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General Discussion / Re: Road Rage and Fist Fights
« on: 01:21 AM - 02/21/14 »
Happened enough that I'm glad where I'm at public transportation is very accessible, way easier, and cheaper than taking the car to work.

General Discussion / New Tony Hawk game
« on: 01:08 AM - 02/21/14 »
Rumor is there's a new Tony Hawk game in the making. Once in a while THPS does resurface in my mind and leaves me with the void from not having had a good one in forever. I really hope they they go back to the basics and focus on good map design rather than throwing in a bunch of pointless @#$% you have to collect or messing with the level design yourself or stupid tasks to do.

General Discussion / Re: COD Ghosts patch today (02/20/14)
« on: 01:05 AM - 02/21/14 »
Only thing you can do is support games that don't do this sort of thing and avoid games that do. In the case of COD: Ghosts the game itself makes it very easy to avoid. On the flip side Battlefield 4 had enough content on the disk that you definitely don't feel ripped off (especially if you haven't played BF3) and Guerrilla are giving away free maps for Shadow Fall.



To put this in perspective:

1) they hit their march 30 sales target at the beginning of February.
2) it is selling faster than the Wii did when it was lunched
3) still not for sale in Japan.


It is understandable, superior performance specs for less money, word of mouth... err text travels fast on the Internet.

So many people left the 360 and jumped ship to Sony for next gen.

They went about it the right way from the get go and the people are responding with their wallets.

The funny part is people called Microsoft forward thinking by focusing on and propping up a dying medium with the Xbox 1. While at the time nobody gave much importance to how Sony put so much emphasis on being friendly to self-published and indie developers. Yet now, with the kickstarter scene, CliffyB's comments, and what's going on with Irrational you're starting to feel a change in the games industry. I know that eventually one of Microsofts 180's was to open up to indie devs but again, it was in response to what Sony had been doing and not from their ability to gauge what's going on.


Though, PS4 was the most plug and play electronic I've used possibly since the 360.

General Discussion / FFXIV official M&K support
« on: 03:56 PM - 02/12/14 »

Final Fantasy XIV will support M&K on PS4. I'm wondering if this is any M&K or if it's only bluetooth.

General Discussion / Re: Breaking Bad
« on: 08:22 PM - 02/07/14 »
How Brian Cranston got the role:


General Discussion / Re: Destiny Info
« on: 07:52 PM - 02/07/14 »
thanks, im really looking forward to destiny

actually much more than to titanfall, which does get a lot of justified good press articles, but imo destiny and the division are the games that are going to having the impact on 2014s console shooters
although i doubt the division will make it in 2014, looks like a 2015 release to me

Been reading up on some of these games. Apparently, The Division has been delayed to 2015. It's being developed with the help of Reflections who are also working on Watchdogs and who helped with Far Cry 3. Watch Dogs even started out as a Driver reboot.

they should micro transactions the new maps they create and sell each map separately, this way the community can just ignore the @#$% ones.

while that would be nice, it would make for a matchmaking nightmare online.  there'd be almost no way to get into a lobby where everyone had the same maps, and it would divide the payerbase even more than it does now with the 2-3 different map packs for each game.

Jeeze, what ever happened to the maps being FREE???    I think I'd rather have free maps, so there is one large player base, and then have other little things cost money, like weapon upgrades, uniforms, and different weapons.  Maybe even halve the number of weapons you get in the base game, and make the other half bonus weapons.

That's why I hate DLC map packs, it @#$% up the matchmaking especially when there is 2-4 of the map packs out. Way too many variables. Just makes huge divides in the playerbase.

True. At least MW3 let you turn off DLC so you can actually find more than two lobbies of players. BO2 made you delete it even if you might want to play those maps offline.

I imagine it's Treyarch's year next. Why don't they just say "@#$% it, let's give Raven a COD" while they're at it. Personally, I'm hoping Destiny will be enough shooter until The Division or whatever the next big non-COD thing is.

General Discussion / Re: EA or Activision?
« on: 11:00 PM - 02/04/14 »
Wow, that was a while back. I actually really like BF4 and hated Ghosts. I think BF4 fixed nearly everything that was wrong with BF3. It might have technical issues but if you don't expect a Battlefield game to be broken for the first half year then you haven't been playing BF for very long.

Playing this on PS4. The game does look great (mostly). But the controls, especially the aiming mechanic, are horrible. Max sensitivity is so slow and the aim assist so high that I can't see how this would be playable with xim. I am enjoying SP but Multiplayer is some of the worst I've played in a long time.

I'm getting this game either way but that looked like it would make for really fun multiplayer.

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