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It's a minor complaint but a very annoying one. I'm sure if you use a pc and a xim and use switch to use the same keyboard for both you know what i'm talking about.

Will there be support day one?

XIM 4 Discussions / is Xim4 a true passthrough device?
« on: 10:08 PM - 07/03/15 »
I'm just wondering. I'm trying to use the nav for arkham knight for PC. The game pics up the ds4 on windows 10 if its plugged in via usb. In theory if the xim is a pass through it wouldn't matter if I plugged the controller into the xim and the xim into the usb port it should pic it up the same as before? I haven't plugged the nav in yet or anthing else in yet. The Pc or game does not see it. Yes the dual shock 4 is supported now on PC atleast on windows 10.

I thought I would try the ds4tool script that changes things over to the 360 controller for games on pc that do not support Dual Shock 4. I still cannot get get the controller to connect when plugged into the xim. It works fine as an emulated xbox 360 controller.

Any help would be appreciated.

XIM 4 Discussions / Cannot roll back 20150606 to factory.
« on: 08:27 PM - 07/03/15 »
This version of does not want to connect to manager for me on windows 10. I just want to roll back to an older version but every time I try to install an older firmware it says that the firmware I have is newer. So I try to restore to factory defualts from various versions of firmware even though I'm sure its all the same. It completes successfuly but I still have the same firmware on there at the end When I try I get the same message about the firmware is newer than the firmware your trying to install.

The only other thing I have to run manager on is ios devices and I don't know how to set that up. I updated to try it out but I never got a invite. I might not need to change it back if I can get a Testflight invite at [email protected]

I didn't want to necro an old thread but I've seen you can do this but I can't get it to work. I set everything up like normal and just plugged the 360 controller in where the the keyboard and mouse would go?

Not working for me.

I have to redo all my profiles to get it to work b/c I have to restore factory defaults to get it to show up in Windows 8.1. This is such a pain. There has got to be an easier way....

I love driving games but like fps I hate controllers for them. I bought a thrustmaster t80. Got it cheap with amazon rewards and would love to use it for Forza on x1 as well as drive club for ps4.

Didn't edge allow cross platform support for controllers and things? If so did i carry over to xim4?

I also have a cronusmax that I bought to get my edge to work before the beta. It's just collecting dust. Would it work?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] XIM 4 quit working.
« on: 03:56 AM - 09/21/14 »
It started acting weird a few minutes ago cycling through its colors. I unhooked everything and restored it to factory settings. Now it doesn't cycle through colors. It just flashes red. I can not get it to connect to xim mangager. I get an error code. 10051 connect failure.

I bringing my problem to the experts :)

I have 2 monitors. One is a DELL 1908FP 1280 x 1020 old school scaled monitor that I keep up for computer use when I'm on x1 or ps4. I have a 27 inch Asus that I use for ps4/x1/pc games and Direct TV (via Xbox one)

Here's where the algebra starts. The Dell is used via my video card. My video card has 3 outputs. The Dell only has a DVI connection. I bought a 3 input hdmi switch for my Asus monitor to switch between all 3 sources without having to mess with the monitor setting. I do not even think the monitor supports 3 HDMI inputs.

I want a new switch that will allow me to use the dell monitor for something other than a PC screen when I'm playing a game on the Asus. For instance if I want to watch tv while I'm playing games on ps4 on my Asus I want to switch the dell to the xbox one. I really don't care to get the ps4 screen up on the dell. I use the Xbox one for its cable input so I can watch tv and play on my ps4 or computer at the same time if I feel like it.

There are a few variables in this also. One is that I use The old Klipsh 2.1 speakers for sound and the only input they have for sound is 1.5 jack. (there still my fav speakers ever!!!!) I do not know if sound passes thorough DVI. I may could split the input jack or I might need some kind of converter for the digital sound into analog and let me run 2 analog signals to one jack.

Another variable is that in no way can this setup use the x1 input for anything other than cable. I tried that. It has a terrible lag that would make playing fighting games and fps (the only games I play) unplayable.

Bonus points for someone that can find me an all in one device for this.

Lasted Less than 12 hours before the end that plugs into the XIM started shorting out. Thank God that it wasn't the plug on the XIM 4 that was bad.

I just hope that whoever manufactured the cable didn't manufacture the xim.

Anyone know where I can download the laird drivers for windows 8.1?

I want to use the pc xim manager app when my tablet is dead or lost. I can't seem to get the laird adapter that was used for the 4e beta to show up in windows 8.1. I went to there website and only found firmware updates and not drivers. I'm not even sure if its a driver issue.

I know someone out there has got to be using this adaptor and 8.1 since everyone has it who played the beta.

XIM 4 Discussions / Opt out of signature for shipping.
« on: 05:48 PM - 08/29/14 »
You should offer this. I hate having to sign for sign for stuff. I work 10 hour shifts and sleep during the day. That is like making me  be ready to sign for something in the middle of the night. I just spent 1000$ on computer parts and no vendors made me have to sign for anything.

Luckily I live in a place where people are for the most part honest and not going to steal anything off your front porch.

Its just irritating.

I was a this forum every day for 6 months anticipating the release. I put my email on the waiting list twice right when it went up. I never got a conformation email and I believe I posted about not getting it.  Ive been happy playing the beta assuming when it went retail I would get an email and I would order asap. I had to reset my tablet and came back to the forum to update to the latest beta release and there is no beta support now and the xim4 is out of stock.

 I didn't get an email now I'm stuck with a worthless console b/c I can't play without the xim :(. When is the next batch coming? Will someone please make sure that [email protected] is added to the waiting list? I would pay now if it could. I know this is a long shot but any chance I can get a link to the beta files?

About to lug the ps4 over to a buddies and was wandering if I could make this work? I haven't messed with it since edge beta started but I know it didn't work at all for ps4 then.

I know that this is not the cronus forums but their forum is run by nazis so no one goes there and I need a quick answer that google cant seem to help me out with.

General Discussion / Come Join my PS4 BF4 server!
« on: 12:48 AM - 04/30/14 »
I'm running a XIM friendly Locker/Metro server. Add me as a friend and make it a favorite and you I'll make you a VIP. Just be an adult and treat people with respect.

I'm still playing with the tickets and player count. I don't want to go all out 400% tickets b/c that makes the games to long and I don't want to make the player count to high b/c both maps will stalemate in the center. Right now I have it at 250% tickets and 48 players.

Server Name:
<AA> Locker/Metro High Tickets!

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