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5v? thats what it looks like. Im not getting enough power on the xim through my usb cables.

my second adapter came in today after a long week of patiently waiting, the link was provided by odin here http://www.amazon.com/GTMax-Controller-Converter-Adapter-Cable/dp/B00452D50G/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1329851146&sr=8-13

i did not receive the adapter in the picture, i received yet another pos from china.....this is getting very discouraging. Please someone give me a link to a legit working adapter my xim3 is collecting dust.

PlayStation / need help with old xim1
« on: 11:19 AM - 02/24/12 »
so im tryin to get my old xim1 to work with this gtmax adapter till a legit one comes for my xim3 and everything runs ok i get 64 updates and everything is moving to my mouse and keyboard commands but the ps3 isnt responding, i hit backspace and back at the same time and it doesnt work...im stumped

PlayStation / New adapter update
« on: 03:23 PM - 02/22/12 »
so i got the adapter without the switch and plugged it up to the xim and i get a yellow question mark and the controller wont respond. I just ordered a legit one from the link on the forums just incase i cant get this one to work. Anyone know how to get this chinese made pos to work?

PlayStation / Question about my new monitor
« on: 01:39 AM - 02/22/12 »
Yea i got it all hooked up hd lookin good but i got no audio, how do you get audio to work? my monitor has no ports for headphones or speakers...

PlayStation / I think i got the wrong adapter
« on: 07:21 PM - 02/21/12 »
got my adapter today but it doesnt have the 360 logo or the switch....dont have the xim yet to test it out, comes 2moro. think itll work?

PlayStation / Buying TV need advice
« on: 03:54 AM - 02/18/12 »
Upgrading to HD, whats best brand to go with playing bf3 on ps3, i wanna avoid as much input lag as possible. I got my eyes on a sony bravia series 24 in. Advice?

PlayStation / Help Please
« on: 02:01 AM - 02/14/12 »
Im looking to buy the xim3 setup for ps3 with the corsair vengeance mouse. The game ill be playing is bf3, I just wanted to know how well it works for BF3, how are driving and flying vehicles with the xim3? Things of this nature. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and also im open to any freind requests for my bf3 players on ps3 Psn is brewskiebob. Ive had experience with the xim1 pre anti 3rd party patch and i got extremely good with it. Hope the xim3 is just as good. Thanks

PlayStation / Quick Question Please!!!
« on: 09:00 PM - 02/12/12 »
does the xim3 for ps3 require a pc to use? i use to have xim1 and i did not sure if they eliminated the need for a pc

Im a advid ximer on ps3, i play mw2 and bc2, if anyone wants to jump on and kick some @#$% hit me up my psn id is brewskiebob

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