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? thanks

Game Support / Re: Elden Ring support please!
« on: 02:46 AM - 03/24/22 »
We still getting apex support? Nexus would be nice as well. I donít see it on the list. It sold well. Way better than dark souls and I see support for those games.

Game Support / Elden Ring support please!
« on: 03:37 AM - 03/01/22 »
PC players dominate the pvp. I would like a st just did pvp purposes if the camera will allow it on console.

Game Support / Re: elden ring
« on: 05:24 AM - 02/25/22 »
Why? I rebought shadows of Mordor on pc because I hated using a controller. I use XIM because I hate controllers. I buy fighter pads and racing wheels because I hate using controller. I am liking my nexus but I have realized I will never be as good as with apex. Controlling things with your thumbs just doesnít feel natural to me.

Shared Configs / Re: Battlefield 2042
« on: 07:44 PM - 02/19/22 »

After getting a config from obs for infinite I realized I was doing it wrong. We need more config code sharing for us noobs. You think itís easy but it took me two days and reading a couple of posts to realize I was holding the controller wrong. 😁😁😁

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Did my order go through?
« on: 10:50 PM - 02/13/22 »

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Did my order go through?
« on: 07:59 PM - 02/13/22 »
I placed it Friday night. I checked today to see if there is any progress and itís not listed in my orders past orders. The only record I can find is an authorization from PayPal. Did I miss something? I ordered from XIM store under [email protected]

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 01:13 AM - 12/04/21 »
I donít see series x listed. Why?

If you aren't on the Beta, you won't see it. But even if you were, X1 and XS use the same translator.

I am on the beta. I just didnít try yet. Is this true of all Xbox games? I went to the beta for series support. If so I would just rename it Xbox. Also I run my games in 120hz when possible. Does this affect the ST from a tech perspective? Just curious. Every thing feels great to me even when using the wrong games st lots of times.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 09:12 PM - 12/03/21 »
I donít see series x listed. Why?

General Discussion / Re: is this aimbot or aim assist
« on: 08:50 PM - 10/18/21 »
Itís neither. Itís an adapter that converters controller inputs into mouse movements meant for people who donít want to use sticks for precise movements and people who come from a pc background but want to play with console for whatever reason.

Cod has such stricked sbmm that I don't even think they care if you have a xim. You will just be playing people at your level anyway. Cod to me is more fun using a controller and playing with other people who can't aim with a controller and don't care about the best guns. The only time I use it is for headshots and my lobbies go into hyper sweat mode.

Game Support / Can we get an ETA on Hell let loose?
« on: 11:54 AM - 10/17/21 »
I know lots of games are coming out but I donít know whatís out that hasnít been covered other than back 4 blood. I think this is a fairly popular fps for console and not one you can copy paste a game from the same engine.

There is a radio silence regarding this topic, please tell us more!
Can we all throw away our apex adapter?

If this is true will it be the end for xim?

Pls communicate with us!

It looks like if your a fan of playing through Sonyís plastic more than Microsoftís it may be the end for you for awhile. I believe XIM started off as an Xbox adapter in the first place so it definitely doesnít need to support PlayStation to be relevant.

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