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Hi yall.

Looking for some friendly advice and shared experience with any wireless mice with at least 5 side/thumb buttons.

I'm currently using a Razer Naga Hex and have no issues with it at all. In fact, I'd be perfectly happy if they just had a wireless version. But I'm in need of clearing up wires, hence I want a wireless mouse too.

The closest ones on my list so far are the Razer Epic Naga Chroma and Logitech G602. The Chroma seems to fit the bill pretty well, but I'm wondering if the extra buttons (12 side buttons compared to Hex's 6) make things harder to access/memorize. The Logitech is very cheaply priced now, but I don't really like how the thumb buttons are laid out.

Does anyone know of any high quality wireless mice, good DPI/response, with at least 4,5,6+ side thumb buttons? TYIA

Game Support / Connection (Sync) Issues
« on: 12:51 AM - 04/05/16 »
Since there are other threads like this, thought I would create a new one for my specific case. I cannot get a consistent connection with all 3 controllers (nav/mouse/DS4) when I start playing. In fact, most of the times it takes me a good 10+minutes to get it to finally sync properly. Here is what I'm doing:

1) Connect fully charged Nav to slot 1 (OFF)
2) Connect wired mouse to slot 2
3) Connect Dualshock to slot 3 (OFF)
4) Connect XIM to PS4 (OFF)
5) Boot up PS4 using console button (not PS button)
6) Let PS4 load up into XMB screen

Yes, I try pressing the PS button on Nav 1st, and occasionally that works. But for the most part, I have this strange combination of the Nav/mouse only functioning in my XMB menus but NOT in-game.

I wrote this elsewhere, but essentially nearly every night I have to go through serious hoops getting everything working. I don't recall having these problems with the Edge, or even with previous XIM4 games. It seems to happen alot with The Division, but of course that is purely subjective.

Not sure if relevant but I saw a similar thread with same connection issues; I'm using an amp for headphones (Astro A40) - using split power vs data cables to fix a buzzing issue. It seems like perhaps too much power is getting drained from the PS4 and causing these issues? If it helps, my PS does detect both "controllers"; the Dualshock and (I'm assuming) the Nav.

I guess I would just like to know if there is a super-intricate order, in addition to the order I used above, that I need to be testing out. It really has been bugging me lately since I lose gaming time each night having to deal with these setup issues. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. TYIA.

NOTE: I understand this is a VERY specific button layout that is not going to be useful to most. I’m using a Razer Naga Hex and Sony Nav. I just like being prepared and discussing these things so we can all get the best setup for our playstyles/gear.

NOTE 2: I’ve tried to stay as close to my other FPS/shooter profiles so that I don’t need to keep readjusting so I'm pretty content with the core commands and layout.

NOTE 3: The main problem area is using the mouse to select the 3 radial menus (grenade types, consumables, emotes). Using turn assist, you can easily map ONE of those 3 and it works perfectly. However, we (seemingly?) have yet to find a solution to mapping the other 2. Sub-profiles with their own turn assist don't seem to work either. When using the mouse to select within the radial menu, the item won't stay highlighted so it's basically impossible to use. * Any suggestions/resolutions for these radial menus will be hugely appreciated to all of us! TYIA.

NOTE 4: Layout is not set in stone yet. I may still move these around since they are so important:
skill 1 / skill 2 / grenades / medkit / reload / cover

* I didn't get a good feel for D-pad up (mark targets) at all during beta so it seemed very low priority. Agree/Disagree?

Here's my setup as of the last open beta. Will update when relevant if anyone cares.

Splinter Cell Blacklist (PS3)
HIP> Mouse > Turn Assist > J 3 (grenades)
HIP > Mouse > Buttons (see below)
original // mapped to // (action)
R2 // M left // (shoot)
L2 // J 9 // (ADS)                                                 * L1 on Nav
R3 // J 7 // (melee + scope)                              * L3 on Nav
L3 // J LTrigger // (sprint)                                  * L2 on Nav
R1 // J 14 // (skill 2)                                            * mini-O on Nav
L1 // M ScrollUp // (skill 1)
X // M Right // (cover + roll)
O //  K 3 // (climb)                                                * natural “O” position on mouse
Sqr // K 1 // (reload + action)                            * natural “Sqr” position on mouse
Tri // K 2 // (switch weapon)                              * natural “Tri” position on mouse
Dpad-U // J 1 // (mark target + counter)          * same D-pad position on Nav
Dpad-D // J 2 // (emotes)                                   * same D-pad position on Nav
Dpad-L // J 4 // (grenade + grenade types)   * same D-pad position on Nav
Dpad-R // J 3 // (medkit + consumables)       * same D-pad position on Nav
Options // M Forward // (menu + inventory)
T-pad // J 13 // (map)                                         * mini-X on Nav
PS // J 11 (PS button)                                       * same PS on Nav
X // K 5 (to select menus, items, etc.)               * natural “X” position on mouse
D-L // M Middle // (quick grenade)
Sqr // M ScrollDn (quick reload)
ADS > Mouse > Y/X Ratio > 2.3
ADS > Mouse > Steady Aim (tick)

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 + Bluetooth question
« on: 07:03 AM - 07/21/14 »
I'm trying to follow everything but still want to confirm just to make sure.

I realize XIM4 will have bluetooth built in, which will allow pairing with PC and mobile devices. My problems is that I had a XIM4E and it would not pair with my PC. I therefore have to assume there is a strong likelihood that any XIM4 I buy will also not be able to pair with my PC.

In that case,  will it be entirely possible to connect the XIM4 to PC via wired mode? Assuming I'm not the only one with pairing issues, the wired connection mode is the backup plan to make sure that we/I can connect to my PC and set up profiles, correct? And in that case, it would mean I won't have any on-the-fly capabilities for my XIM4?

At the bare minimum, I just want to connect my XIM4 to PC just as I did with XIM-Edge. As long as I can do that, I will be satisfied.  Thanks for any responses, in advance.

Beta / Can't pair Bluetooth with XIM4E
« on: 07:13 PM - 03/21/14 »
I have mentioned this in other threads, but I just can't pair my BT adapters with the XIM4E. I have followed all the prerequisites and installation instructions in the stickied threads.

I have flashed my XIME successfully into a XIM4E.
I have tried reverting back to XIME, then re-flashing to XIM4E.
But every time I try to pair, the XIM4E is not detected.

I have the official Laird BT. My PC BT is a Planex BT-Micro3E2X (3.0+EDR).
The PC BT shows up immediately on my PC and I select "add a device". The XIM is on (red lights) with the Laird in the right slot, blinking blue. I then hit the small red button to pair devices and the XIM flashes blue-green (to show it is pairing). However the PC does not detect any devices. I tried "searching for Bluetooth devices" but again nothing is found. I have tried different USB ports. I have tried to pair PC BT with Blackberry. Both the Planex and Laird BT are detected individually as a PC adapter, but do not detect other BT devices when searching for new devices.

OBsiv viewed the other thread and mentioned it may be a problem with my PC settings. OK, so how can I solve this? What do I need to change or enable to get BT working?
I appreciate any help or advice you can give... Desperately wanting to fix this issue. Thank you.

Game Support / The Last of Us (temporary profile?)
« on: 06:48 AM - 06/10/13 »
Just wondering if anyone out there has played The Last of Us demo or has the game now? And obviously, what gaming profile are you using before the official support is ready?

UC3 / UC2 / etc? Settings?

I am dying to play this MP and am trying to prepare ahead of time so I can set up my XIM-Edge now and be ready to jump online immediately on June 14th. I know we can wait for the official release but this is more of a plan B for the time being. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


I’ve searched the forums and seen this discussed several times but not in detail. I know what I'm doing but it's just not working for me. FYI I’m using the Move Navigation controller. This is what I've tried:
1. [Run / Hold Breath] is bound to (Joystick Left-Trigger).
2. [ADS] is bound to (Joystick 9).
3. In “Secondary Button” menu, [Run / Hold Breath] is bound (Joystick 9).

When I try sniping, it just won't hold my breath. I’ve successfully assigned other actions (ex: Reload) to work with 2 buttons so this is beginning to frustrate me.  :-\

Does anyone have any tricks/advice to get this working?

The only other thing I can think of seems illogical; replace [ADS] with [Run / Breath] for main button binding at (Joystick 9) which is #2 above. That would mean having two [Run] bindings but no [ADS], then bind [ADS] in the secondary button menu as (Joystick 9).

Your help is much appreciated fellow XIMmers.

P.S. Just out of curiosity, are there any other button combos that people are using for BF3? I've heard (Jump + Prone) and (Prone + Fire). These may be retarded but I thought of doing (Jump + Knife) or (Jump + Nade).

XIM EDGE Discussions / Ballistic Curve Basics *For Noobs!*
« on: 01:59 AM - 10/24/12 »
Hey Ximmers,
I had a hard time at first understanding the basic concepts of the ballistic curve. Since there are no values listed, my brain kept assuming that TIME was somehow a variable though it isn’t. Now that I think I’ve got it, I want to share my interpretation to hopefully help a few others. (Please correct any mistakes and look at the example Curve below.)

Reading the Chart:
- For starters, concentrate only on two variables → Mouse speed vs. Aim speed
- Imagine the chart is a weighing scale measuring the ratio between those two.
- On the white line means both are equally balanced or “normal”. The speed in which you move your mouse produces an equal effect to your aiming. → 1:1 movement
- Rising above the “normal” white line means higher sensitivity. The speed in which you move your mouse produces a bigger effect to your aiming. → Acceleration
- Dipping below the “normal” white line means lower sensitivity. The speed in which you move your mouse produces a smaller effect to your aiming → Deceleration

Mouse Velocity:
- IMPORTANT → Imagine there are invisible numbers between the words “Mouse Velocity” and the horizontal line near it which gauge mouse speeds.
- IMPORTANT → The far left of that horizontal line represents slow / subtle mouse speeds or movements → micro movement
- IMPORTANT → The far right of that horizontal line represents fast / sudden mouse speeds or movements → twitch movement
- A dip or raised curve that evens out into a straight line means the ratio is balanced from that point → 1:1 movement *

* A straight line below the white line is still 1:1 movement but is the equivalent of lowering your base sensitivity.
* A straight line above the white line is still 1:1 movement but is the equivalent of raising your base sensitivity.

Aim Velocity:
- The best way to understand the chart is by considering Mouse Velocity as your point of reference. Look there first and compare it to Aim Velocity.
- Imagine there are invisible numbers between the words “Aim Velocity” and the vertical line near it which gauge aiming speeds.
- The lowest part of that vertical line represents micro aiming speeds → slow aiming
- The top part of that vertical line represents twitch aiming speeds → fast aiming

Pop Quiz. Let’s examine carha’s unique ballistic curve below to understand what’s happening.

Hip Ballistic Curve: → means the standard view
1. Three quarters of the curve is very close to or on the white line. What does that mean?
Answer: Basically 1:1 movement for small or medium mouse speeds.
2. The top-right of the curve starts rising above the white line. What does that mean?
Answer: Farther right on the horizontal line means faster mouse speed. Farther up on the vertical line means faster aiming. Above the white line indicates higher sensitivity. Put all those together and it means he has higher sensitivity at fast mouse speeds. He can twitch aim in emergencies, yet small or medium mouse speeds are stable at a 1:1 ratio.

ADS Ballistic Curve: → means the view when pressing ADS (aiming down sights); using your weapon’s optics like red-dot sight, ACOG, sniper scope, etc.
3. The bottom-left of the curve dips below the white line. What does that mean?
Answer: Farther left on the horizontal line means slower mouse speed. Farther down on the horizontal line means slower aiming. Below the white line indicates slower sensitivity. Put all those together and it means he has very low sensitivity (micro aiming) at low mouse speeds so he can ADS and track a target with precision, yet medium to high mouse speeds are stable at a 1:1 ratio until a small aim acceleration change at highest mouse speeds.

Those are just the first steps to understanding WHAT the charts actually mean. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe!
The tricky part is then balancing not only the 2 variables (mouse vs aim speed), but also factoring in your base sensitivity...
Even if you copy and use a ballistic curve it takes trial and error to test if something feels comfortable for you. And yah, don’t forget about the curve creator’s DPI as that also affects sensitivity. Lower DPI user’s will need to raise sensitivity to match higher DPIs and vice versa.
Good luck everyone! (including me...)

XIM EDGE Discussions / XIM arrived >3 days to Japan!
« on: 09:43 PM - 10/21/12 »
Yep I live in Japan. (Kinda stuck here now). Ordered the XIM on Friday and tracking shows it arrived at my local post office just now before lunch on Monday!! Incredible... less than 3 days, including the weekend, for an international package to arrive.

Also, I have to show my great appreciation to the members of this community. I have done nothing but ask noob questions and have received generous, detailed, patient explanations. I am still kinda in awe that so many nice people can be in one internet location. Thanks so much to all you guys.

I have such faith that the XIM will exceed my expectations. It almost arrived too quickly for me to really get anxious out of anticipation. I'm sure it will take me a few weeks to get the ballistic curves working but I'm ready for the challenge.

Does anyone have advice for someone who wants the most precise aiming and willing to sacrifice a little turning speed for it? I'm more of a lower sensitivity, SKS Recon player on BF3 so I primarily want to be able to smoothly track guys on the move. Thanks!

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