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General Discussion / Re: Videos
« on: 06:08 AM - 02/22/08 »
Sorry that I gonna post another video not made by me. However when I tried to find out if XIM will be something for me the videos I found here werent that impressive (no offence) and it was mostlike just slow movement that I could earsily reproduce with my pad (so no reason why I should get a XIM). However then I found a video of COD4 with mixed slow and fast moving which totally looked like playing on a pc and that really convinced me of getting a XIM2 when its out.

General Discussion / Re: Xim 2
« on: 05:25 AM - 02/22/08 »
The more I read here the more I want XIM 2. Well patience is a vurtue and I am looking forward to XIM2.

General Discussion / Re: Videos
« on: 05:05 PM - 02/20/08 »
Found this: http://www.geevee.com/index.php?p=viewvideo&v=28662

Not made by me!!!

Sorry thats it not my video but with the current lack of videos here o.o ...

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