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Its fine and your choice. Competitionwise that’s why I only asked for a Sensor and board and already asked for a steep 99$ for a complete mouse.

K thought it was an evident part missing as there is no mouse with necessary or optimal specs you can connect to the XIM.
Crusade closed then, there wont be a XIM mouse, Sorry 66,7% of Ximmers, I tried.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW4 native mk > xim
« on: 08:08 PM - 09/19/19 »
Can you use both controller and M+K. Asking cause I am now very used to walk/run with the stick. So can XIM still handle the Azeron? What about cheaters on PC? Worth the better input as no turn restriction and no sticky aim?

I thought due to the fact that there is practically no mouse from the big mouse makers, or any, that make the mice poll securely over 1000hz and just now starting to be without smoothing, this is technically not an easy task. Of course I could hire someone to build the circuitry but would it be the best possible for the XIM? Back when W11ce was visiting Germany he built a Teensy mouse with a sensor board that was available back then. We decided it was good but not better than other mice we have. I think DPI was just too low. No idea how well it polled and how good it was. W11ce may know. Such a sensorboard ready to attach a USB cable would be great from you if you say you can do better. Housing could be printed in the forum and cable would be bought from Ceesa.

Thing is the past ten mice, I bought how it was best for XIM and then only looking at specs I cant deal with like over 100g or too big for clawgrip or shape.

Have you tinkered with a sensor already? Cant believe you are not intrigued to make something better than Logitech does for the Apex.

But the amount of times it’s been asked, I highly doubt it’s going to happen

Maybe this time something new is asked. Obs could just make a board with a cheap Mercury sensor and sell it. We could 3D print the hull as we like. This is how the XIM started right? I simply think he is the only one capable of making mouse circuitry that talks perfectly to the XIM. In fact its an extension of the XIM.

Other MK input makers have also made a mouse in the past like that fragsheit something.

Deutsch / Re: DPI? Polling Rate? Was denn nun?
« on: 11:23 AM - 09/19/19 »
Ja chrome broswer und ein OSX java das ich gefunden habe. Auf Werkseinstellungen war es anfangs immer über 1000, Nach Umstellung auf whatever weg und nie wieder über 1000 sondern genau wie alle anderen Mäuse. Firmware hab ich drauf gemacht. Obs sollte wirklich ne 1000hz Platine mit Mercury Sensor machen, soll super billig sein und auf wireless vom Stromverbrauch  ausgelegt sein, und wir drucken schon eine Gehäuse dazu.

Deutsch / Re: DPI? Polling Rate? Was denn nun?
« on: 12:53 AM - 09/19/19 »
Die Glorious ist auch nach update nicht konstant über 1000. Ich gebe der günstigen G203 mit Mercury Sensor der sehr gut sein soll mal eine Chance. Auf 1000 hz ist sie auch unter 1000 wie alle anderen auch.

Can XIM4 and Apex 125 and Apex 125/1000hz be please compared on video please?

So Apex 125hz sync off vs XIM4 is not the same? How comes? What is the explanation of 128hz better than 500ht or 1000hz? Jitterfree goes better through jelly or what? No jitter at 128hz?

I was a loyal customer also of XIM3 & 4, and I don't need to keep my mouth shut when I have invested hundreds and have nothing to show for it except a piece of non functional plastic with dead end support.

No one said you have tio shut up, its just not the topic. The point of XIM tech being a bad firm is taken.

the reason why they wouldn't make a mice with all specs xim apex requires is to make xim even bigger "cheating machine" im sure we could get much more from xim ,but they not doing it for a reason. If it becomes too powerful , game developers would start looking the way how to stop xim working on consoles.

Dont think so, they dont care much. The XIM mouse would also be interesting for PC gaming if its stable over 1000hz  and no smoothing dpi. People at OC would hype such a mouse.

I had all XIMs more than one of each, not one sent back, all worked fine. I say it again 99% of the errors reported are user errors. Not 99% of all users. But you opinion on XIM hardware is not the topic here but sure if you think they cant do agood mouse then just vote no.

Cmon XIM is a great product 99% on here is user errors. Mostly they connect a Christmas tree to the Xim and wonder why its not working when it cant get more current from the USB. I would be totally confident Obsiv could make the best mouse possible for the xim. Xim could be even be within the mouse but better not to make it lighter.

This is about technically perfect. You already have a letdown with any mouse you buy for the XIM, low DPI, smoothing or unstable 1000hz. I did not test any mouse that is continuously sending over 1000hz. Not the G-pro not the model O.
And sure the question works, just choose NO.
Btw there was a controller with trackball right thumbstick, pal of Obsiv did it.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Glorious model 0 issue
« on: 12:44 PM - 09/17/19 »
Is this a trick question?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Glorious model 0 issue
« on: 02:16 AM - 09/17/19 »
turn off lights, tried Glorious yesterday works fine. Also set it to 2000dpi 1000hz so no smoothing which makes lag.

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