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Configurations and Requests / Logitech G9 3200 DPI COD4
« on: 07:47 PM - 02/27/08 »
Subject: COD4

Game sensitivity set to INSANE.

Game: COD4
Mouse DPI: 3200
Mouse Dead Zone:0
Mouse Update Frequency:1
Dead Zone: 23
Dead Zone Type: Circular
Y/X Ratio: 2.0
Translation Exponent: 0.40
Sensitivity Primary: 5.50
Sensitivity Secondary: 6.50
Comments: I just started using XIM and these are my settings.  I also use setting in Logitech SetPoint.
Speed is set to 1, acceleration is set to 1, Polling rate is set to 1000.  I am not very good with this kind of stuff but this seems to work for me.

If anyone see something wrong or  has some suggestions for movement on some of the numbers let me know what I could gain from adjusting.

I bound crouch to the mouse scroll down wheel but my guy only crouches even if I scroll down again. 


Does the official MS controller model # X803238-007 work w/ the XFPS sniper?

I know the newer # X811616-005 does NOT.


I bought a brand new XBOX 360 controller from game stop and it works with my sniper.  Serial number X811616-005.  If you need pictures of the inside of an XBOX controller go to shoryuken.com.  Those guys make arcade sticks with XBox controllers.  I am not sure that this is what you are talking about though.

Link works for me everytime.

I fixed it, bad connection on a solder joint.

I also tested all of the keys inside the XIM software, they register correctly on the XBOX controller interface screen.

One other thing I noticed, I tested port 1.1 on the daughter card with pin #1 on the PS2 controller and I never recieved a beep for connection.  The solder looks good to me, what could this be?  I read that the 362 daughter card had a faulty 1.1 port but the card I have is a 330.  I also read that 330 daughter cards have 4 rows of ports, this 330 I have only has 3 rows, including the row for the ground.

I was going about my business, mapping buttons to the keyboard, "all" the functions worked fine.  I went to pick up the xbox controller and move the left stick and nothing happend.  Everything basically froze on the controller.  Now when I reboot everything, and then hook the XIM back up to the XFPS, the options on the screen cycle down without me touching anything.  If I hook up the XIM during a game of COD4 the screen rotates and never stops.   This is sad, I was at the point of setting the sensitivity levels for the mouse, just getting ready to play, this sucks.

General Discussion / Re: Weapon of Choice
« on: 01:34 PM - 02/25/08 »
Wow, that is nice!

General Discussion / Re: Weapon of Choice
« on: 01:18 PM - 02/25/08 »
Thats a pretty big keyboard thats not going to be used for much other than 10-15 keys.  I bought a zboard fang, its alot smaller, but probably not  "sexy" as you put it, but it fits on anything and my fingers don't get lost.  There are lots of other smaller type keyboards other than the fang.

Technical Support / Re: Logitech G9 problems with XFPS
« on: 06:40 PM - 02/22/08 »
Could I get the G9 to work with a XIM?  I notice alot of stutter when I use the mouse I have now, will the XIM change that?

Technical Support / Logitech G9 problems with XFPS
« on: 01:08 PM - 02/22/08 »
Anybody ever get a logitech G9 to work with just the XFPS Sniper?  Mine kinda works but instead of my aim moving when I move the mouse, the weapon changes when I move the mouse.  It also seems as if when I mouse wheel scroll the cross hairs move up and down.  Any suggestions?   

General Discussion / Re: Xim 2
« on: 03:01 AM - 02/22/08 »
How soon will the XIM2 be out?  I ordered a Sniper the other day because I was not aware there would be a new XIM coming out.  I am tired of getting owned in COD4 and would like to do some owning of my own.  If its going to be like 2-4 weeks I will just start using the sniper and an XIM1.  I have some free time right now and would like to own in COD4. 

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