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Cant have trip wires with the kid and setting up wires to play on Sofa is annoying. The Sony Nav lacks the keys I am currently on the wireless Corsair lapdesk but I am not WASD, I don't like it. I want my W11ced Teensy N52te back but wirelessly. Now this seems easy to do. Has anyone already tried? Can the Xim talk to that if we add a BT dongle to the XIM keyboard port also? The USB2BT can be ordered from Tokyo, I got it from Ebay to test.


Deutsch / Umrechnung Synchronise
« on: 11:28 PM - 04/19/18 »
wie war die Umrechnung noch mal? Ich finde den Post nicht. Echt nervig, dass das nicht im Hintergrund berechnet wird und die Zahl gleich bleibt. Common zu off x8 oder x6 oder wie war das?

Obsiv made this years ago by accident. Felt awesome and cut through the hitbox like a charm.

This one comes close and you have full view around and precise aim with stationary wrist. Testing in COD WWII autoaim off with M1 Garand as you don't hit anything with it with a bad ST.

Mouse G-pro Paracord, hyperglide, back plate removed 69g 1000 hz 12K dpi
sens: hip 4 ADS 1.6 Sync: common. 0 smoothing x/y rate 1.0 delay for ADS: 0ms  (2.5 factor works for me)

As Obsivs fawed one was a calculation error it has to be reconstructed by an equation. It had acceleration so the equation must be something like. f(x)=x^2/y

at the moment I am at x^2/4 as best 1:1 until the curve touches the line. Slow aim does not feel well without the 1:1 part.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

General Discussion / Any quick way to produce Balistics?
« on: 02:53 AM - 04/17/18 »
The Ballistics got better but drawing several of them is still a nightmare. Its just not possible to take a curve and make it steeper and steeper without loosing severe lifetime. Is there a PC or webbased editor for this?

I remember having tons of fun with splinter cell II and other games in local network with no lag. What games are still playable in a local network?

XIM APEX Discussions / I need a XIM Minigame - Sensfinder
« on: 03:45 AM - 04/05/18 »
Setting up the XIM in advanced mode is a gem itself for me. I just like tweaking it. Now for finding the perfect sens for your aim I watched this. on youtube


and it could pretty much be done with the Xim. Simple calculation, question A or B and sens change by the Apex itself.

I would find this very impressive if I got the Apex and it would help me as a noob to find my perfect sens.

Now wouldn’t thaaat be great (spoken in Negan voice)

General Discussion / A WAY OUT no shooting?
« on: 12:16 PM - 04/04/18 »
Anyone played a way out already? Really only few shooting scenes? Would so much like an ST.

Yeah its possible. You set the dpi of your mouse and the 360 turn distance you like to use and each and every new smart translator would just have the correct sens for you.

Requested it years ago, requesting it again.

General Discussion / XIM Gamer Keyboard analogue Stick
« on: 10:22 PM - 04/03/18 »
G13 Gone so lets see who would buy one from Obsiv. You can change your vote in this ongoing discussion.

Paramaters I would put on the table:

- ergonomic left angulated keyboard with carpal tunnel friendly palm rest
- analogue stick
- cherry red keys
- D-pad beside analogue stick
- shift key under analogue stick
- display the loaded ST on simple screen as well as errors
- either integrated XIM Apex and integrated hub or place to insert the XIM apex as well as hub in the base.

Game Support / Please add game Framerate to support List
« on: 11:27 PM - 03/31/18 »
The awesome Synchronize feature needs us to know if the game is 30fps or stable/unstable 60 frames. Please add this at least to the upcoming games in the support list. Would be best preset in the ST but I understand this may be complicated. If we have a place to look up the games framerate that’s fine.

General Discussion / TV Inputlag LG 65B7 OLED
« on: 10:00 AM - 03/31/18 »
Just wanted to share an awesome inputlag of the Lg 65 B7 OLED TV in game mode. I measured 21.2 milliseconds which is really nice.

XIM APEX Discussions / APEX always ON
« on: 01:41 AM - 03/31/18 »
More a support question. Its always ON even if Xbox ONE X is off. Is that a problem for the APEX? Can I put the Box in a setting so the Apex will shut OFF?

XIM APEX Discussions / APEX mod, really complicated
« on: 12:15 AM - 03/31/18 »
My first XIM mod to reduce tear force on the USB port and the Apex especially for couch players. This is for the front USB port on XBOX ONE X.

XIM APEX Discussions / Feedback Apex Ballistic editor
« on: 01:37 AM - 03/30/18 »
The Editor is really nice, the sliders are great as the much better than the + and -buttons. it is however still not smooth to create Ballsitic curves. There are two reasons that are relatively easy to correct. Because of the sticky of the slider it is not easy to adjust a curve. You overshoot when moving it and fine movement is hard to impossible. So you switch to the + - for fine tuning. There unfortunately holding the + or - the counter runs the thousandth part instead of the hundredth. If really the thousandth has to be changed, which I don't think anyone will do, then enter it manually. Also there is a need for a smoothing tool that removes spikes. Most time I edit a ballistic curve is used to smooth it out. Id say 90% of the time. Dunno if mathematically problematic.

so what the Editor need is:

- no sticky for sliders
- "+ -" change hundredth instead of thousandth
- checkbox that removes spikes and smooths the curve.

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