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General Discussion / Re: Woah.
« on: 01:08 PM - 08/21/10 »

that game so would outsold Modern Warfare 2. lol


but that looks fun to play.

It was a blast.

Part of the game at the time was the controls tho.  I played on an Atari XE 2600, and the joysticks could be finicky.  You had to really crank on them to get the joystick to register a lot of the time.  So you were holding this stick, and cranking it side to side making your guy move around.

The levels got pretty elaborate.  You were solving puzzles (The levels themselves) and were trying to avoid the enemy's that were chasing after you.  In a way it is similar to pac-man but at the same time, entirely different.

I may have to hook up my Atari just so I can play again.

 - Ice_Hole

General Discussion / Re: POW & stetab
« on: 11:47 PM - 08/18/10 »

 - Ice_Hole

General Discussion / Re: Woah.
« on: 10:09 PM - 08/16/10 »
Well, not the oldest or the first game I played.  But one of my favorite.


And sorry, music in games wasn't commonplace at this time.

 - Ice_Hole

SensitivityPrimary        =2.6
SensitivitySecondary      =4.1

 - Ice_Hole

General Discussion / Re: I dont even? wha?
« on: 01:28 PM - 08/04/10 »

I dunno how you guys survive with a 50+ ping to something less than 50 miles away.  LA is over 200 mils away (I am in Vegas) and have a ping of 8.  Granted, Vegas is nice because COX basically plugs right into a major backbone.

 - Ice_Hole

Thanks for clearing this up Obsiv, I never read a clear explanation of a smart translation. So with a 1800dpi mouse I will traverse 10800 pixel on the screen by moving it 6 inch. How many pixel/dot is a full turn in 1080P? So is there a optimal DPI for 1080P or is it different game by game?

That would be completely game dependent, based on a games fov.  For example, a lot of the hardcore FPS players used to set their FOV (Field of View) up to allow them to see a wider range in front of their player.  Some as high as 130 degrees.  Typical consoles actually made the FOV worse, a 60 degree FOV on a console is not unheard of.  But it is all completely game and console dependent.

With console gaming you don't get many options to customize the look and feel of your game.  In fact, that is what has created the market for XIM in the first place.  And one of the reasons many die hard computer gamers won't make the switch to console.  Myself included.

 - Ice_Hole

General Discussion / Re: lol
« on: 12:38 PM - 06/16/10 »

 - Ice_Hole

General Discussion / Re: sleeping pills?
« on: 05:54 PM - 06/14/10 »
I have suffered from insomnia for the last 10+ years.  To be honest, the sleeping pills suck.  They don't work well for me, and I end up feeling like crap next day.  I do keep some on hand tho, just in case.

What I have found works best (Even tho it may be a bit strange).  Is Kava Kava root.  It's one of those natures remedy type things.  You can pick it up at a grocery store (I have to hit up Whole foods for it, the local health nut expensive food store, although I have seen it starting to show up in the regular grocery stores.)  It works a bit different than a normal sleeping pill, it really just helps you relax, and makes you feel like you could sleep.  I don't follow the directions on the bottle, I simply take 2 about an hour before I am going to go to bed.  It does the trick most of the time.

It is not habit forming in the least.  I don't take them every day, just only when the insomnia is really getting to me, and I need a good nights rest.  The next day I don't feel like @#$%, in fact I wake up easily and feel well rested.  100x better than any sleeping pill I have ever taken (Over the counter or prescribed.)

Hopefully something like that would work for you in terms of getting some sleep.  I would recommend it to anyone that has a hard time sleeping, or wants to get a good nights rest.

 - Ice_Hole

This thread fails to deliver.

 - Ice_Hole

arn't those made by spam bots? we should talk to an admin about upgrading security features

That is easier said than done most of the time.  I personally use a custom script that keeps track of how long the sign up form takes to fill out on my site (If it takes less than a certain amount of time it will reject the application), added "invisible fields" (And bots that fill out invisible fields instantly get denied), an extensive e-mail banning list (Good 250 or so e-mail addys on it.), I also have a few of my main problem IP's banned (can't even load the page).

With all that, they still get through (Although, MUCH, MUCH less frequent.)  The only thing I have not done as of yet, is add a script that checks registration e-mails and IP's against one (Or multiple) of the forum spam websites, such as stopforumspam.com.

It is a battle.  In the end, I run a smaller website, and it is rather private.  So I know when someone is signing up for the site 99% of the time.  So any new applicants on my site, get an extremely restricted account.  I simply authorize the account, and am good to go.  But that doesn't work on a site like this where you have new members all the time.  Not unless you wanted to add that much overhead to the site (And no one wants to do that to themselves, or their mods.)

My site is OMGimDrunk.com  In case anyone cared.

 - Ice_Hole


I think that kinda explains it.  In all honesty, I think it was mainly as a combatant to spam, having more people to help keep spam under control (Which is quite honestly a battle these days).

 - Ice_Hole

General Discussion / Re: Capturing gameplay
« on: 09:55 PM - 04/24/10 »

Good lil thread about this.

 - Ice_Hole

Configurations and Requests / Re: Help with config
« on: 09:41 PM - 04/21/10 »
 [Configuration]         : General configuration options
 InputDevice             : Only input device supported is MouseKeyboard
 MouseDeadZone           : Amount of mouse input to ignore before considering mouse movement
 MouseUpdateFrequency    : Frequency mouse is sampled for input (1=every cycle, 2=every other cycle, etc.). Use a higher number for lower-DPI mice
 AnalogStickOnRight      : If True, the "analog" stick is assigned to the right Xbox stick, left otherwise
 AnalogStickDeadZoneFind : If True, analog stick cycles between X, Y, and X-Y dead zone application for geometry discovery

 [AnalogStick]           : Controller analog stick properties section
 DeadZone                : Stick dead zone
 DeadZoneType            : Dead zone geometry: Cirular (DZ is radius) or Square (DZ is half edge dimension)
 YXRatio                 : Y-X sensitivity ratio for games that don't allow independent axis adjustment
 TranslationExponent     : Exponential translation curve factor (0 = flat, 1 = linear)
 SensitivityPrimary      : Sensitivity factor (0 = no movement, 1 = neutral, larger values = greater sensitivity multiplier)
 SensitivitySecondary    : Secondary sensitivity factor (only applied when SensitivityToggle)
 SensitivityToggle       : Enables secondary sensitivity factor
 Smoothness              : Smoothing intensity (0 = none, larger values = more smooth, but less responsive, 1 = maximum)

 [DigitalStick]          : Controller digital stick properties section
 Up                      : Up movement button assignment
 Left                    : Left movement button assignment
 Right                   : Right movement button assignment
 Down                    : Down movement button assignment
 SensitivityPrimary      : Sensitivity factor (0 = no movement, 1 = full)
 SensitivitySecondary    : Secondary sensitivity factor (only applied when SensitivityToggle)
 SensitivityToggle       : Enables secondary sensitivity factor

This is a good little description on what each setting does.  I am sure their are plenty of more in depth descriptions.  This is just something I took from a config someone else had made (All those lines were commented out) and posted it up here for you to look over as the descriptions are all rather short, and you can see what each setting does quickly (Good over view).  I take no credit for this.

 - Ice_Hole

PlayStation / Re: Advice on buying one!
« on: 01:37 AM - 04/21/10 »
everybody has been saying there is no delay from what i've read.

On PS3 I don't see any delay from XIM.  I dunno what Hitman is talking about.  Although I do hear that their is delay on XBox, and the XIM2 is much better for XBox.  PS3 is a different story tho.  You won't regret going with XIM1 if you are going to be playing PS3 with it (Especially COD series.)

 - Ice_Hole

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