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If you arent using a steady aim build like SA3 or similar, especially for COD, it seems you wont get any steady aim effects no matter what level its set to. I'm using "standard" from the in-game settings. As I said, it works great in the training mode and sticks right to the target dummies. But when using in battle royale, it does not have the same locked-on/sticky feel: just seems like its totally turned off. shrug.

There are 4 options on the warzone menu; standard, off, strong, precise. Experiment to see what works for you.If you dont like how it feels, keep it off.

Care to enlighten a fellow as to why you would use XIM to emulate a mouse on your PC when you can use a native mouse and eminate need for complicated setuo, tuning, lack of fully accurate control?

Technical Support / Re: XIM4 keeps disconnecting
« on: 11:26 PM - 05/02/20 »
I have a wired Razer Naga Hex, Sony Nav and wireless Astro A50. When restarting after switching to SA build, I had (likely power) issues getting XIM to connect and stabilize. Constant rainbow flashes. No input on mouse. If disconnected 1 piece of gear, sometimes worked.

I advise trying different orders of setup. Example: ps4 off, all xim-related wires unplugged, then try inserting to xim (different orders each time) like mouse, kb/stick/DS4, then connect to console, then power on.

I had to do this over and over but it finally worked. Have played a few subsequent sessions with no problems lately. Just keep trying with different variables/orders.

No one replies, I dont know why.

Im going to try an "S" curve; higher than line on top half for faster response in emergency situations. Then below line for bottom half to give finer aim control at slower speeds like sniping.

Things will be very different though depending on use of aim assist. I have it on with SA5 build but dont seem to reap the benefits in-game, though works great in training mode.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New User XIM 4
« on: 11:08 PM - 05/02/20 »
There is alot to learn/understand about how XIM works so I advise reading through some of the stickied posts. The biggest point I would highlight is that there is no "magic number" or perfect answer because thete are too many variables. Fisrt off, not everyone has the exact same gear. There are just too many varations in what type of mouse/keybaord/navi-stick/pad/etc you use. So say we both play COD warzone but I have a completely different set of gear than you; well my advise really wont matter because it affects our (gear) input and thus results much differently. My "fast" setup at 12 ADS could be incredibly slow or unresponsive on your setup. Hence numbers mean nothing. You really just have to yry things and see how it feels to you. Do take advise on ST builds as they offer the base of optimal control for a specific game.

Additionally, even in the unlikely situation we had 100% same gear, everyone plays the game differently. Some like crazy twitch speeds, some like stable fine aiming, some like aim-assist, some dont, etc. Its like asking "what is the best song"? People have different tastes and feelings.

So read as mich ad you can to learn the basics. You can do just fine with XIM4. But this is not a simple plug&play to give you super cheating powers. You need to understand how to flow with the XIM and how changes will affect your outcome.

Things like using highest DPI seems logical but may depend on each game or ST build. Steady aim for COD is not super hard to setup unless you are uncomfortable with updates/flashes. Go to the childboards below the main topics or search for COD steady aim / SA3 builds. I linked it in another thread recently.

Use the search function, read up on things, try learning the basics and improve through trial & error. GL.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: good aim assist for cod mw?
« on: 09:28 PM - 05/01/20 »

Beta / Re: Steady Aim [ADVANCED USERS ONLY]
« on: 03:05 AM - 04/17/20 »
Hi. I've backed-up configs, flashed to SA3, and now trying to restore configs. But when I do this an error message pops up, "XIM4FlashManager has stopped working". Removed XIM4 from USB and retried. Yes always holding button and getting dark blue lights. Can open flash manager but as soon as I choose "restore configs" it immediately shuts down with the error. Any ideas or possible solutions? TYIA

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New warzone config/settings
« on: 05:42 PM - 04/13/20 »
Very little input from other XIM4 users currently for Warzone, unfortunately. I posted a bit in another "Warzone Config" thread if you wanna check it out. And yeah a big question I have is what to do with the ADS curve.

Had better results last night lowering everything; hip & ADS. Slower tracking speed but more stable aiming & recoil control. I lose most gunfights due to control issues so will keep experimenting with lowering ADS slightly and playing with curves.

Dont think getting Apex is going to improve anything TBH; its just an app upgrade in a sense, but same overall game performance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Wazone Config
« on: 10:44 PM - 04/08/20 »
Would appreciate opinions on universally recommended in-game settings, especially those starred below. Off the top of my head, I'm rolling with:

Look speed > 20 insane
ADS speed > 20 insane
*Input curve > linear (1-to-1 movement)
*Aim assist > reg & max seem to have no effect?
Use/reload > contextual tap (crucial for fast looting)
Slide > tap
Auto sprint > auto tactical sprint
Mini-map > square (bigger FOV)
Grain/Blur visuals > off
Audio > boost high

I don't want to make excuses because I AM old and reflexes are not what they used to be, but I'm doing extremely poor in 1-v-1 straight up gunfights at all ranges. Have played 4 or 5 CODs since original MW (COD4), getting between 1.5 - 2+ KD. In Warzone I'm at 0.74. I feel lag is definitely at play here, because my kill cams consistently show me way off mark or not even getting hitmarkers when I just landed several shots on target. I have fiber optic so I don't know why its happening, but most COD games have suffeted from non-dedicated servers.

Anyways, latency seems to be a huge factor in my poor results, but I also can't seem to get the right settings. I run with med-high XIM look/ADS, not super crazy. I can track targets well, but at soon as I get in gunfights I get demolished in nearly all cases (even with better line of sight, etc.) At med range I always overshoot, but dropping ADS would make it hard to track anything moving. This is where aim assist would come in handy but feel its entirely absent. Same deal with sniping. Thoughts?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Wazone Config
« on: 01:41 AM - 03/30/20 »
Hi. I believe the 2 act very differently so the settings are unrelated. Additionally, using different mice & kb/controller will have drastically different settings even on same XIM4.

Been playing a few days using the COD MW 2019 ST and it felels OK. For parachuting I just make sure to go straight and follow the destination, so not being able to quick turn is a very minor and IMO easy sacrifice for a decent overall build.

Still getting used to things but definitely feel its playable as far as main game mechanics. I seem to be having slow ADS when strafing though, or maybe I'm making it up. lol

Tell us your experience guys, thx.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 02:50 AM - 10/09/19 »
Is there some kind of trouble with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, or why the delay?

Thx for the suggestion, but it's not really the weight that is my problem; it is the physical tangling and tripping on wires that I want to solve. I really don't have issues with my current mouse, but I've had it for several years and want to upgrade to a wireless model.

Any other stories/experiences out there?

Hi yall.

Looking for some friendly advice and shared experience with any wireless mice with at least 5 side/thumb buttons.

I'm currently using a Razer Naga Hex and have no issues with it at all. In fact, I'd be perfectly happy if they just had a wireless version. But I'm in need of clearing up wires, hence I want a wireless mouse too.

The closest ones on my list so far are the Razer Epic Naga Chroma and Logitech G602. The Chroma seems to fit the bill pretty well, but I'm wondering if the extra buttons (12 side buttons compared to Hex's 6) make things harder to access/memorize. The Logitech is very cheaply priced now, but I don't really like how the thumb buttons are laid out.

Does anyone know of any high quality wireless mice, good DPI/response, with at least 4,5,6+ side thumb buttons? TYIA

So is this thread mainly for regular ps4s only or could I copy the ballistic curve to my xim4 on my ps4 pro and will that work or do anything?

In the eyes of the XIM4, the PS4 and PS4 Pro are essentially exactly the same. So yes, it will work.

How are you guys dealing with the healing hold then select mechanic?  Same with responses and whatnot, but healing is the most important.  If I hold a key to bring it up, then I need to mouse to the location and then press A?  Not working at all for me.

Not the perfect fix, but I use the Turn Assist feature for the health/shield menu. I personally use a Nav so I use the same [left analog] button. Assign the Turn Assist to activate with that button. It makes it a little easier, but there are still times I can't quickly/accurately switch to the item I intended.

As for the ping menu, I just scrapped the idea of using it. I use a mic, so it's basically never needed. I feel content with being able to ping a general location (brown/gold ping) + enemy location (red ping). I've never seen people reciprocating with the other advanced pings anyways. So yeah, I think it's an insignificant sacrifice for using the XIM.

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