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General Discussion / Re: Xbox360 On VGA
« on: 04:22 AM - 04/24/08 »
I run mine via VGA cable into a 19" CRT, and run the whole shebang at 1280x720, using the monitor controls to squish the image down to a widescreen ratio.  As for sound, I'm running the RCA cables into the Aux In'sof a Korg sound module, and then that into PC speakers.  Idealy, I'd like to find a cheap way of turning the optical signal into it's component parts (a jack for LR Front, LR Rear, Center/Sub) as I already have a couple of 5.1 kits, and a pair of 5.1 headphones that arn't feeling loved.

Farnell have an Austrian section.  I checked them out when I was looking for a UK supplier of the Toolstick, but it didn't work for me as they don't take Debit Cards.  Thier postage and packaging is far better than the amazingly expensive International shipping rates from the US, and they are a very established and well known supplier of electronic components.  If you do try them, could you post back and tell us how it went?

As a side note, would it be worth having a new thread containing information about where the various components can be purchased from from around the world, with best prices etc.?

Additional : Toolstick Starter Kit EUR26,70 from the Austrian side of the site.

Tutorials / Re: probably not the righht place but...
« on: 05:45 AM - 04/07/08 »
I've checked out Digi-key.com's UK area of the site, and they do indeed sell the Toolstick Starter Kit for the very reasonable price of 14.  Unfortunetly, Postage and Packaging comes to 17, bringing the total upto 31 (just under $60 I believe).  Also, they only take Visa and Mastercard as far as cards go.  There is a wire transfer section, but I don't know how painless that would be.  I'll keep checking...

Update: uk.farnell.com do the Starter Kit for 17.50, with free postage and packing (I think) as you have to spend over 20 to use a credit card.  Again, you can only easily pay with Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  This is the best site I've come across so far, and Farnell have a whole international selection fron www.farnell.com for where ever you may be in the world.  My search continues for companies that take Debit Cards...

Tutorials / Re: probably not the righht place but...
« on: 04:10 AM - 04/05/08 »
I tried going thru the purchase process, and it seemed to accept an address in England.  Unfortunetly, you can only pay by credit card, and I don't have one.  You could probably work out the shipping cost by finding out the approx weight of the thing, and looking on the FedX website (the shipping method was FedX International Priority).
Has anyone else from outside North America bought the Toolstick?

General Discussion / Re: xbox360/pc setup (moniter)
« on: 06:39 AM - 04/04/08 »
It all depends on how big your existing CRT is.  I know the 15" monitors i have lying around only do 1024x768 (no idea how that looks thru the 360, but I'm guessing it won't be much of an improvement over a regular TV).  But if you hunt around, people are practicaly giving away old CRT monitors, I'm collecting another 19" soon for 10 (US$20ish?).

General Discussion / Re: xbox360/pc setup (moniter)
« on: 02:59 AM - 04/04/08 »
For all intents and purposes, VGA does = HD, at the right resolutions.  It's not a digital signal (like HDMI and DVI) true, but original 360's didn't output digital HD either.
I run my 360 thru a 19" CRT at 1280x720 (or 720p) thru a MS VGA Cable I managed to snag for 3.99 (about US$7-8) 2nd hand.  Although I can't cite a source, I'm constantly hearing that the 360 renders everything at 720p internaly anyway, and only upscales to 1080i.  I've tried using higher resolutions, but the image looses noticiable quality.
All in all, using a CRT (or even a good quality LCD monitor using a DVI-HDMI adaptor) is perfect for playing your 360 in HD on the cheap, and seeing as your monitor is usualy right next to your PC, on a desk, seems also perfect for mouse/keyboard thru XIM.  The only issue I had was where to plug in for sound.  At the moment I'm using the onboard mixer of a Korg sound module until i can find/steal/build an adapter to plug straight into my speakers.  If you have your PC on anyway, a previous poster's idea of pluging into the Line In of the PC also seems like a great idea.

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