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I doubt that everyone who wants to get a XIM buys a Sniper (at least not if you're not a millionaire xD). Well I just got my XFPS (Black) and its only god thing is the PS2 port. Halo 3 with a PS2 pad was kinda fun, well VF5 was awesome XD.

Where did you find a (black)Xfps I havenít seen one on eBay in awhile . I donít think XCM makes them anymore. Iím tired of waiting for the XIM2 but I refuse to spend  80$ to 100$ for crap(Xfps sniper)

So Iím stuck waiting for XIM2, Iím sure XIM2 will kick @#$%, but I have no clue when it will be done and released and I have no patience.

Eh I am in Europe ^^

But I guess when I get my XIM, XIM2 will come out the very same day XD.

I doubt that everyone who wants to get a XIM buys a Sniper (at least not if you're not a millionaire xD). Well I just got my XFPS (Black) and its only god thing is the PS2 port. Halo 3 with a PS2 pad was kinda fun, well VF5 was awesome XD.

Haha yeah, well to be honest I didn't expect a new version this soon. But it seems people are buying it, otherwise they would just get rid of it :s.

Function and features

Compatible with all xbox 360 ô games

Compatible with all versions of xbox 360 ô consoles

Compatible with new version of xbox 360 ô wired controller

Can map all the 360 controller keys (include both analog sticks) to any key of the keyboard.

Compatible with 95 % of different kind of mouse and keyboard.

High sensitivity ,precision and smoothness

Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) functionality. Independent Auto fire buttons: Eight customizable auto-fire buttons

Can adjust the mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mice.

Connect PS2ô compatible controllers to your Xbox360ô

Compatible with PS2ô joypads, light guns, racing wheels, dancing mats & more

Official Website: XCMLive.com


Haha did anyone expect another version xD???

I understand most here most likely don't have military background. Basically, I play it strategically and I am very specific on fall back positions where I lay stake until situation changes otherwise. In COD you really have to take the outside routes, stay behind cover. Every map, I have at least 6 to 8 locations that I choose as positions of advantage. I may stay there for a few minutes, or I may simply trap it and move on to the next one.

I play it smart, that's all. You have to play the game in a way that leads itself to a win, and if that means roasting some marshmellows or being a bullet bag that has an 8 and 26 score vs myself being 9 and 4 I find that alright. I may have middle of the pack score, but I see all the time people with 25 kills and 30 deaths and that did what for the team - nothing. All I see is he gave up 30 kills, I have up 4 and I am actually ahead.

Good times.

In a SD game I would agree, but your logic of "tactic" doesn't apply to FFO games for instance. If half of the players are sitting/waiting in corners and you have problems to even find a enemy (and then you get shot by someone waiting since 5min in a corner) doesnt make the game any fun (and it has been like that in the 2 rounds I played on live).

Also with countless days of playing FFO/TDM in the PC Version with 2-3x as much players as the xbox version its still possible to not camp your @#$% off and do plently of running and have awesome statistics...

Also if you're not too bad XIM will give you a @#$% adventage anyway so that camping wouldn't even be needed. I watched most of the killcams when I got killed and like 75% of the players where aiming so slow and bad. With a M/K they would have been nothing for me... (though that might differ from play to play)

I play alot of TDM on xb360 for cod4, I normally carry an m16 or an ak. I usually find a nice upstairs area with only one way in and lay a clay more in one area then further up in another area. I wait for someone to take the bait then I go take the wep they had and switch out my pistol and wait some more until another person trips it. All the meanwhile im picking people off long distance with a scope on my m16. Sometimes if I got good peeps with me, they too will lay down some additional clays in different spots (so when one goes off it doesn't blow the other one up).

That has been helping alot, since if you run in gun you get sniped, naded, shot etc from some far away area.
So you're basically camping your @#$% off?

I just played another time CoD 4 on xbox and its just a big lame camp fest (FFO/TDM). I think I haven't seen so many campers in one game for a long time...at least on PC its not as bad this @#$% :|.

General Discussion / Re: New XIM Installer Download Ready
« on: 04:53 AM - 03/26/08 »
Awesome, I will use this when I get my XIM.

I suck with a 360 controller....so it's not much fun for me 8)....I usually die before I see my enemy.  Must have K/M.

Seems a lot like every other Battlefield game though....anyone else feel that it's different?

Yeah seems like most other Battlefield games just with more abilities to destroy buildings. However it feels a bit more arcade style XD.

Well I have to admit I never got a key but since the beta was made public a few days ago. I thought they have a way to figure out who is on the list for the beta and only these people can join the servers. Well I don't know ...

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Live List (XIM'ers)
« on: 03:02 PM - 03/25/08 »
Also its just a word, they can't take actions because you use a harmless word...

Has anyone the problem the it shows "joining server" but then switches back to the selection?

Its starting today, right :D?

If you suck playing it wont make you better ;). But if you feel more comfortable with M/K you will probably rock.

General Discussion / Re: Problem with XIM, mx518
« on: 08:51 PM - 03/18/08 »
Then someone should just write a small tutorial about what each setting does ;).

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