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XIM 3 Discussions / xbox gaming on the go..need help
« on: 07:47 PM - 09/16/12 »
So I had this idea and I wanted to ask you guys if u thought there was anyway I could do it maybe with the transfer cable or something..I have this app in my nexus 7 called kainy and it let's u view our PC screen from anywhere and even map out controls so u can game when our not home...I have a capture card so I'm wondering is there anyway I could control my Xbox through my PC with just the xim3 I realize this is would probably be possible with the xim2 but idk about the xim3..basically the setup would be Xbox connected to PC then capture software to watch my Xbox then kainy to view it all then maybe the xim plugged into the PC to let the PC have control over the Xbox.. any thoughts??is this impossible or do u guys think there is a way out could be done?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: WTH did I do to my Skyrim??
« on: 10:57 AM - 06/06/12 »
check your xbox settings in preferences press your guide button and check in there because they have some control options..idk what the options are i dont have my xbox with me currently but that might be one of the options is southpaw sticks..if it is just switch it and u should be fine

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xim3 on android devices
« on: 10:12 AM - 06/06/12 »
also if anyone is interested and would like a tutorial when i pick up my transformer sometime this week let me know and ill upload one to youtube explaining what apps you need and how to set it up

go with the g500 i dont personally own one but it has higher dpi then the death adder..now if the question was g500 or naga i would probably say naga but i just like the ability to have my reload and jump just a thumb press away plus its 5600 dpi.. ive thought about switching to a g500 for the macro functionality because i like to be a dick sometimes and cheat...lol but i decided it wasnt worth loosing all my buttons

XIM 3 Discussions / xim3 on android devices
« on: 09:07 AM - 06/06/12 »
im buying a tablet from a friend of mine a Asus transformer..if any of you are fans of android then you probably would agree that it kicks the ipads @#$%..lol anyway there is a way if you are rooted to use a xbox 360 controller or ps3 six axis controller on any android game..ideally the first person shooters such as modern combat and nova..i havent tested it yet because i dont have my tablet yet but i see no reason why xim wouldn't work...just to be clear there is a way to use a mouse in a bit of a work around using the same app that the six axis and xbox controllers use But there arent any deadzone adjustments or anything i dont think..anyway i just thought id inform everyone of this im sure there are some people who would like to play modern combat but cant get past the horrible touch screen controls..xD it would be awesome if the online severs get overrun by xim users :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: nexuiz movement question
« on: 07:35 PM - 05/04/12 »
lol i figured that would be the case..i thought maybe since its a console game they wouldnt think to add the code to counter the gitch..either way im downloading the trial so ill test it out for the 30 mins they give you and see if i like it..add me if you want  ill be able to play a few games on the trial

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: nexuiz movement question
« on: 07:07 PM - 05/04/12 »
also i realize alot of people are not  going to know what strafe jumping or "bunny hopping" is unless you played old school quake or something similar..but just a brief explanation for people who dont know what it is..basically its a way you move with both your camera and movement keys that alows you to gain a crazy amount of speed while bunny hopping and maintain that speed that speed until you either stop hopping or slam into something...

XIM 3 Discussions / nexuiz movement question
« on: 06:53 PM - 05/04/12 »
does anyone know if the movement in this game is similar to defrag or warsow??just curious if im going to be able to strafe jump or not..call me a dick if you want but im going to buy it if there is strafing :P its way easier to hit the wa or wd then trying to do it with a controller...yet another reason i love my xim lol

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM 3 gaming live on twith/justin tv
« on: 07:52 PM - 03/04/12 »
here is the link http://www.twitch.tv/elmtxvash feel free to join the chat and stuff ill be communicating via headset

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xim3 broadcasting question
« on: 06:34 PM - 03/04/12 »
yeah man id be up for that i just have to see how well xsplit is going to work on my pc first..after i set it up and test it if everything works right ill let you know

XIM 3 Discussions / xim3 broadcasting question
« on: 05:53 PM - 03/04/12 »
so i was going to broadcast with picture in picture on twitch.tv but i cant find a good way to do picture in picture..i figured id post on here because i know some of you like to broadcast and i was wondering what you use..i tried manycam with picture in picture but it has to slow of a framerate..i think its just limitations of the software itself because my computer itself doesnt lag or anything..i know of the program wirecast but it is like 250 bucks maybe more??cant remember the price exactly but i know its up there lol and i havent been able to find a crack for it online anywhere..

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM 3 Video review
« on: 01:34 PM - 02/28/12 »
sorry about the black boarders around the video im working on a way to fix it without re uploading..Enjoy Comment rate and subscribe


im not a partner but they gave me moneitization(spell check) and i only have about 160k views total. i think its pretty random

ohh yeah xD i also do auto tune and other stuff sometimes..i just use effect apps that i download on my ipod touch for anyone that is wondering what i use...since this video i found out how to get rid of the occasional weird metallic sound that comes from the mic..i might broadcast again today if anyone is interested in watching lol

lmao thanks for watching guys subscribe to my channel if you like it..ive got a Xim3 review coming up soon..the quality will be better then in that video because it wont be taken from my stream lol..

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