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Hardware Compatbility / G403 Hero 16K
« on: 03:25 AM - 10/24/19 »
This is a nice mouse and a nice sensor. Reduced weight to 74g, which is great, be removing bottom latch, magnets and top part + Ceesa paracord. Looks a bit terminatr but fits clawgrippers who dont touch the upper part anyway.

XIM APEX Discussions / Syncronisation auto * and /
« on: 08:59 AM - 10/15/19 »
Wouldn't it be nice if the the change of Synchronisation would also automatically multiply or divide the sens accordingly? Having to set the sens after sync change is weird as the multiplier and dividers are known.

Hardware Compatbility / G403 Hero 16K
« on: 08:48 AM - 10/14/19 »
Cant the lights be turned off? Oh and the G-Hub is a pos, really horrible piece of software.
EDIT got it you have to set the correct profile to the hardware mode. To remove sensitivities you need to drag the sensitivites off. Quite stupid as it has been a counter for decades.
Oh and same as the others it stays below 1000 hz around 980 so better set it to 1000 and se 500 on the XIM.

Looking for monitor that is good in splitscreening two HDMI inputs. Anyone using one?

Mouse would be 12000k dpi no smoothing so no lag by smoothing (would be 8ms lag) and stable 1000hz so no jitter and 1ms lag (125hz is 8ms lag), aprox 70g or lower, 3 shapes large, small, short and high for claw, left and right hand version, 5 or 6 buttons.
Such a mouse is non existent at the moment. Would you pay 99$ for a perfect mouse for the XIM?

First of all I am no mouse expert, not Overclockers.net oscilloscoping mice. Just read a few pages about the topic. A lot of mouse threads on the forum, maybe leading the most non support threads by far. What mouse should I buy. A topic for all of us.
Lag ads up between the Apex and the mouse that’s for sure. Use 125hz give it 8ms lag. Use 1000hz on a non 1000hz stable mouse and add lag or jitter, I am unsure, but that jitter that happens by missing transmissions could be felt as lag. Set 12000 or 16000 dpi and get the smoothing lag which is also a 8ms lag.
So the worst setting you can do is 125hz 12-16k dpi on most mice. May be smooth for the Xim but you will lag 16ms, maybe even more than 16ms at 1000hz 2-16k dpi unsure of that. So practically 500hz non smoothing DPI mostly 2000 dpi depending on sensor is best if mouse is really stable at 500hz, true for most mice. Dig Overclockers for your sensor and mouse if you want to know where smoothing starts.
So the theoretically best would be 12-16k non smoothing stable 1000hz. Is there such a mouse? Nope there is not and there will never be from the mousemakers as the specs are unnecessary for PC gaming. As I hear the Glorious O is stable at 1000hz and no smoothing until 2000k. So the less lag you get with this mouse and you are stuck at 2000 dpi. Is that enough for the Apex? Yeah for airhockey players yes, for high sens, no, there will be too much jitter at micromovement.

I started another thread to ask Glorious gaming to remove the smoothing by firmware if possible. If the do fine we have our XIM mouse. Most likely they can not and do not want to.

Model 0 makes 1000hz flawlessly up to 2000dpi. Maybe the only mouse that transmits at 1000hz steady which makes it a perfect mouse for the XIM. I would say by chance. The XIM needs more than 2000dpi so the mouse needs our Help. This works like Amnesty International. You mail a lot, they change the firmware. Ask Obsiv, he knows.

the feedback page is here.

Write something like this but never exactly this:

Please turn off smoothing for DPI over 2000dpi or let us turn it off by software please. The delay makes 1000hz completely useless.

Write also if you dont have the mouse, I dont have one (yet).

General Discussion / Stadia - looks like the real s*
« on: 11:38 PM - 03/23/19 »

They do solve a couple of big things here. 60fps 1080p on any hardware, no multiplayer lag, instaplay. Sounds great but what about that wifi controller connected directly to the game on some server? That will lag like hell or to be exact 20 to 400ms depending on how far you are from the game. I can imagine this working if you only play regionally only within you country or state, but I can not imagine it working perfectly. Screen display will also lag behind the same amount + the screen inputlag.

Obsiv any chance you can make this M+K? Sounds like a new device like XIM-S

BF5 is extremely sensitive to the button release in the commo rose. You could say its not well done but it still shows a XIM weakness.

In my case in BF5 I can not make the commo rose work with the joystick. I have inverted the joysticks, the subconfig is activated by the spot key and the same key is set to spot in that subconfig. So with the Azeron/G13/Sony stick you are able to navigate the rose perfectly. pressing the spot key you activate the subconfig, the joysticks are inverted, the spot key is pressed and held.
But now comes the problem. The choice in the rose is activated by release of the spot button while holding the joystick. When the spot button is released the rose command chosen and highlighted is not executed. It is seldomly so I think it’s a timing problem. It seems to me, when the spot button is released that is also holding the subconfig in place and active, first the joystick isn't inverted anymore meaning the rose choice is cancelled and only then the spot command gets deactivated.

What also happens, the joystick gets inverted first when activating the subconfig and then the spot button is pressed. You can see when you are walking and you press the spot subconfig button. The inverted stick (that seems to be activated first) will make you flip view a lot before the spot key is pressed and the commo rose comes up.

I mean all this is ghosting, like a keyboard that can not activate multiple commands simultaneously. The Apex has no ghosting when it comes to commands within the same subconfig but it does when switching subconfigs.

I also doublechecked I have no activation delay or smooth transition on.

Please correct me if I am wrong if I just overlooked something but I think we need an advanced button in the activation menu, "cancel activation first (on release)". The commo rose would work perfectly in any game. Or Ghosting when switching profiles has to be eliminated completely meaning the activation button, a button pressed and the changes in the config happen simultaneously.

Obsiv could you please fix the copy config mode in the app. It does not copy the auxiliary subconfigs. It’s a pain to set them up again on my second Apex and it would help friends when they want to copy paste a config.

Deutsch / Azeron Gamepad zu verkaufen
« on: 11:34 PM - 11/20/18 »
Will mir jemand mein gestern erhaltenes Azeron abkaufen? Ich habe derzeit zwei und möchte einige kleine Custom Modifikationen machen lassen. Ich darf es 60 Tage zurückschicken aber macht keinen Sinn wenn es vielleicht jemand in der Nähe haben möchte. Die Rücksendung gilt für den Käufer auch. Ist 3D Druck Handarbeit und durch das XIM Forum derzeit lange ausverkauft. Ist bereits geflasht auf neuste Version und funktioniert out of the box mit XIM. Es ist Blau und fehlerfrei funktionierend. 108 Euro wie im shop, ich versende es kostenlos versichert. Bitte PN.




Dont use this Battlefront 2 with 22 deadzone in game is better.


The Generic Alpha is located at the bottom of the new config List it’s a generic game ST with circular Deadzone.
Copy the code below at the first page of the generic alpha settings. Works fine, set your buttons and  have fun. 

new config -> scroll down -> choose generic alpha  -> edit generic alpha -> copy the code below -> paste it in first page -> set game parameters

set ingame settings:
game to right stick 100%
set stick acceleration to 0%

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [BF5 Generic Alpha] START COPY >>>

General Discussion / Has anyone found the Kilohertz mouse?
« on: 06:35 AM - 11/14/18 »
Has anyone tested his mouse constant 1000 hz while doing circling motions? Meaning not just reaching 1000 but constantly showing 


I tested  3 Logitechs and none keeps the 1000 coming but do the 500 fine.


Deutsch / funktioniert die kabellose G-Pro
« on: 08:34 AM - 11/08/18 »
Die G305 zieht nach rechts unten, da stimmt was nihct mit der Maus, ist die Gpro wireless in Ordnung oder sind alle Hero Sensoren scheisse mit der XIM?

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