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This is a glitch my friend found and asked me to record let me know what you think

yeah i kinda agree with roads id wait for the announcement..unless u need a gaming mouse..cause if u need a gaming mouse it is pretty good completely mappable buttons 1600 dpi on the fly dpi adjustment on pc so its w/e u think man..depends on ur needs..yeah the wireless sucks on it ur gonna need ur dongle close..but if u have the dongle close its not like its gonna be Worst then a wired lol as long as u keep it on ur surface..up to u man

well when i have the dongle right beside of me like in the video rf isnt That big of a problem..once i find out the price of xim3 and if it is going to work with my scorch or not then i might buy a wired gaming mouse..but till then im going to avoid spending a whole lot lol...the money i got for the scorch was from doing a bunch of offers on a gpt site one day when i was bored..thats how i got the money for it.

thanks for the feedback and yes i agree with you paul the wireless part of it is a joke as u can see in the video i have my dongle right beside my play surface if i dont keep it right there i get a @#$% load of interference..anyway im hopping for firmware updates that will make it better..probably wont happen but i hope so..even if it doesnt it works fine for me for now and ive got a nice gaming mouse out of it for use with xim3 hopefully if nothing else

ohhh nvm my bad i didnt read your post right im sorry lol i thought u ment there wont be support on the xim 3 for the xscorch lol sorry i dont know what i was thinking

ohh well @#$% that sucks..well i wont be buying if he doesnt i cant afford to buy another gaming mouse

ohh btw please no flaming im just providing a review and an option for others who are like me and dont own a high dpi mouse...

here it is im sure its not as good as xim 1 even but u gotta keep in mind i didnt even own a gaming mouse prior to purchasing..this was 80 bucks and has the nice mappable buttons and @#$% i would have spent 50 on a logitech mx518 so whats the little extra for the nunchuck and xbox compatibility..i just hope obsiv adds xim3 support for this mouse.

part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaYPAsxSG98

part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeLpLf6Ah_4

Xbox / Re: xscorch???
« on: 08:40 PM - 05/08/10 »
alright ill probably just end up waiting for the xim 3. thanks alot

Xbox / Re: xscorch???
« on: 07:57 PM - 05/08/10 »
well the company that sells the toolstick are out atm but they get more in on the 22nd i called and asked them..the thing is do u need a gaming mouse to get the full experience with either xim??cause i dont own a mouse with really high dpi...im a pc gamer at heart i started out on pc but when it came down to it 250 bucks was way cheaper then 500 for a decent gaming rig so i went 360...like are the cons of xfps and this bannco product really that noticeable??cause i know people like to blow things out of proportion sometimes..and some people dont have the same amount of patients as i do to get things to work....having said that lol is there any word on a release date for the xim 3 and what the price will be

Xbox / xscorch???
« on: 07:26 PM - 05/08/10 »
i was just wondering if anyone here has tryed the xscorch http://bannco.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=105&Itemid=53  i dont have 180 bucks to spend on xim2.and xfps ive heard suck..i could make a xim but idk if i trust my soldering ability's  enough to do it...plus with shipping and all it would probably work out to be around the same price as the xscorch witch is 75..ohh and xsorch will have wired mic support in the new firmware update so thats a big plus for me..what are your guys opinion on the subject?

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: question about the tool stick
« on: 02:47 PM - 05/06/10 »
anyone know??they dont have the other in stock..and i really want to build a xim lol

XIM 1 Discussions / question about the tool stick
« on: 03:53 AM - 05/06/10 »
will this one work i think its just the updated version of the toolstick idk..its got a higher number.... the one everyone else uses is like 330 this one is 700 so im just curious if i could use this one instead http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Silicon-Labs/TOOLSTICK700DC/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMuDGvNOpmBhkTzuC0lJz%2fyC

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