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Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 01:13 AM - 12/04/21 »
I donít see series x listed. Why?

If you aren't on the Beta, you won't see it. But even if you were, X1 and XS use the same translator.

I am on the beta. I just didnít try yet. Is this true of all Xbox games? I went to the beta for series support. If so I would just rename it Xbox. Also I run my games in 120hz when possible. Does this affect the ST from a tech perspective? Just curious. Every thing feels great to me even when using the wrong games st lots of times.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 09:12 PM - 12/03/21 »
I donít see series x listed. Why?

General Discussion / Re: is this aimbot or aim assist
« on: 08:50 PM - 10/18/21 »
Itís neither. Itís an adapter that converters controller inputs into mouse movements meant for people who donít want to use sticks for precise movements and people who come from a pc background but want to play with console for whatever reason.

Cod has such stricked sbmm that I don't even think they care if you have a xim. You will just be playing people at your level anyway. Cod to me is more fun using a controller and playing with other people who can't aim with a controller and don't care about the best guns. The only time I use it is for headshots and my lobbies go into hyper sweat mode.

Game Support / Can we get an ETA on Hell let loose?
« on: 11:54 AM - 10/17/21 »
I know lots of games are coming out but I donít know whatís out that hasnít been covered other than back 4 blood. I think this is a fairly popular fps for console and not one you can copy paste a game from the same engine.

There is a radio silence regarding this topic, please tell us more!
Can we all throw away our apex adapter?

If this is true will it be the end for xim?

Pls communicate with us!

It looks like if your a fan of playing through Sonyís plastic more than Microsoftís it may be the end for you for awhile. I believe XIM started off as an Xbox adapter in the first place so it definitely doesnít need to support PlayStation to be relevant.

Are we going to get Hell let loose support?

200$ is to high. I like the controller but it cannot even be used as a second controller. Unlike every other controller there is.

I would make one and sell it if I had the manufacturing knowledge. We have all these 120hz consoles and high refresh rate DisplayPort monitors and no compatibility. I could spend 600$ for a new monitor but I think itís stupid. Most of the time I use my 2.1 lg oled but I would like at times to sit at the desk and use my monitor and XIM link but I donít want to use the 60hz hdmi port. I also would like to use my new laptop with hdmi 2.1 out with my monitor but again same problem. It seems like the market would be big for a product like this.

I have a question. In the videos it shows the hand grips turn red during motion aim. Do you physically have to put pressure on the hand grips?

I like as cheap as possible but I want it to feel premium like the elite controller. I would rather pay 150$ for something that doesnít feel like a cheap piece of plastic. More than 150 and your market will fall off heavily.

I was also wondering if it has trigger stops. I saw you can have pressure sensitive binds. I hope this doesnít mean long trigger pulls.

My wife would like to be no more than 100 or else she may not let me have one. 😁😁😁
Make it feel heavy like the elite controller and I think it will sell great. I am loving the design and the back buttons. I am selling my elite controller when I can get a preorder.

If I lay down with switch controllers it makes the motion controls useless.

Whatís the price USD?

General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 08:45 PM - 09/05/21 »


This guy is getting close to having something good on his hands. I donít really like the thumb cover but when I am feeling lazy and do not want to drag out a lap desk and all the crap required to play in the living room in front of my 65 inch oled and series x at 120hz. I would be so happy to give this man my money. I love XIM but it just works best at a desk. Sure you can do it in the living room but it is definitely a hassle
I worked on prosthetic dev and human interfaces, the whole idea on the that controller hybrid is no-effective, due the thumb articulation angle. Our thumb is design to grab things hold it, is the strongest "finger" on our hand, but not for drawing == aim. Evolution wise that's our index finger job.

Any articulation that can draw semi-perfect circles with ease is more efficient for aiming, go ahead and try, even our ankle is more efficient than thumb articulation.  ;)

Little by little he is realizing that, its product is turning in to a touchpad with a wrong finger.

Wow, you have an interesting job and when you think about it, it is very hard to draw with your thumb.

It looks like we will never have a compact device with delicate precision. I hope obs has figured it out.

If this is the case the controller the man is making it backwards. He has the right stick moved to the back. It should be a normal controller with a touchpad on the back for precision stuff. You could also make the surface pressure sedative to work how 3D Touch worked on iPhones to keep the R2 trigger.

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