sorry for the delay. It just takes a lot of testing to ensure when new game DBs go out to everyone nothing will break.


General Discussion / Re: XIM with a hard mouse pad?
« on: 07:17 AM - 11/05/18 »
You get jitter using a low dpi and a cloth pad?  Try lowering your polling rate to 500hz on both the mouse and Apex to see if that helps any.

General Discussion / Re: New jitter mod in bo4
« on: 07:13 AM - 11/05/18 »
If you need to cheat at a video game you a lame

Support / Re: my xim
« on: 12:46 PM - 11/04/18 »
a few months ago my xim was running perfectly. now ive tested everything looked at xim help mouse stutter help everything my my mouse in overwatch is not accurate i goes much further then i drag the mouse. i cant do any fast movements couse the mouse makes everythinh slow and i hate it is there any fix or do i have to buy a new xim?

Slow down for a second here.  Why not list your setup so people can see what your using. 

Game Support / Re: PUBG
« on: 12:45 PM - 11/04/18 »
ST is complete and will be in the next update. Oh, and ADS is now properly supported.

You sir are a fine man  ;D

Game Support / Re: PUBG new ST needed.
« on: 08:48 AM - 11/03/18 »
Mist is working on the ST.  So hopefully soon we will have something that works with all the changes.

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