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Beta / New X1 update brought possibility to use USB KB
« on: 06:41 AM - 02/16/14 »
As the title says, new update brought the possibility for us to use KB, for chat, very usefull to send hate massages  ;D

Dont come with "its low priority", I know that  :P, just wonder if Xim4 will allow us to use it through USB Hub?
I havent try anything yet because dont have another KB.

Beta / Re: Boost
« on: 11:55 AM - 02/15/14 »
You guys need to pick up the phone or have this talk at a bar, together with a nice glass of beer!
Said that, I would like very much to know if higher DPI needs low boost...inversely related?

Beta / Re: Boost
« on: 08:38 AM - 02/15/14 »
I am really happy with improvements on Xim equipment...but still have to manage to get everything out of it.
Using PC is not so handy at all...I have iPhone...OBsIV, do you have an estimate when "Manager" will be available for iOS? Only with Xim4? In this case, I will buy an Android device.

Thanks Pieter

Beta / Re: Titanfall?
« on: 06:55 AM - 02/14/14 »
I would say...no further support till Xim4 is out  >:(

 ;D ;D

Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20120208 - Feedback/Discussion
« on: 06:54 AM - 02/14/14 »
I am using the old (first) firmware...after doing the update my mouse (DA 2013) went "crazy"...could not bind melee to forward button. Independently if its assigned in the manager, it kept crouching instead of meleeing? hehehehe
I have tried it allover again, but still didn't work.

Wait till another update.  :)

Beta / Re: Headset Audio XBone
« on: 06:07 AM - 02/12/14 »
Instead of spending $60 or $40 on new controller, just use Kinect until an update or Xim4 comes out.
I think its absurd we cannot use wireless h7 360 on xbox one. But, maybe you need a second controller...in this case you go and buy it!  ;)

Beta / Re: Beta - First Impressions
« on: 05:10 AM - 02/08/14 »
How about the h7, does it work for you?

I can't get to work...is this general?

Not sure where to put anything we encounter...so i'll put in this thread. The only two issues I've encountered after hours (12 approx)  of playing:

1. XIM4E does not power on when the Xbox One powers on. I've tried powering it on from the controller, and the console, it doesn't make a difference. Everytime I have to pull the usb out of the Xim4E and put it back in to get power.

2. On the Xim Manager....instead of showing a picture of a mouse and keyboard..it gives me Bluetooth Symbols. (my devices are wired) They still work fine and I am still very, very happy that I can now play with a keyboard and mouse on my xbone.  Thanks again!

Beta / Re: Beta - First Impressions
« on: 11:45 AM - 02/07/14 »
It is perfect, for a beta project.
ObsIV and his team did a very nice job!
I just miss proper ballistic curve and get used to this new manager
And I have no doubts that, in long term, it will be much better than previous

Beta / Re: Beta - First Impressions
« on: 08:01 AM - 02/07/14 »
The install went perfect...no problem at all.
I am playing BF4 and it's feels good.
I just had to modify buttons to adjust to my way...the problem with "listenting" was solved in game...if you try to modify not in game it will not work.
Sometimes ADS dont work in game....I would say 1 in 10, and feels a bit slower?

I just miss my ballistic curve...donno how to transfer from XimEdge to beta...is it possible?

Anyone try the bf4 ST for xbox one?  How does it feel?

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 07:49 PM - 02/06/14 »
That mice is awesome! :)

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 03:16 PM - 02/06/14 »
Did anybody else notice the absence of OBsIV?
He's maybe making the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO for the beta.

Well, that's one possibility in many...lets hope.  ;D

Beta / Re: Bt820 0r 820 nd?
« on: 10:44 AM - 02/06/14 »
Don't you pay import duties?

For Australians, I just ordered one from au.element14.com.  Apparently there are 133 in stock and if u live in Sydney they say NBD delivery. All up it's $43 however if u get 2 dongles it would cost you about $52 ( free shipping ).

Beta / Re: Who's READY for BETA?
« on: 06:12 AM - 02/06/14 »
Off topic...

...one thing I find, absolutely, unbelievable and understandable is the inability, in Xbox One, to turn off vibration...this is really absurd!
#thereisnowieredcontrolleryetandIjustdontlikeatallvibration  :)

Beta / Where is the Beta? I am getting really anxious...
« on: 06:04 AM - 02/06/14 »
 ...like a kid waiting for his birthday/christmas present  :-\

Beta / Re: Laird BT820 Use After Beta
« on: 06:00 AM - 02/06/14 »
Not always like that.

Bluetooth keyboards usually come with their own dongles and often are only ensured to be compatible with their own dongles.

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