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Hardware Compatibility / Re: CM Storm QuickFire Rapid
« on: 05:48 PM - 12/16/12 »
Well this is the keyboard I really wanted I have limited space to work with and this would just fit. I will take your word for it and buy it.

Did you find the same, can you confirm it does work?

I'm not sure what kb I'm looking to buy but the size alone on this model is appealing.

Technical Support / Re: Concerns before buying XIM Edge
« on: 04:59 PM - 12/16/12 »
Hello everyone,

First post so I didn't want to create a new yet similar thread.

I have a few questions as well...

I have yet to purchase a XIM Edge but I plan on it real soon. I do not currently game much on my pc so I don't have a gaming dedicated mouse or keyboard.

You guys are saying 1600 dpi minimum? Will that be expensive? (I honestly don't know what dpi refers to)

I don't mind spending a little bit for a quality mouse & kb, perhaps some suggestions are in order?

When I purchase it will I be able to select a different method of delivery (UPS next day or FedEx for instance)?

Really hoping I can get all 3 (XIM, mouse, & kb) before the holidays because I'll have plenty of time to set it up and get into it.

I tried one time buying a similar type product (wont mention their name here) over at FRY's electronics and it was utter garbage so I returned it (calibration was horrible and laggy and unresponsive).

Looking forward to any comments & suggestions!


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