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General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 11:08 PM - 08/05/21 »
Just waiting for the last of the reveal video content to be completed. Soon. :-)


General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 01:21 AM - 08/03/21 »
Obviously this is just a prototype but this one guy is trying to fix a problem that Sony, MS have not even tried to fix. With FPS so big on console I donít understand why. I donít understand why so many games use thumb sticks and there still are no buttons on the back of the controller to compensate. I donít understand why there is no modifier button. All easy fixes that should be standard but no one is even trying

General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 01:01 AM - 08/03/21 »
Please be this:
I want a device like this I can use without breaking out a whole setup to play.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 07:46 PM - 11/23/20 »
No Valhalla support for series x?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xbox series x compatability
« on: 04:43 PM - 11/10/20 »
Iím so happy to hear this. I bought a ps4 and xone on launch and they were useless until I got a XIM. I hate controllers but I can get buy with controllers with paddles. Speaking of this. Iím going to sell my one x on Facebook marketplace. I was thinking about just selling my series x controller because I have an elite controller. Two questions. Can elite run on XIM and is it more complicated? If I could use the elite with apex then it doesnít matter but does the newer controller have upgrades as far as XIM goes. Bonus question. I have a ps4/pc t80? Steering wheel. Can I use this on my series x with XIM. Also I have a nice genesis style ps4 pad I use for fighters. Can I use this on apex with series x? Sorry for hijacking.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Razer Naga Trinity Chroma
« on: 12:51 PM - 06/01/18 »
I don't think Razer products have onboard memory so it should work but certain buttons might not be programmable. With onboard memory you can just change the key to a keyboard key and be done with it.

If you play at a desk near a pc like I imagine most people who use a xim do just use sandhawc and everything works fine even things that are not supported plus  you get the bonus of not having to mess with any cables when you want to use your xim. You just hit the pause button on your keyboard.

I just figured out that you can bind the - button if you use an xbox one controller for some reason. Also, Sandhawc started working for me where it wasn't before. Weird.

I would be interested in knowing any Sts you guys are using for any games really. Feeling lazy so a copy paste would be nice.

Has anyone come up with a solution for not being able to map the Share button the ns uses as the - button. The overwatch ST doesn't have a mapping for it. It lets me map the pad in the middle which doesn't have a map on normal PS4 games.


I'm not asking for support I just don't want to have to buy the brooks converter to use the xim. Is there anyway just to update xim4 just for the passthrough. I don't even care if you release official STs.

The Switch is like the fastest selling console ever. I want to play Zelda and Splatoon 2 with mouse and keyboard. I just hate controllers for anything that isn't 2d actually.

Could xim edge been upgraded to run on new consoles when they released? I seem to remember that it could have been but it wasn't. I may be remembering wrong.  I'm not even saying it should have. Its your business and business model but I would like to know if you will be doing the same with apex.

If the new consoles are released next year or 2020 will by apex be obsolete?

I hate to be the negative one here but to me and I'm just a causal user as most. I can't see anything it does that the makes me want to buy it and I'm a xim fanboy and was looking for a reason. All I see some small technical changes that will translate to nothing for me because I just use the standered ST unless there is not one like for PubG and in that case I just copy someone elses setting.

I was hoping for an upgrade along the lines of the xim 3 or better.

If I'm wrong I would love to hear some opinions but to tell you the truth on a thing like the 1000hz polling I cant tell a difference in 1000 and 500.

Why not add scripting functionality like Cronus? The Cronus people are shady and getting the 2 devices to work together can be a pain. I don't see why you don't add scripting. You can make some awesome quality of life scripts. I mean you can make some anti-recoil scripts and kind of cheat I guess but you could release your own game packs and leave out those kinds of scripts.

Having the option to set a button in the xim software for say something like fortnite to something like one press build a certain shape wall. Features like this would blur the diffrence in console and PC gaming even more and sell your device like hotcakes

General Discussion / Re: SSD for console
« on: 07:43 PM - 01/01/17 »
Actually, that's not true at all.


An SSD can cut loading times up to almost half of the original HDD and more than 10 seconds from an SSHD load. On top of that, in games where you jump from location to location mid-gameplay (ie., switching characters in GTA) it loads faster as well, improving the flow of gameplay.

I don't know what that is referencing and I admit I didn't read it but here are the actual digital foundry tests.


In they video they say basically what I said. It help but by very little

General Discussion / Re: SSD for console
« on: 04:47 PM - 12/31/16 »
There are a lot of test for this on youtube. It will be faster but only by a few milisecs on fast loads and a couple of secs on longer loads. It's not worth spending lots of money for.

The ps4 seems to limit the loading speeds on purpose. I'm not an engineer and I don't know why but maybe so it doesn't slow down the OS and the other things going on with it.

That being said I have a hybrid in my ps4 pro. Hybrids were just as fast as ssd's in tests on youtube. I get into games abit faster on some games like BF1 and I get a few seconds to pick tanks and vehicles. Again I wouldn't spend alot of money for this but if your going to upgrade anyway I so get a hybrid.

I use the xim because It is beyond me to aim with a stick and I do not use xim for an advantage. I just like to play on console with friends.  However, I usually do better with xim on consoles than the PC versions of game.

Overwatch is the exception.  I'm just putting this out there for people who wouldn't buy the pc version. The controls are night and day. I've got over 100 hours in ps4 Overwatch and 20+ hours in the PC version.  The input lag is real on console. I didn't notice it until the honeymoon wore off. I'm not as picky as most people but wow its nice to not have to try and predict aim when you play on PC. Things like genji reflect are terrible on console because you basically have to guess with it. You have to use predict aiming and strafe aiming. The input lag is terrible.

This is non xim related but its a shame for poor console players if they don't fix this.

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