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General Discussion / Leaning in Ghosts?
« on: 06:07 PM - 11/05/13 »
How do you do it?  I can't seem to get it to work...

General Discussion / Re: COD: Ghost
« on: 05:14 PM - 11/05/13 »
I kinda like the game but the terrible spawns just destroy anything that is enjoyable about the game.  There is nothing like killing someone only to have them spawn somewhere along your path and shoot you in the side 5 seconds later. 

The maps are really big and campy and IMO there is just too much going on.

The bots are stupid and basically cheat.  I have had bots shoot me from across the map through a wall with out ever seeing me!  @#$%!  I can't wait to get my capture card back up again so I can record some of this BS. 

I hope the PC nex gen versions are so graphically impressive that it will retain my interests.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One and PlayStation 4
« on: 05:33 AM - 10/31/13 »
This sucks, I can't believe xbox one is upscaling Ghosts.  The I saw the Battlefield comparison between both consoles and clearly xbox one has a lot of aliasing issue. This really sucks!  All my friends play on xbox so now I am torn!

Thank you for info....

The other thing that is really not cool about this situation is this....

I wont even buy a nex gen system if I know XIM won't work or there wont be a fast "1 week" firmware update.  I will skip nex gen system this holiday season and wait until next year.  The only game I want to play is nex gen COD so I will probably get an r9 290x and play Ghosts on PC.  So the sooner you can clear this up the better so I can cancel my Xbox one pre-order and get a new graphics card.  If you want me to pay you for a firmware update; fine!  I will pay you as much as I paid for my XIM3, just dont make me wait 2-3 months to get your product out.  I seriously dont want a xbox one collecting dustover here.

I am still not sure why everyone is so hype about titan fall.  I think its the urge to hate on COD and dethrone that game. 

So are you going to try to make firmware update or new hardware?

If you can't firmware the current xim3 your new hardware will not be here for quite some time.  Obsiv, I have been here since xim1 and yoy have never been quick to get anything to the market....just sayin.  although I hope it is not true...

If you wanna play nex gen Ghosts you should probably buy a nice graphics card for your PC because xim for nex gen will be slow as molasses.  Besides that you can play the better version of Battlefield too...

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xim3 and mw3
« on: 01:26 AM - 01/02/12 »
Welcome to MW3, nobody could really tell you what your issue is due to the full 1.5 second lag in the game, lol.   Anyways, get together with a group of really good players that are from you immediate area, that should help.  I only game with people from New Jersey, it keeps the lag down.

You can add me if you like, XBL id is    I SmokeWagon I     I don't like losing.......at all.

General Discussion / Re: Unbearable MW3 Lag - Help Any1?
« on: 06:26 PM - 11/26/11 »
Its a terrible game from a lag perspective.  The matchmaking is a joke, I spent some time tracing ip addresses that connected to me and to have someone with a 120ms ping connect to me, and then handicap me for it, is a joke. 

I will never buy another COD title ever again, at this point the game is just a scam with a big name, that has not lived up to its name in a long time.   

I am done with xbox live too, going back to PC, consoles are garbage. 

MW3 is just like MW2 only the lag/delay is like Black OPs lag.  Pretty sloppy job of a game if you ask me.  Noob tubes suck because they don't kill anyone.  Why have blast shield if tubes don't kill? 

They used some of the same titles and emblems, that it totally lame.  They are just milking the consumer at this point.

General Discussion / Re: MW3 frustrations!
« on: 02:20 PM - 11/11/11 »
This was a minor problem in MW2 but it got a lot bigger in black ops and is pretty much the same in MW3.  Their client side prediction is of and so is their synchronization. 

Give me my money back obsiv, stand by your product if it is so superior.   

I am not going to use another product because frankly none of these products work and that includes yours.  It works great for the COD series but after that.....fail.

I just move on to what the m/k was originally used for, the PC.

Obsiv gimps the product because he thinks one day his device will become main stream on console and if the XIM is gimped, the XIM will be looked at as a legitimate control device because cheating, "MACROS" are not available.    Obsiv can't make the g13 work because that would mean taking the g13 out of the default mode, which he can't do.

Wow, I don't understand where all this rage is coming from? Why do you believe we can't get the G13 out of what you call "default mode"? We could make the G13 look like a RB Guitar Controller if we wanted to. Making the G13's stick show up as buttons isn't hard. What you are failing to understand is that a request like this is low priority because you are in the minority. The G13's capable of *analog* and a lot of people like it that it's *analog*. The N52te is what you should use if you want digital. The G13's joystick mode (which we chose) was clearly stated before you made your purchase.

You've been with us awhile now, evm, what's this all about?

I never read anything about the G13 only having analog mode.  Matter of fact, I never read anything about you gimping peoples control devices for your own good....financially.   Now I understand you want the entire gaming community to accept your device as legit, so you can benefit from it financially.   Had I read that you would lock me out of my own device "keyboard", I would have never purchased your product. 

Although I do remember the hype machine about XIM3 for two years and the failed product launch.
You took MONTHS to add dual button support. 

I am not going to shell out another $80.00 on another keyboard because of your inability to  support  your $150.00 product and it is insulting you would even suggest that I use my own money to buy another keyboard because your support sucks. 

Your idea of this device has changed from a hobby to a business and you are f'ing over the people that were here first.  That is fine, you have every right to make money, I just wish I had known before I purchased XIM3. 

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