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General Discussion / Re: M$ - Got me by the BALLS !!!
« on: 04:56 PM - 11/25/13 »
Most of the games are rushed out and you can tell. Killzone looks terrible on multiplayer and just feels unfinshed. My favorite x1 game Killer Instict it has six charcters.

X1 is a little harder to develope for but by next year games like CoD will be 1080p.

Well luckily I ordered a PS4 and a Xbox One. I Just wish I hadn't of bought Ghosts Digitally for the ps4.

General Discussion / Re: XIMless & feeling Hopeless
« on: 05:42 PM - 11/23/13 »
Ok, so I'm about to buy a Xim edge on ebay I have been doing a lot of reading about the beta and I'm sick of getting my @#$% handed to me while playing with the ps4 remote. At this point Im very desperate so I dont mind paying 100+ to beta test lol, I just saw that there were going to be extra adapters needed to make the xim edge to work on ps4. How much more money am I looking at? Im just wondering since it will only be supported until xim4 comes out I would not like to drop $200 for something that will only be supported for weeks and in the end I will have to buy the xim 4 anyway and come close to the full price of the console.

Before I pull the trigger on a xim edge does anyone at least have a ballpark figure of how much more I will need to spend after I buy the xim edge from ebay? will I need the ps move as well?

I would like to know the answer to this too. I bought a usb 3.0 hub and asus bluetooth adapter. The adapter u needed for the nav.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox live down in UK
« on: 06:51 PM - 11/21/13 »
caught my stupid co-worker in a lie again! Today she goes "I'm going to go to the xbox launch tonight at [place near town], my step brother is DJing for Microsoft at the event, he also DJs for [local popular radio station] to pick one up for me and my son."

A few weeks ago she told me her son works for Microsoft and she already has an xbox one.


What if she has 2 son's?

General Discussion / Re: Xbox live down in UK
« on: 05:58 PM - 11/21/13 »
Yeah, Good luck with that. I had to sit and stare at my ps4 the first day in the US. I finally got on late in the day but it was so slow that it didn't matter. I guess if your not getting it on launch day it want matter much.

Yeah I got a Day One Edition going on eBay friday! Ill link it lol.

You could put one on layaway at Wal-Mart launch night.

Amazon will put them up for a few hours after launch. After that its anyones guess.

You will be lucky to get one in late December early January b/c of Christmas supply being bought out. 
I have no clue how long that will last.

Obsiv what dongle will we need for the Edge Beta. It may be hard to get in Europe so I would like to order it as soon as possible.

I'm also wondering this?

When I Google Blutooth Hub I can't even get a descrpition. I can find dongles but I dont even know what a hub is.

Huh its not biased. 15% stating that they will not buy the Edge is neglegible. I will tell you why the Edge must stay and must not die.
- The Edge is still way ahead of its competition
- its fully ready hardwarewise, slight firmware change needed to work on nextgens
- after the beta it will work with nextgens (just take away the BT dongle from firmware)
- Obsiv could selll it over the next three months
- all ximmers would be immediatedly nextgen ready
- even more people would buy both devices as there is no other choice for ximming nextgens.
- even more people would buy both devices if they knew the Edge has no expiry date
- it would almost not impact XIM 4 Orbital sales
- it shields the XIM4 Orbital with its price, meaning the XIM4 does not have to be competitive with its price
- likely the XIM4 will be more expensive to produce. Earnings per Edge/XIM4 could be the same so who cares which one is sold
- configuring the Edge is a major PITA of course people will get the XIM4 after some time.
- People will upgrade to the XIM4 when they get to know the Edge and want more techy stuff as you say
- You would not brick a device for the loyal customers you depend on. That would be very very ugly and never forgotten. The sudden XIM3 drop was not digested well if at all.

From all these points customer satisfaction is maybe the most important. You simply dont paperweight a device out of their hands as long as it has the ability to move on. There is no example for such a thing to my knowledge.

Whoa, I agree with you.
 I believe half the people that said they would buy a xim 4 are just saying that so that the developers want be scared to release working next gen firmware for the xim edge.

 Its not my product so my opinion doesn't count but "if i was" a developer I would just offer Xim Edge+ firmware update for 50 dollars that turns your Edge into a Edge+. You could relabel all the existing Edge stock Edge+ and have it be the cheaper version on the XIM4.

General Discussion / Re: Is PWNSTARZdotCOM using XIM?
« on: 11:12 PM - 11/18/13 »
I can tell when someone I'm playing against or with is useing a xim b/c they way the turn around or move around in general Doesn't have the stick jerk stop and start.

You can't give a poll like this and expect it to not be biased in the official forums.

If I had the choice to buy a XIM 3 like version of the XIM 4 or a edge version then I would just get the Edge if it was cheaper. I didn't mind having to set things up in game or PC w/o a screen and I don't understand all the techie stuff about it anyway.

Anyone else hating ths controller thing on my ps4? I've got 4 games 3 of which are shooters and it aint goin good guys.

Right now playing Ghost on PS4(the one I'm best at)my KDR  is around .43 . I know I'm not that bad! On Black ops 2 PC my KDR was around 1.2. On Xbox 360 with the XIM it was around a 1.8. It is beyond me how anyone can use 2 sticks to aim. I must have the most retarded thumbs ever.

The run button be on the left thumb stick and having to push it down all the time time is even painfull to me.

Yeah I know I'm bad but Shooters are still my favorite thing to play.

You guys taking the transition to a controller better?

I was all in for the X1 until I saw COD (Quake 3 engine) was going to be running at 720p and that worried me abit.

I know X1 is a little hard to develop for (and it runs bad on Duel titans on PC) and next year it want be a thing so next year Ill get and x1. Ill just drool over Killer Instinct until then.

It want hurt MS to suffer a little bit. I was all for them doing new tech and taking chances but they should have   took a lose on console sales like Sony did (or any launch console for that matter) to get it out more and show what there trying to do. Right now it just looks like there trying to sell less powerful tech for more money.

My trade is internet marketing. My advice to keep your company afloat is to release a patch or your risk losing all your customers. It works off supply and demand, there is a demand right now and someone will supply it, whether its you or someone that beats you to it. The odds of someone coming back to you and spending another $150 when they just purchased a working unit for $150 from another company is very very very slim. Will someone else come out with a patch for their unit and sell it to a bunch of upset xim user? Will some one develop a new unit faster then you can? Sounds like a big risk to me. I personally will be buying whatever comes out first.

Welcome to the community. We are considering releasing a patch -- one that will upgrade all existing XIM Edge devices to a limited version of XIM4 for the purpose of Beta testing. Of course, those that don't own an Edge will need to wait longer for XIM4 to release, but, it will be worth the wait (and it will save the disappointment of buying a competitor's device only to find out their mouse precision quality isn't as advertised).

Wow I'm glad I did get rid of my xim with my 360 now.

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