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General Discussion / Tv/monitor wall mount
« on: 02:33 AM - 07/03/15 »
Hello, I'm trying to find a wall mount i saw on here years ago when everyone was posting their battle stations.
In the post the guy had it mounted to the wall and the arm reached a few feet away to where he would sit in his recliner. Despite finally moving away from consoles I still am a couch gamer and rather than upgrade to a larger
tv (which would likely have more input lag and cost much more than a wall mount) i was trying to find a wall
mount that could reach where i sit on my  futon approximately 3 feet away from the wall...also yes i could just
move the table closer but it would be nice to free up some space and get this @#$% table out of here...

TLDR:I'm trying to find a wall mount that can extend out approximately 3 feet from the wall and also be able to turn 180 so it can be infront of me on the couch but mounted to a side wall
Anyone have any suggestions??lol

EDIT: pretty much like this..except it was alot cheaper I think http://www.amazon.com/OmniMount-Play25x-Extension-19-Inch-37-Inch/dp/B00BCA41C0/ref=sr_1_16?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1435913100&sr=1-16&keywords=tv+floor+mount+arm

xD well i didnt mean as a xim setup i use post office boxes for that xD I'm talking about something i can fit my laptop and on mouse, that I can still fit into my laptop bag..something that folds up maybe, or has a tray that pulls out similar to the one i linked above..Homemade stuff doesn't seem like the best route for a portable solution..ill have door hinges screwed into two pieces of plywood..and tons of other horrific things..it would be a mess lmao..

So i just purchased a lenovo y410p(yeah gaming laptops are for chumps blah blah blah) because I am

rarely ever home and i miss my desktop..Anyway i was wondering if any of you guys knew of any good

portable lapdesks, with room for a mouse..i found this one http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-

for 15 bucks and it looks

pretty good,(besides the @#$% butterflies) Buttt im just weighing my options before i actually order

anything...and before anybody says it YES i know there is plain black model..but its 15 bucks more for the

same thing..lol call me crazy but id rather save the money and look like a little @#$% then pay double for

the same thing..

General Discussion / Re: Logitech G710+ question
« on: 06:12 PM - 04/29/14 »
I own the G710+. Macros will work on your computer just fine, but due to the no onboard memory, they will not carry over to the XIM.

The only solution to this is using something like XIM Commander, which runs your keyboard and mouse to the XIM through your computer, so macros will work. In fact, XIM Commander pretty much gives all peripherals onboard memory/macro functionality if you know how.

I wish more companies started putting onboard memory into their keyboards. If they can put onboard memory on teeny little mice, why aren't they putting it in keyboards?
since you have one i was wondering is set point laggy like razer synapse?  I use it on my razer naga and sometimes it messes up and starts macroing the wrong buttons or lags really bad does that happen with set point as well? or is it all around better

General Discussion / Re: Logitech G710+ question
« on: 06:02 PM - 04/29/14 »
i think they are discontinued man :/ the only place i could find them is on ebay and they were used. they look awesome though

General Discussion / Logitech G710+ question
« on: 04:53 PM - 04/29/14 »
Im sure somebody on the forum has one of these xD i was just wondering if the keyboard requires setpoint to use macros or if there is onboard memory..ive searched around a bit to try and find a answer but haven't been able to... I want to make the jump to a mechanical keyboard and Ive narrowed it down to this one because of its macros and media controls mostly..I am going to college for coding and a keyboard with macro functions would help alot...and it would also be nice if it had onboard memory so i can use it with my XIM although this is not a deal breaker Im just curious.

Also while Im on the topic, what is everyone opinion on mechanical keyboards are they really that much better then membrane keys?? and why, describe your experience

General Discussion / new Black ops 2 trolling video (NSFW)
« on: 05:30 PM - 10/24/13 »
lol ive been posting my trolling vids here since i started so i figured why stop now xD lemme know what you guys think


General Discussion / Re: PC mic suggestions?
« on: 11:54 PM - 09/24/13 »
this is what i use man and ive never had a single complaint i actually get compliments on it cheap and awesome

Good stuff man. I gotta get playing and recording again too. @#$% pro tools rig in my basement but so unmotivated.

Heres one of my bands from years ago.


good stuff man glad to see some people are playing stuff other then hardcore metal @#$% -_- dont get me wrong i love metal..just...ehh lol idk if the scene is the same around where you are at but around here thats all it is..cookie monster

ahaha thats gold dude

you bands name was pen15?xD

General Discussion / Local bands post music and discuss
« on: 11:23 PM - 09/22/13 »
Hey guys i thought this would be a interesting topic..if  you're in a band or know of any bands in your area you would like some input on post them here

Here is a sample of my current bands stuff lemme know what you think


Also if you enjoy what you hear please like our facebook page


Support / Re: xemulate question
« on: 01:38 PM - 11/28/12 »
never mind i downloaded xim commander and it does exactly what i wanted xD sorry

Support / xemulate question
« on: 01:20 PM - 11/28/12 »
is there anyway i can stop it from sending controls for my 2nd device cause i wanna just keep my sony nav plugged into my xim and then use only my mouse through the pc in pass through mode..cause i hate switching my mouse back and forth from xim to pc thats why i got the transfercable lol also so i can use macros but i only need my mouse for the macros i dont need keyboard so i just wanna keep my nav settings the way they are by just plugging it directly into the xim..is there anyway i can do that??like analog pass through maybe?? as well as the mouse..i didnt see a option but i just got it..thanks in advance for anyone that helps

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xbox gaming on the go..need help
« on: 08:42 PM - 09/19/12 »
Do u know what the thread was called?I tried searching for for it and I couldn't find find it

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