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Configurations and Requests / Re: Killzone 3 Beta?
« on: 04:32 PM - 02/13/11 »
Anyone have a good one? The ones posted here are ok, but not good enough to warrant paying for the game.

Configurations and Requests / Editing Config Name
« on: 04:16 PM - 02/13/11 »
I added a config by copying one so I wouldn't lose my G13 settings. But my question is how do you rename a config/smart translator? I have already two MW2 copies and would like to rename them to what game they actually are for -- I just don't know how! lol

Configurations and Requests / Re: MAG config
« on: 01:22 AM - 02/13/11 »
Ooooohhhh! Must try! Thanks!
Not bad. I like! Better than the one I tried to translate from XIM 2 configs. Now if I only had all the unlocks I'd be great!

Configurations and Requests / Re: MAG config
« on: 08:27 PM - 02/12/11 »
Ooooohhhh! Must try! Thanks!

Not to try to hijack this thread, but can you make the joystick input keyboard commands. I haven't gotten mine to work as a keyboard bind on my XIM like it does on my PC. Hopefully this can be sorted out.

No, you can't do this in general. The bindings to keys on the keyboard that you do in the input manager on the PC will not work with the XIM. Neither will macros. Everything essentially just has to be generic as it comes on the G13.

As for the stick, there is a setting to tell it to be an analog stick in the Logitech software. Can you make sure you have that enabled?
I am too much of an WASD guy to be able to use it as a stick. I am used to using it on my PC as a quick way to crouch and go prone, and with XIM 1 in the same manner. Thus to use it as an analog stick just feels weird to me lol.

And thanks for the reply! Carry on...

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Issue with G13
« on: 05:28 PM - 02/12/11 »
 :o :(

Yeah, I guess I am so used to using it as another way to bind my keyboard that I just can't use it as a joystick. It is just to weird for my WASD fingers.

Not to try to hijack this thread, but can you make the joystick input keyboard commands. I haven't gotten mine to work as a keyboard bind on my XIM like it does on my PC. Hopefully this can be sorted out.

Feedback / Re: First Impressions...
« on: 03:03 PM - 02/12/11 »
nice men.
where can i get this gt adapter ur talking about.
a link to shop would be nice.
Same one I am using. It's cheap and works perfect.


Feedback / Re: First Impressions...
« on: 03:03 PM - 02/12/11 »
played MW2 and red dead2 on PS3 using GT & smart config with only issue being RT/RB swap and LT/LB swap. The smart configs were spot on. The BFBC2 was awesome on Xbox yet PS3 has smaller DZ so had to go to custom XIM2 config to get it, still not as smooth as Xbox/smart config. When using XIM1 I had to have different config for both systems as well on BFBC2.

Still trying to dial in MAG and Resistance fall of man, would love it if anyone finds good setting and posts. Amazing how easy it is to setup XIM3 and make quick changes.

Games tried so far on Xbox:
Halo 3, Halo reach, MW2, BLk ops, COD4, WOW, MW2 Dead Space, BFBC2 and Borderlands.

Games tried on PS3:
BFBC2, MW2, Resistance1&2, Red Dead & Mag.

Very happy on both systems!

Adapter used:
Let me know what MAG settings and Killzone 3 you are using. I will post mine later. Btw, I am using the GT Max 360 to PS3 adapter and it is working great for those who want to know.

Feedback / Re: First Impressions...
« on: 07:28 PM - 02/10/11 »
Overall a great device, however some things I'd like to point out:
My friend says he hears a whining noise when I speak. I'll have to look into it further, but this is the first time anyone has ever mentioned this to me.
2 -- n52te as a joystick. Bleh. Would love it as a keyboard instead.
3 -- Black Ops now has acceleration? Hrm? Weird. Might somehow be my mouse though, I'll have to test this.
4 -- Naga numpad doesn't work, but that's being worked on.
5 -- GUI could use some tweaks. It's very simple and nice, but it's missing some things -- When setting the sensitivities in the settings, it takes WAY too long to pick the right number, primarily because it's either going way to slow or way too fast. I would LOVE if I could like, hold Y to have it skip by .1 every dpad press. (Or hold Y to adjust by .01). Also, no quick way (That I can see) to see an overall keymap. On the Key config screen, maybe have holding Y pull up a screen that shows what's mapped to what? (Maybe pull up the pic of the Xbox controller with boxes with the keys over the buttons).
There's more, I just can't think of it right now. Will post more later.
Yeah, I'd like the G13's stick to be used as a keyboard function like I use it for my pc as well. Makes it easier for myself to input commands quickly. For XIM 3 it is useless and I personally do not want to use it as a joystick. Too used to the WASD format to try.

Where's the" XIM 1, skipped XIM 2, but now getting (well have) XIM 3" option?  That's where I fit lol

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Re: First Impressions...
« on: 04:18 PM - 02/08/11 »
Acceleration is similar to mouse acceleration on your computer. The faster you move your mouse -- a higher multipler is factored in.

Recommendation is not to use it if you don't need it. But, it does give you a "boost" on turning. Ever since the turn speed fix, it's at 0. I'd like the community's feedback about it. If no one uses it, I'd like to remove it.
Please keep it. It does help in making the game smooth for me. I like tweaking if needed. Thanks for the reply.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Re: First Impressions...
« on: 02:40 AM - 02/08/11 »
That's good to hear.  Mine just shipped today so I'm still waiting for mine to arrive.  I just hope it arrives before the 10" of snow that is expected tomorrow or Wednesday.
Glad to live in SoCal, that doesn't happen too often where I live. But hopefully it will arrive before the storm so it will give you something to do. :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Re: First Impressions...
« on: 11:34 PM - 02/07/11 »
Wow, stickied. Not bad.

I will get pics of it tomorrow. I am tired after work and played just to test drive it. I was too excited not too. But I will add some pics whenever I can.

Once you all get your hands on it, this forum is going to become a ghost town. It is that good!

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Re: First Impressions...
« on: 11:32 PM - 02/07/11 »

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