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Beta / Re: Clarification on Xim 4 Beta Prerequisite
« on: 05:57 AM - 02/06/14 »
PS4 not supported yet for beta...maybe in couples of weeks.
If I am not wrong, you will need Laird 820 BT adapter...you may buy it at mouser.com or digikey.
You may sell that xim3, asap, and wait till Xim4...this is my advise.
Xim4 will come with BT adapter.

Beta / Re: Mouser shows Laird BT-820 back in stock
« on: 07:40 AM - 02/05/14 »
I told they are Award winning company  ::)

Beta / Re: Backup Xim before Beta then restore after Beta?
« on: 07:38 AM - 02/05/14 »
OMG!  :o

Title says it all. Will we have a way to back up our current Xim edge game profiles and then restore them after the beta is finished? From what I understand the current profiles will be incompatible with the Xim 4/beta. I could be wrong about that last bit, but don't want to have to reenter all my profiles on the Xim Edge after the beta has concluded.

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 06:01 AM - 02/05/14 »
...just buch of kids  ::)

Beta / Re: Who's READY for the BETA?
« on: 11:26 AM - 02/04/14 »
Not my business at all...but, why did you spend money on the BT if you already play with KM?
Is CM not good?

Me!! What games you playing? Looking forward to trying this with bf4!
Right now I'm playing only BF4. I also have CM, that means I'm playing since 1 Month with K&M ;)

Beta / Ballistic curve BETA
« on: 10:45 AM - 02/04/14 »
Can I keep the same from 360 to One?

YMMV, its always so.

Of course you go with Mouser, they are award winning company!


They're mostly a B2B company and probably great at it. From my experience, they're not set up to be very good at one off B2C orders, so YMMV.

Beta / Re: Do XBOX One people need the BT adapter ?
« on: 06:45 AM - 02/04/14 »
Use PC

So the BT adapter is exclusively for providing android connectivity? What can iOS users do in the meantime?

Of course you go with Mouser, they are award winning company!


I just went to the DigiKey website and estimate for shipping was 3/31...so much for that.   :(

Mouser estimate is 02/14...not sure if I should try that or not.

Beta / Re: UPS you dummies!!!!!
« on: 06:39 AM - 02/04/14 »
UPS sucks...FedEx is much better!
Don't worry, everybody got this Xim's paranoia  ;)

Beta / Re: Announcement Impressions
« on: 04:22 PM - 02/03/14 »
I understand that...I was really surprise when I got the email saying it is on the way.

Maybe they made a mistake, sending me another product than BT 820?! I hope not!

Try it again.  :)

I just don't like businesses that say an item is in stock and charge my card then give me a surprise backorder, especially when I could have ordered from a competitor that actually did have the item.

Beta / Re: Laird BT-820 sold out in US.... So now what?
« on: 04:04 PM - 02/03/14 »
Very strange!

Did your credit card decline?

Maybe they have stock now.

Try again.

You lucked out. Mouser first inexplicably put my order on Backorder and then inexplicably cancelled it.

Beta / Re: Announcement Impressions
« on: 04:02 PM - 02/03/14 »
No, Mouser is fine, great customer service!

Just received shipping notification...the product is in its way to daddy here.  :P

Just relax, they will send you very soon.

Yeah Mouser sucks. Wish I would have ordered from Digi.

Beta / Re: Laird BT-820 sold out in US.... So now what?
« on: 03:54 PM - 02/03/14 »
I don't know about you folks but my order by Mouser is in its way for delivery by FedEx! Yes baby!  ;)

OK...now, I really regret about saying to postpone the launch...dont do that!  ;D

What an non-sense thread is this!

As Od1n said, and is well known in this forum:

"The beta will ONLY have 2-3 translators for xbox one"

If you will keep playing these three game forever, it is fine...dont forget there will be BF BC 3, CoD, and other nice games to play...and for that, you will need Xim 4...I will buy it!

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