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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim 4 beta question
« on: 09:43 AM - 12/27/13 »
I guess there will be a firmware for Xim Edge that will enable it to be used on Xbone?! I also have doubts about the beta.  :(

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Possibility of xim4 pre-order ?
« on: 10:13 AM - 12/22/13 »
ShortSchoolBus definitely right.

Od1n, you deserve all gains from you invention!

Congrats...be richer and keep supplying us with quality product.  ;D

I am hopeful the production numbers are big. I am so dependent on xim now. I purchased an xbone and went back to 360 b/c I suck so bad at the regular controller. Guess I am too old for new tricks.
Your work is definitely appreciated!

(first post after stalking this board for 2 years!)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Product Images / Trailer
« on: 04:15 PM - 12/21/13 »
Lol  ;D
Yea 6 will be made and there will be a lottery system. Grab a number and stay praying lol

It smells gorgeous in here!

Will there be enough Xim4 for everyone?  :D

No, unfortunately there will only be a limited supply.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Product Images / Trailer
« on: 11:07 AM - 12/21/13 »
It smells gorgeous in here!

Will there be enough Xim4 for everyone?  :D

Nao sei se vcs já prestaram atenção mas no mapa "Paracel Storm", localizado na Ásia, a DICE colocou Araras...primeira vez que vejo Araras na Ásia LOL

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
« on: 08:05 AM - 12/12/13 »
Thanks Od1n!  :)

yes but not the razer, there are better mechanical keyboards out there
also regarding the xim compatibility

if you re in the US check out the coolermaster storm mechanical keyboards out
(please check the compatibility list too for which versions do work)
they re extremly cheap in the US

for EU users try out the qpad mk-50 which is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards there to buy

both do come in all types of switches, imo red switches are the best

Hardware Compatibility / Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
« on: 07:55 AM - 12/12/13 »
Is it worth to buy a mechanical keyboard?

Xim é Xim, o resto é imitação! :)

Estou esperando sair este BETA...pelo o que li nos "threads" sai amanhã uma definição de data.

Esperando ansiosamente!  ;D

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: XIM Edge out of stock
« on: 07:25 AM - 11/25/13 »
Could you guys email everyone that bought ximedge and members of this forum when pre-order for next gen xim is available?
It will be very kind of you.


What are you guys talking about?

Xbox > PS = who cares about PS4?

Xbox One is the console!

And it should be as it is...are you playing consoles? then buy Xim Edge or whatever...if not, then go to PC! LOL

It would be a mistake for DICE to do this. Controller users don't want to matched with mouse users (hence the first comment: "controller vs. controller please"). The only option will be to separate them. When they do that, the gaming populations will be drastically unbalanced (obviously much higher on the controller side) to the point where it wouldn't be worth the development effort on DICE's part.

1000% AGREE

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 3 settings that work great!
« on: 02:19 PM - 12/26/12 »
from reading a bunch os posts...may I conclude the following:
"You don't need to set max DPI for "optimal" Xim setup"?

Thanks guys, I am still trying to find a good setup for BF3...sometimes it is too slow, sometimes it's to fast, movements.

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