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Xbox / Re: COD 5 World At War
« on: 01:14 PM - 10/06/08 »
Played the game already in 4 Player Coop on the 360.

Was better than I expected, controls seemed nice so hopefully the aim should be near as good as COD4 is.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM 2 International Shipments!
« on: 03:20 AM - 09/27/08 »
Since 68 days after my order, the Intl orders don't seem any closer - can anybody please advise who I need to contact regarding a refund?

Geez some people really have reading issues here! You did a pre order 68 days ago and not a normal order...

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Finished last night with pics
« on: 11:00 AM - 09/10/08 »
Nice install, I like it.

Look around the points were posted a dozens of times.

Looks awesome Derek, thanks for the input :).

General Discussion / Re: XIM 2 Boards Update!
« on: 08:16 AM - 08/13/08 »
Thanks for the update derek.

General Discussion / Re: XIM2 DIY instructions available?
« on: 07:02 PM - 07/31/08 »
The pictures of the solder points have been posted quite a few times in multiple threads, more really isnt needed as long as youre not a bloody noob on the whole thing.


XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM2 FAQ
« on: 03:29 PM - 07/28/08 »
Might be possible, XIM2 will support even the Wiimote and some people already used their Logitech Racewheel. So yeah it might be possible to use it.

TF2 :D? Well at least she has some good taste :D.

General Discussion / Re: Yet Another HD Capture Device.
« on: 03:18 PM - 07/24/08 »
Hehe I think I came across this when I was looking for my HD Capture Card ^^

Support / Re: xim2 still available?
« on: 11:02 AM - 07/24/08 »
XIM2 isnt even produced yet, so no it wouldnt ship this week. Currently there are only PREorders ^^


As for configuring, you got a settings file in the xim software where you can edit any key to any button on the pad. Though you have to edit it with a textpad.

General Discussion / Re: Show us where you play!
« on: 06:49 PM - 07/22/08 »
Uhm pretty old...

JP Wii
JP N64 + Z64 Backup Unit
PAL Snes + Wildcard DX2 Backup Unit
PAL Xbox 360
PAL GC (not on the picture)

Samsung N87 40"
Onkyo 605TX

Love the racing setup, how much does a seat like that cost?

General Discussion / Re: Bad news on the Vimeo front :(
« on: 06:46 PM - 07/22/08 »
Wow funny, just a few days ago I was checking out some new services dispite vimeo. Very sad move but I can understand it.

www.wipido.com doesnt look too bad for me.

http://www.wipido.com/video/2207 the vimeo video I uploaded there too.
It doesnt support real HD and doesnt look as good as vimeo but it seems you can get pretty good results there too (even for fullscreen). I havent bothered with really trying to find out what the best settings for uploading are there.

Gamersyde buts pretty decent quality video there in my opinion.

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